A brief view at innovation in Australia

Traditionally, Australian economy has been highly dependent on mining operations and farming. Although a consistent innovation is happening in the mining sector, the other sectors are being hugely neglected.


German Patent Filing Trend

Where there are patent filings, there are law firms and attorneys involved. Thus, to find what they are up to and how the state of patent prosecution looks like in Germany, we used Thomson Innovation to pull the data of patents filed in Germany during the period of 2010-2015.


Xiaomi’s Global Expansion Plan

A Patent portfolio analysis uncovering Xioami’s patent acquisition and filing campaign to build a war chest for its global expansion plan.


LiFi: From Illumination to Communication

A patent landscape study shedding light on how Li-Fi, from just a concept, is becoming a household thing. We also uncovered the entities that were researching in this technology much before its public disclosure in 2011.


Exploring Top player of 4G LTE Domain

As the quality of patents filed is a great indicator of innovation quotient of a company, we studied patents filed in the domain of LTE along with few patent specific parameters to arrive at a list of the most innovative companies of LTE.


Salesforce Acquisition – A Patent Portfolio Analysis

A Patent portfolio analysis to predict the potential buyer of salesforce among Google, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP.


Digital Oilfield Technology

A massive patent landscape study covering all the aspects of digital oilfield technology. The study unveils the top companies, countries, and research areas of digital oilfield domain.

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