Great people make Great Company

GreyB is in business of dealing with innovation and firmly believes that human resource is our key differentiator. GreyB believes in hiring and nurturing talented people, who share our commitment to change- The change for developing improved analysis on IP and creating a better framework to manage your innovation. GreyB promotes diversity and equal opportunity and we employ levers of autonomy, mastery and purpose to drive productivity and happiness at GreyB.

Independent Thinking

We encourage creativity at GreyB and creativity does not come without independent thinking. The most important thing that you can learn at GreyB is the ability to think independently without any external help.

Daily Workout Sessions

Daily workout session brings a lot of fun in the working routine and makes you feel active. What can be better than having a healthy body & Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental functions perform better.

Work Differently

If you ask us what we are proud of at GreyB, we would keep people on the top and then its our work. We love our work, as our projects are designed in such a way that every project is like a challenge and make us think in a different way no matter what.

Work Life Balance

We believe that if you are spending extra time, from your personal life, in office, you have the full right to enjoy that time back. Therefore, for every extra hour that you spend in office you get them back as leaves.

Swimming Pool

After work, take a dip and refresh yourself in the swimming pool as swimming has the same effects as yoga on the human body, thus helping in relieving stress.


We can assure you that the work here will take care of all the exercise that your brain will ever require & for the rest of your body we got a Gymnasium.

Hear direct from the GreyBians who were once at your place

It has been 9 months since I joined GreyB and I have to say it has been a great ride, every month I am working on a new challenge and up-skilling myself. Prior joining to GreyB and entering the IP world, I worked across different sectors such as IT, Telecom, semiconductors, Travel IT and supply chain industry and gained an amazing field experience in Europe and US region. Having completed my Masters in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France (FT Top 20 Global Masters), I worked with 4 companies in Europe before coming back to India. When I came back, my main challenge was “the mindset” of the people I would love to work with, I came across lots of opportunities but didn’t find those intriguing – I was still not sure but I thought to experiment it by joining GreyB, I believe that I made the right choice.

I joined the client engagement team at GreyB and  I can say this without any reservations that the job role is really dynamic, it culminates all of my previous job responsibilities and it pushes me to execute end to end sales cycle and getting things done in the right manner. Of course, you get all the weapons and necessary training to fight in the battlefield and get ready to put in lots of hours, it ain’t easy out here. What is unique about GreyB is its leadership style – Managers have a positive and growth oriented mindset here to guide you with the nuances of sales, you will be tossed up and down to get the reality check – trust me it’s hard but worth it!

Another aspect of working here, is this place is way away from that “Micromanagement approach” – I have the freedom to reason and explore and it aligns well with the principle “Either you convince me or I convince you”. In nutshell, people listen to what you have to say and help you to improve the argument. Last thing, I want to say is, if you are just looking for a job with a flavor of mediocrity, GreyB is not the place – but yes if you like to be challenged and believe an easy way is not your way because you want to take the highway – then only join GreyB.

Parth Joshi

I joined GreyB about 4 years back and this was my first encounter with the corporate world. Before joining, I had always heard about biasing and politics in corporate offices. So, naturally I was little scared. But, to my surprise (pleasant surprise I would say), here at GreyB, the culture is so friendly and genuine. The journey so far here is been quite amazing or as we say internally, a roller coaster ride ;), from being just a college pass-out to a professional being. Now, when I look back, becoming part of GreyB has turned out to be the smartest decisions I have made. Mostly because I always wanted my work to get noticed, not become just a name in the crowd. Here we get equal opportunities and treated equally irrespective of the hierarchy. I learned a very important thing while working here that ‘you have to make yourself worth noticing, own the work you do and do not wait for instructions’.

One thing that I appreciate the most is that everyone is encouraged to have their own style of working and thinking. This kind of culture is hard to find and I was lucky enough to get in my first job. Coming to the work we do, I feel proud to see that our efforts help big companies make their decisions and help in shaping the future of so many technologies.

GreyB has become an important part of my life and I look forward to my coming years here!

Shelza Gupta

I joined GreyB as a Trainee unaware of what I will be actually doing here. After joining I realized that this place is a pool of talented individuals from various backgrounds with a common objective to grow fast and do something different. Everyone is expected to take responsibility of their own work. I relish the professional, yet friendly environment where competition is taken in a sporty manner. People here are open for suggestions irrespective of the designations. The learning opportunities are immense because of the ideology of taking new initiatives. Transparent culture and freedom to try out new things is what I love the most. Some members organize workshops on topics like people management, customer understanding and intrinsic motivation; some people arrange presentations on technical awareness and patent laws; and some persons organized classes for learning Chinese. Not only this, some health conscious individuals (We call them our fitness squad J) also started 5 min exercise sessions to keep everyone fit. People have carved out their unique identity because of the talent boosting culture and initiatives they are taking. Everyone promotes creative techniques, skill development activities and looking for alternatives is in the air. In early days when I used to submit the task, most of the time my mentor asked me if I can come up with some more efficient way to do the same. Every time he pushed me to do something additional apart from the work assigned to me like developing macros to reduce human effort. This helped me to gain knowledge of software development while working in IP. If someone defines job as just doing the assigned work and not taking personal initiatives to develop skills or grooming yourself professionally, it will be difficult to survive here. This place is for people who love to take challenges and have the guts to shape their path with intense effort.

