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Validated NPL data cited as prior art

Finding a strong prior art in NPL, not to limit to patents only as NPL has no boundaries

Killer prior art results

Help you shortlist the the relevent references, rather than handing over a pile of refrences.

Finding overlap for identified references, making you spend less time to qualify the prior art

Zero gaps between search features/subject patent claims and identified prior art

We know exactly what you need

You need a search partner who not only understands your technology, industry, and needs; they stand beside you on each step of the project and make sure you get the results crucial for your win.

Combining the experience and expertise of our research scientists, and AI-powered tools, we don’t think of a search as an assignment but a challenge. And we love challenges.

Our formula of a great patent search –

Investigative Search through research scientists + AI powered tools + Grit

We don’t just carry out the search, we develop customized search strategies for each project we work on. There’s a reason we call them Search Scientists.

When you choose GreyB as your search partner, we own it to our highest standards. Our search team stays in constant touch and keeps you updated about every progress and achieved milestones on your projects.

For example in case of patents including equations like –

A close analysis of file wrapper and cited art revealed EQ1 was known –

Comparison of EQ-1 and EQ-2 indicates the difference of Δβ. Now one can start looking for an exact equation but on understanding the concept it can be easily said that EQ-1 means more power has been used to control signals as compared to the data signal in EQ-2. Now this concept of additional power in the existing signal can be easily located.

Cases of our Investigative Approach to unearth killer art

It’s easy to search for patents because of boundaries, but NPL (products, blogs, books, interviews,
lectures, videos, etc.) search has no boundaries and that’s no reason to undermine it.

A Chinese Version of Craigslist helped us in finding prior art

The subject patent dated Feb 2006, part of litigation in china, covered the concept of GUI of which cellular network calls were associated with, in the call log...

How we found a prior-art in an online Museum

This time we had to invalidate a design patent for a decorative chair. Since the design was a bit tricky, US design and Locarno classifications seemed the best hit to find prior art but even after analyzing 36000 results, we couldn’t spot a good prior-art...

How a sitcom helped us find prior art?

Our client was sued for infringement of a patent describing a handful of basic electronic actions: pulsation, IC communication & pulse counting. It was either invalidating the patent or payment of millions of dollars by our client.

Invalidating a 4G patent using Link adaptation (a concept of 90s)

The subject patent was related to a method of encoding the signal strength data having the priority year of 2000. With no luck in scouring through 3GPP and other standards, we decided to explore...

Invalidation of a Patent related to Mathematical Expression

The patent understudy was related to the concept of a random access procedure that included a specific equation. The challenge here? Mathematical expressions can be written in 1000s of variations and there is not a single database to search them. So with no strong lead to begin with, we quickly shifted our efforts on exploring standards...

Invalidating a Composition Patent for an Inter Partes Review

The subject patent was related to a cigarette filter having gas adsorbing material and certain specific composition requirements. We observed that patents disclosing filters with the gas adsorbing material were abundant. The specific composition requirements, however, were not being met...

How do we make sure to meet and exceed your expectations?

Flexible and customer-oriented engagement model

Flexibility in our work style is one of our strong suits. Wherever required, we adopt an agile model of communication i.e. keep you updated with the search findings throughout the project cycle and when you are busy we set the right expectations from the beginning to avoid any gaps in output and trim the interim connections.

A 5-degree deviation in the beginning of a project can result in 50-degree deviation in the end output. We take it very seriously.

Easy to consume output that saves your time

Results categorically arranged based on relevance

Tier 1 being highly relevant and anticipated as 102 prior art, tier 2 anticipated as 103 and tier 3 the category A arts.

Glaring proof of overlapping art

Overlaps based on the concepts located in prior art, not the word matching and are supported with analyst comments to make the interpretations crystal clear.

Validity/invalidity search

Our investigative approach and out of the box search strategies helps us find the most difficult prior art and invalidate some of the toughest cases. We do understand it’s not about finding references, it’s about getting the killer art. That’s why we are driven by the thought – “If it exists, we will find it”.


Get the confidence you need to place your product into the market. Our clearance searches not only gives you clarity about potential litigation threats, we help you in clearing those roadblocks by suggesting modification to design around existing patents.

System prior art

It’s always good to have multiple strategies up your sleeve when working on tough invalidation cases. System prior art has gained a lot of popularity over the years and it can become your golden weapon to take down a patent in your next invalidation assignment.

In-house tools that help us deliver better


NEO reads technical information like a researcher. Through deep machine learning and contextual pattern matching it unravels hidden concepts that current tools fail to capture.

Central Search is an intelligent tool that learns from the search patterns of researchers to locate hard-to-reach data.

GreyFox is a dedicated research tool to get product-related information. Knowing what is available in the market in terms of features and specifications has never been easier.

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Manual Search, Powered by Strong Algorithms

Custom Analysis, No Cookie Cutting

Strong Brainstorming to Cover all Embodiments

World Wide Coverage with Native Asian Language Search

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