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WiFi 6 will be the backbone of the next generation of wireless fidelity, with a faster speed and ability to revolutionize Industry 4.0, Smart cities, IoT Medical Devices, AR / VR, agriculture,  and Supply chains. WiFi 6 technology is expected to cross the $30 billion mark by 2030.

Acquire, assert, or license valuable assets to secure your position in the future of WiFi 6. Figure out who is leading the innovation game, where the gem patents are, and what acquisition or licensing opportunities you can leverage with GreyB’s 15+ years of experience in networking and SEP mining.

WiFi 6 Patents dashboard

Take a deep dive into WiFi 6 patents through our interactive dashboard, extracted, refined, and sorted by GreyB’s experts. You can drill down the filters to identify how the ownership of Wi-Fi patents in various tech areas looks like.

Explore future of WiFi6 innovation

Conduct open searches on WiFi concepts, revealing key patents for informed business decisions. GreyB's exclusive database helps you dive into WiFi6 technologies. Like LDPC, which generated ~1.1 Billion USD in damages through a single patent lawsuit.

Identify gem patent to enhance your portfolio with the future of WiFi innovation – explore, acquire, and thrive with our WiFi 6 patent database.

GreyB X-ray Report:

High-Value Patents of WiFi 6 you should own

Insights on high licensing potential patents, companies open to selling/license their patents, good patents that are due for maintenance fee, etc.​

How are we helping clients

Essentiality Check and Pool Submissions

Find out core and essential patents within your portfolio with GreyB's proven expertise in SEP mining. Get your assets listed in patent pools and increase your licensing revenue.

Patent Acquisition

Identify right patent assets to acquire to build edge in the market, find monetization opportunities, or prepare for potential litigation threats beforehand.

Competitor monitoring

Keep a check on your competitor by closely monitoring research, patent, and product strategy. Look beyond the market data and uncover real insights with GreyB's sniper-approach competitive tracking.

Technology Landscape

Get a 10K to 30K feet view of your industry, see who's leading the game, where are innovation and growth opportunities, identify whitespaces, and strengthen your R&D and innovation strategy.

Specific areas within 5G, 6G, Wifi6, VVC, where our solutions help

Essentiality Check

Claim Amendment Study

SEP Evaluations for Pool Submission

Patent Acquisition

Claim Charting

Implementation Check

Contribution Analysis

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