Shikhar Sahni

I graduated from NIT-Bhopal in 2011, and it’s been more than three and half years working with GreyB. When I joined here I didn’t know anything about this company, and when I look back now, it appears that my decision of joining GreyB was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love the culture of transparency and openness at GreyB, even a person at lowest rank in the hierarchy can reach to the person at top rank if he/she feels the requirement. I also like the dedication and caring nature of the Directors of GreyB, by taking out time from their busy schedule and providing noble guidance to the people working at the ground level of the team. Talking about the work that we do here, it gives me sense of pride because of the importance it holds for the consumer. GreyB provided me the opportunity to work on projects in diverse technologies ranging from Telecommunication to fabrication of IC, Inertial sensors powering automatic detection in your mobile phones to genetic engineering. I have also experienced situations at GreyB when there was enormous pressure of deadline, but our cultural DNA has already engrained the never give up attitude that made me survive tough situations. After all, I knew one thing that there could be no gain without taking any pain in life. At last but not the least, I love the celebrations part of it, be it birthday celebration or festival celebration.

Krishna Aswani

I am currently relishing the position of managing and designing the various software solutions developed at GreyB. When I first started my professional career in the IP domain, little did I know in just about 2 years I would be working on some of the most challenging and intriguing IP software and tools. GreyB has provided me a platform and a vision to think big and dream big. Right from the day when I began working on normal software to this day when I am overseeing the development of many impactful software suites, the journey has been fuel-ed by GreyB’s desire to do something path-breaking in the industry. As I also align myself with this dream, I am now responsible for endeavours that can shape the future of the company and the IP industry, as whole. The various IP tools that we are working on right now, and those that we have planned, at times gives me goose-bumps when I think of accomplishing them and the kind of impact they can make. But knowing the air of enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence that diffuses at GreyB, I am very optimistic of my endeavours. Without any exaggeration, I can state that the challenging environment at GreyB has made me realize my true capabilities. As I embarked on this journey, all the maths, data science and algorithms studied during college days falling in right place like a Tetris game. I hardly noticed how I was transformed and it feels like I was destined to do this kind of work. Today I feel confident and exuberant about my future at GreyB with the belief that we are on course to revolutionize this industry for good. In end I would like to quote Jobs – “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Anmol Saini

Joining GreyB has been one of the best decisions I have made. The three years I have spent with GreyB have been the most productive and fun-filled years of my life because in these years, I have experienced more than I could expect or imagine – I did wild experiments, tasted glorious successes, faced miserable failures sometimes, but most importantly, I gained a tremendous amount of learning. GreyB gave me complete freedom to implement my ideas – there are no set-processes here, people devise their own solutions. It boosts your creativity and motivation when you see around yourself a bunch of creative, intellectual, and fun-loving individuals who inspire you and whom you can inspire. Every day here is uniquely challenging and quite memorable, and this is what I would like to share with all those who inquire about GreyB, with the objective that it will change their lives as it has mine.

Muzammil Hassan

I have been with GreyB for the past two and a half years. I still remember the day I joined GreyB – young and energetic college graduate but having no knowledge of IP/corporate culture. Since then GreyB has been the guiding light for me. At the start, I had a different perception of GreyB. However, with time I realized the real value of the time I spent at GreyB. GreyB has been a place of great learning for me. I have found a congenial atmosphere where I can experiment different things. I even ended up filing a US patent after a lot of experimenting. My ideas, small or big, are valued here irrespective of my designation. The team members are very cooperative and helpful. Further, everyone wants and works to grow at a fast pace. Due to this, the work @GreyB pushes the employees to their limits to do and achieve things that seem impossible. This push at first seems like a burden but when you realize the competitive nature of the industry, the grilling comes as a necessary part of the job.In essence I learned @GreyB, ‘Making money is secondary, Making yourself worthy of earning it is primary.’ By the way, this is my own quote. @GreyB, I have done and achieved things which seem unachievable to ordinary man.

Rohit Sood

Check out the workspace

Roles We Need


We are looking for people who have passion for technology, an eye for detail and an aptitude for research and analysis. Simply put, we require people who think technology.

