Reverse Engineering

When it is nearly impossible to find the missing piece of your infringement or prior art puzzle in the published literature, reverse engineering can be a way out.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in these situations:

Were unable to use star patents in your portfolio for monetization because the published literature was not helpful in establishing evidence of use or infringement

Tried getting technical know-how on competing products but it wasn’t available in published literature

The litigation case appeared tough because of lack of prior art in published literature

You strongly believe that the product is infringing based on information available from blogs, forums, etc. But the lack of authentic and reliable sources is making your case weak in court.

Such situations are well handled by reverse engineering a product to locate the hidden information. Many times the internal working of a product, structural details, composition, or materials used are not disclosed online but can be identified through a close investigation of the product.

How we can help you

GreyB has proven expertise in performing reverse engineering. Our experience covers a wide array of devices ranging from electronic gadgets like phones, hard disc drives, LCD/LED/OLED displays, RFID tags, optical connectors, batteries, coating materials, to other consumer electronic products like wearable devices, tablets, smart home devices, cameras, etc.

Here are a few examples of our work


Chakshu Kalra
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Found Killer Prior-Art by performing reverse engineering on a smartphone.
Value Delivered : The client was able to use the analysis as evidence in an on-going litigation case and came out of trouble.
Found Killer Prior-Art By Procuring Old & Discontinued Mobile Phone.
Value Delivered: The client was able to use the analysis as evidence in an on-going litigation case and came out of trouble.
Identified if the patent is worth acquiring by reverse engineering an OLED Display
Value Delivered: The client was able to identify the value of the patent based on its infringement on the OLED display of the top display manufacturer.
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How We Designed a Series of Tests to Prove Patent Infringement Involving Text-to-Speech Products Made By Nuance and IBM?
Patent infringement on a Fleet of Hybrid Vehicles
How we used Electrical Signal Analysis to Reverse Engineer the various processes happening inside a smartphone?
System Prior Art: Why we prioritize it over other references?

4 Cases where we helped our clients monetize patents using Reverse Engineering

Some of our Capabilities and Tools

  • Identifying elemental compositions, or structure, or layers, or surface of semiconductors layers, devices, material, or chemicals on microscopic levels.
  • Analyzing internal working, circuits, or operating conditions of different devices through signal or circuit level analysis.

We identify the above details through our experience and access to various tools like – 

  • Scanning or Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM)
  • Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX)
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Time-of-flight or Dynamics Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF/Dynamics SIMS)

Get the best by involving us in –

Infringement Analysis

Finding the missing piece of the infringement puzzle is a challenge, especially, when required information relates to internal components, structure, and working of the product and is not available in published product literature. Reverse engineering studies can reveal such hidden details.

Reverse engineering studies are useful when you need to monetize or acquire a cluster of patents related to technologies for which usually sufficient information is not available in public literature. For example, a reverse engineering study for the structure and material of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED), can help confirm the value of different patents related to it. This will help you realize the value of patents before buying or selling the patents.

System Prior-art

If you are looking to establish prior-art with help of a product that was exiting before the patent whose validity is in question (known as System prior-art) there are some roadblocks such as – procuring the old product, setting up the test environment, tests, etc. that need to be tread carefully. With our reverse engineering capabilities along with extensive prior-art search experience, we can help in building strong cases using system prior-art.

How to use reverse engineering to confirm patent infringement
when other sources fail?

What do our clients say about us?

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  • Thank you for your efforts. The content of the report is very detailed and professional

  • Thanks for the final update, this is what we want. Thank you for all the efforts you and your team has made. We are very happy working with you and your team.

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