Infringement Analysis to help you spot your most valuable patents!

When getting an infringement analysis done,
have you faced the following issues?

A company/product of your interest was not captured in the search

The overlap with claim has some loose ends

The true value of your patent was not identified

All the high-value patents from your portfolio were not identified

The evidence of use is not self-explanatory

All the embodiments were not considered, missed in file history analysis, or the doctrine of estoppel not considered

Such issues happen when the researchers do not relate to your end objective. You are unaware of:

– Why the researcher took certain steps?
– How did he confirm infringement?
– How was the high potential patent identified? and so on.

Usually, the final dish is served, without disclosing the recipe behind it, which leads to unanswered questions.

If you are the one taking care of all these,
what’s the point of engaging a search partner?

We know exactly what you need –

Our team stays in constant touch and ensures the best claim is picked to show infringement, all interpretations are covered, no limitations from file history, and all top companies are covered.

Our formula of a great Infringement Analysis–

Investigative Search through research scientists + AI powered tools + Grit

Over the years, we have created unique strategies to dig into what technology the target company or product is using. A complete technology timeline is recreated to understand if the target company has been involved in producing infringing products as compared to the patent’s priority date. This makes every search unique.


Chakshu Kalra

Some cases where we helped Industry leaders find and confirm infringement

Redefining claim element interpretation helped us target top infringing products

The interpretation related to “browsing session” was broadened to consider not only web pages but also app sessions. Thus, products with higher market value were targeted for infringement.  >> Read more

Doctrine of Equivalence used to target a big company in Marine Industry

The company disclosed very limited product literature online. However, we connected the dots from the given literature and were established DoE based infringement.  >> Read more

An investigative approach on the company of the infringing product

To increase the chances of licensing or selling a patent, we provided client with background of the company – its activity in market, finances, etc. >> Read more

How we make sure you don’t face the common issues again:

We believe in providing a 5-star experience rather than only results.

Our model includes agile client engagement from search requirement discussion to delivery and post-delivery as well. Our researchers provide descriptive output using innovative representations. 

In addition, GreyB’s in-house built proprietary tools go beyond traditional approaches to find infringement.

Tools that help us deliver better

Patent Ranking Tool
A smart tool that uses a combination of dozens of metrics like technology prevalence, litigation history to rank patents. The patent ranking engine helps us quickly find high-potential patents, along with a score of their importance.
BOS Tool
BOS can track down companies working on similar tech areas and who might be willing to license a patent. BOS performs a complex analysis of patents that received rejections (102, 103 type) due to your patents.

A glance at our output

Our infringement search strategies can help you in diverse scenarios.
We offer our solutions to answer the following –

I want to go for licensing /litigation, which companies/products infringe my patent?

Detailed Infringement Analysis & Evidence of Use

What is the value of my patent portfolio? Are there any good patents which can increase our revenue?

Portfolio Analysis

How do I strengthen my IP without investing in R&D?

Patent Acquisition Study

I want to go for FRAND licensing, do I have eligible patents?

Standard Essential Patent excavation/analysis

I want to increase the value of a patent application, before it is granted. How can I do it?

Claim Amendment Study

Can someone help manage my patent portfolio and help me in litigations campaigns regularly?


What if online literature is not sufficient to prove infringement?

Reverse Engineering

I want to launch a new product in the market. I want to know which companies can pose IP risks to the product?

IP risk assessment analysis

Have a different licensing objective?

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Patent Acquisition Study

We helped multiple clients in acquiring patents. In a patent acquisition study, we identify the patents that have chances of being sold and have overlap on a particular product or company. The end output from our side is Evidence of Use (EoU) charts for the identified patents so that you can take the final call on the purchase of identified patents. >> Read more

Reverse Engineering

When it is nearly impossible to find the missing piece of your infringement or prior art puzzle in the published literature, reverse engineering can be a way out. >> Read more

Claim Amendment Study

Want to get more value out of your patent? We can help. This type of study helps in increasing the monetary value of your patents by suggesting claim refinements. These claim refinements are suggested to bring new products (launched post the filling date of the subject patent) into the scope of the amended claims. >> Read more

Our experience in searching

Medical Devices
Material Science
Consumer Electronics

What do our clients say about us?

  • The claim charts were very thorough and well-executed.

    Shareholder of a top US law firm
  • We are very happy to have obtained a great outcome in the case. Your team did an excellent job in helping us with the infringement analysis. Thanks for the support!

    Patent Attorney at a top US law firm
  • Hi Vincy, Actually, I found your analysis on TR22.835 very interesting. And I think the solution summary is good as well. Please to bring some more insight for such kind of analysis.

    SEP expert from a well known Cloud computing company
  • We could not have done this without your excellent help. The client is thrilled about the result, and we look forward to continuing to work with you on this and other matters. We appreciate the excellent work that you all do.

    Named Partner at a top US law firm
  • I need to comment that this is amazing work and your team has really done a great job! More details later, but consider we are extremely satisfied.

    Founder of US law firm
  • “The macro analysis for this project can be stopped and closed. We are satisfied with the final result and it should be helpful for licensing negotiation. Very happy to work with you, and thank you for your persistent hard work. Please prepare the invoice.”

    One of the Top Smartphone manufacturers

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