The candidate should also have strong written and oral communication skills and should be familiar with MS Office packages. The selected candidates would undergo training on analysis of patents and innovation management by thought leaders in Intellectual Property domain.

Responsibilities of Research Analyst:

  • Work on client’s projects according to requirements designed by a Project Manager.
  • Maintain quality of the analysis and work product.
  • Work on internal initiatives according to requirements specified by the Project Manager with minimum supervision.

Skill sets requirements:

  • Professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal, technical & analytical skills
  • Independent and creative thinking


Type 1:   M. Tech., MSc., or PhD in Material Science or Life Sciences (bio-tech & Pharma)

Type 2:   B.Tech or M.Tech in Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science or Physics.

Work – GreyB’s Research team:

At GreyB the work is on innovation. For the lesser mortals, GB provides patent services to support patent application and prosecution process, by providing services such as: prior art search, invalidity searches, state of the art searches, freedom of use studies, and conduct patent related studies. In short, technology, technology and technology. GreyB was founded with a belief that protection and valorization of innovation will represents an integral part of the commercial food chain. GreyB’s mission is to strategically create and manage the intellectual assets for inventors and companies that will eventually benefit the world with more and better inventions and create financial rewards for the owners of the IP.


We are looking for new members (aka sales people) to join our tribe who can run the sales cycle from a “demo call” stage to winning the deal.

A must for this opportunity is:

  • Smart Communication Skills (to be brutally honest, we need people with exceptional email writing skills and proficient phone skills)
  • Past successful experience and exposure to US prospects. (5+ years of experience desired)
  • Extremely fast learning skills in an independent environment. (if you ask your manager, tell me what should I do next?, well I can assure you that this is a job not for you)

Area(s) of expertise desired:

  • Sales, Business Development
  • Client Engagement
  • Account Manager
  • Relationship Building
  • B2B Sales
  • Enterprise Selling
  • Solution Selling
  • Inside Sales
  • Excellent email skills

Summary of Job Function:

  1. The candidate will be responsible for selling of services dealing in niche area of Intellectual Property Research and Analytics. For us, each assignment from a client is unique in scope, topic, deliverable, and time frame. {Message – the number of projects are more vs single high dollar deal}
  2. The target audience is mixture of existing old clients and newly acquired clients, who are based out of North America (USA and Canada) and maybe Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden etc.). {Message – Proven ability to both manage existing clients but also in developing new or lapsed clients}
  3. The candidate will be running sales initiatives to manage repeat work from the old clients, work diligently to help convert the first time buyers of our services into repeat clients, follow up on feedback about service that helps to create happy customers. {Message – Engaging with a client in consistent fashion is desired. No hibernation mode to be activated}
  4. For initial few months, senior management at GreyB will provide support and knowledge to you in connecting with clients, helping you prospect new clients, support you with industry knowledge. {Message – Don’t fear the industry – we will make you comfortable. We don’t expect you to be from IP industry}
  5. Ability to run discovery sessions (support of tech team provided) with customers while managing and leading the sales cycle to close a deal. A distinct advantage in the candidate’s profile is ability to articulate analytic solutions in terms of ROI to the customer {Message: this job requires consultative selling mindset}
  6. The candidate will be interacting with top-level executives (Partners) in large-sized law firms and IP attorneys in the mid to large technology companies. Organizations targeted as clients will have hierarchy with different stakeholders, decision makers and administrative staff. The candidate needs to have experience and self-confidence to chalk out the structure and build associations with the influencers, consumers and approval authority. You will liaise between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs {Message – Polished approach to mapping the hierarchy of organization buying our services is must}
  7. The candidate should be highly skilled in interacting with the clients over phone and emails (good and super creative content on emails is one of the most valued skill at GreyB). As we work in the outsourcing industry – we expect high number of connects and interactions on Phone and Email vs in person meetings. {Message – If you feel that you have not interacted significantly with individuals from North American and European community on phone and emails, we discourage you to apply for this job}
  8. The candidate will fill in daily, weekly and monthly sales sheets to create tracking of his accounts and very frequent discussions with the manager. You will be also involved in CRM software based updates to keep a tab on pulse of the client that is shared with the manager. Communicate clearly the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders. Manage and track customer engagement and activity through established sales processes and systems as well as keeping customer account data current and accurate. {Message – The founders of company love numbers and trust numbers}

Net-net, we need professional sales person.

Requirements (from must haves to desired skills)

  1. 5+ years of the B2B sales experience specially in the international market.
  2. Discipline to work in a services selling environment with aptitude to sell value
  3. Experience in selling KPO services to North American clientele is distinct advantage.
  4. Ability to drive the sales cycle end to end, from RFQ to closure.
  5. Excellent communication skills and ability to network within client´s organization and access decision makers.
  6. Understand client business mandate and pain points through solution selling strategies.

Some questions coming to your mind maybe answered with following:

YES, the job requires to be working in the evening hours | YES, the job requires being available on e-mails for larger part of the evenings | YES, the job involves travelling | YES, the job involves lot of time on phone and emails

NO, the job doesn’t require IP background | NO, the job doesn’t require you to be engineer or with a technical background | NO, the job isn’t a soft, behind the curtains sort of thing.

A note: You don’t create impact by the industry knowledge, years of experience, academic certificates, but, how well you articulate your belief, your goals and more importantly, your failures.

Why to submit a vanilla C.V.? Make an effort to draft a message (no old format cover letter) and tell us why you are valuable to us.

Typical Day at GreyB:

  1. Planning hours where you plan and prepare yourself for telephonic prospecting of the cold leads provided by the company. This will involve identifying and segmenting cold leads based on the product to sell, geography and the type of the prospect. Spend time with experienced sales persons and your manager to gather necessary information, training material etc before you start prospecting.
  2. Prospecting hours where you spend time generating leads via cold calling that show interest for a presentation about our services and how exactly we solve their needs. This part involves setting up appointments with interested prospects where presentation of services via a WebEx may lead to conversion of the lead from cold to warm or paid client. Note: The prospecting time will decrease with your stay in company and you will be provided with warm prospects who have already agreed to spend time with us on the presentation.
  3.  Selling time where you will organize & administrate web presentations between prospect, sales team and IP team for closure of the accounts. The IP team will be responsible for giving the demo and answering any technical questions from your prospects. You will be focused on only sales related administration here, meaning that you do not need to master yourself with the complex nature of our services. You will get full support from the technical team to handle any specific technical queries by the prospects.
  4. Account management time where you will spend time in a planned manner with your accounts to identify options of closing more project based deals, cross selling etc.
  5. Training and reporting time where you spend time in discussions with your manger to get yourself coached for sales initiatives you are managing.

Support from GreyB to launch you:

  1. The candidate will be fed with lead set of cold contacts. You will spend little or no effort searching on web in finding out who to call. The inside sales team will support you with list of contacts and also provide support the type of services that could create “call to action”.
  2. The candidate should not worry on learning the nuances of the services we sell from a technical angle. You will be provided support of qualified technical team while you engage with prospects during sales process.
  3. The candidate will get training modules of what are prospective clients ask (i.e. Objections) and what is appropriate response to the objections.
  4. All support about the knowledge of our services will be promptly provided.
  5. The candidate will get ‘full support’ when the interested prospect needs to see a presentation to learn about our skillset. You don’t need to memorize the presentations on our solutions.

Desired Skills and Experience


  1. Full time Direct Sales professionals to lead the growth of our Intellectual Property services. We are looking for sales persons to sell to medium and large corporations & law firms in the US & Europe.
  2. Ability to generate ‘Revenue Numbers’ and manage pressure of monthly targets. As a sales person we expect you to pre-plan your entire effort so that numbers pressure can be managed.
  3. Candidates should be comfortable with the sale and management of custom Intellectual Property research/consulting projects, targeted at senior level executives.
  4. Extremely good hunting skills to make effective reach-outs to busy C-level executives and persuade them for a web meeting to showcase our world class research skills.
  5. Very proficient cold caller to make impactful connects over phone.
  6. Develop and maintain structured sales campaigns to achieve new business goals. Good emails skills are necessary.
  7. Solid framework of performing ‘Follow up’ (email and phone calls) with leads you have worked.
  8. Prospect new client opportunities through warm leads supplied by GreyB (this will be larger part of your role in 3 months).
  9. Prospect new client opportunities through own-lead generation efforts and referrals.
  10. Prepare necessary paperwork to process contracts and close deals.
  11. 6+ years in sales and/or business development, preferably related to research, analysis and/or consulting.
  12. Polished in managing clients, with a track record of successful revenue attainment.
  13. Sensitive to the cultural differences between Asia and America.
  14. Experience and expertise in building meaningful business relationships
  15. Diligent in using CRM and maintaining neat and documented records of connects, follow ups and deal progress


  1. Your earnings has a factor of uncapped commissions. This means that you should make sure that revenue numbers are not compromised.
  2. Our business model has been validated now i.e. the type of research we sell has very less competition as it is driven by skill and not low cost. You will find high interest of our work with clients and very low attrition of converted clients allowing you to build a strategic client portfolio.

With all the upside of uncapped commissions, we have a policy of full transparency of your sales efforts. You will need to be an ‘open’ sales person, who will keep the company management fully involved and updated with every sales campaigns.

You can mail us your resume at or get in touch on +91-0172-4416700 for any queries.

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