Making open innovation data-driven
and result-oriented!

Have you experienced any of the following issues?

The analysis is so superficial that it is common knowledge in the industry

Insights are not actionable

The output doesn’t cover the answer to questions that you asked

Scouting activity is not leading you to innovative Startups

Analysis is not covering all the information pillars like technology, business, customer, market etc.

Analysis doesn’t translate well to be consumed easily and the storyline is missing

A lot of information has been dumped on you in the name of analysis

There are many false data points and you end up discarding the analysis

Open innovation programs are not yielding desired results

Such issues come up if a consulting firm doesn’t relate well to your objective or they go silent after taking the project i.e. there is no sharing of analyst thoughts, methodology, sample output, interim updates, and no looking beyond superficial information or traditional search strategies to get deep insights.

If you are to take care of all these
then there is no point engaging an external partner?

We understand the gravity of all such concerns and can connect to your thoughts.

Here is what we offer –

Combining the experience and expertise of our research scientists, and AI-powered tools, we don’t think of consulting as an assignment but a challenge. And we love challenges.

Our formula for great analysis and deep insights –

Investigative Search through research scientists + AI powered tools + Grit

Our experienced and well trained research scientists understand the relation between technology, business strategy, customer need and how these blend together in achieving the end result which would be a combination of all fueled by creativity and tenacity to unearth deep insights.


Chakshu Kalra

A few examples of cases where we consulted in the past

for a logistics giant

for a savory products company

for a cosmetics company

for a drug manufacturer

for a Battery company

for a company in probiotics industry

for a Beverage company

in gene editing tools

for a steel company

for a food & beverage company

for a yeast manufacturer

for an active pharma product

Get the best by involving us in –

Open innovation consulting

GreyB provides you with the collaboration and partnership options by locating the best fit technologies and companies or disruptive start-ups and provides SWOT around that to help you choose the right option.

Technology & Supplier Scouting

We understand your need for commercially viable or near commercialization technologies that will qualify regulatory compliances in various regions. Companies employ us to get them the technologies that will fit their existing model and pick the partners through unbiased analysis.

Technology Landscape and Trend Analysis

We are very instrumental in locating emerging tech trends, industry pain points, customer challenges and can present the whole technology landscape from 10K feet to the narrow focus areas with extreme zoom levels to spot the unobvious.

Whitespace/Gap Analysis

GreyB has a specialty in understanding the intersecting technologies and compares the technology overlaps to see whitespaces for innovation, identify gaps for product improvement, and getting signals even from parallel and intersecting industries.

Competitor Assessment and Tracking

Everyone knows about the well-known players. So, in addition to the known competition, we focus on the budding competitors i.e. companies that are penetrating your domain from other industries, companies that are working on alternate technologies/products, companies/startups that hold the technology which can be dangerous in your direct competitor’s hand.

Upcoming or Budding Market Analysis

GreyB provides analysis on upcoming potential markets/technologies and emerging areas for business expansion.

Monthly Newsletter

We provide monthly updates on various technologies, challenges, startups, and current topics in your business areas so that you stay updated and ahead of others.

Some industry insights

Sustainable Packaging: Research activities of major players and startups
Sugar Reduction technology
Sugar Reduction technology: What are your options?
5G Research: Insights, Companies, and Patent Analytics
Alternative Sources of Natural Rubber
Major Challenges and Alternate Sources of Rubber in Tire Industry
Probiotic Food: How to Overcome Industry challenges
Alternative Protein
Alternative Protein Industry and Where Is It Headed?

How do we make sure to meet and exceed your expectations?

Flexible and customer-oriented engagement model

We are flexible in our work style, wherever required we adopt an agile model of communication i.e. keep you updated with the search findings throughout the project cycle and when you are busy we set the right expectations from the beginning to avoid any gaps in output and trim the interim connects.

We understand that a 5 degree deviation in the beginning of a project can result in 50 degree deviation in the end output.

Tools that help us deliver better

A faster and better way to manage
and run patent landscapes and clearance searches
Slate makes a way to do more with the same IP budget and run clearance searches at ultra-fast speed possible by cutting data noise, letting your collaborate in real-time with the in-house and outsourced team, and showing all the progress in one place.
NEO is a tool that reads technical information like a researcher. Through deep machine learning and contextual pattern matching it unravels hidden concepts that current tools fail to capture.
Central Search
Central Search is an intelligent tool that learns from the search patterns of researchers to locate hard-to-reach data.
GreyFox is a dedicated research tool to get product-related information. Knowing what is available in the market in terms of features and specifications has never been easier.

Our work is helping industry leaders such as:

What do our clients say about us?

  • Incredible material! This structure is really great to visualize the big picture in the new sustainable materials.

  • A big Thank You to you and the team for undertaking the literature search and pulling all of the material together in a nice concise document and also having SLATE and the spreadsheet is really helpful for us. I personally feel the review is looking really good! Great work!

  • Comprehensive coverage of the literature (from patents, non-patents, and products) The report format is good; detailed and useful Abundant and comprehensive ways of filtering solution (in SLATE/Dashboard) Generally impressed by the SLATE tool for ease of accessing information Happy with responsiveness to our teams requests/suggestions along the way

  • It is a great job, I think it is as good as expected. The direction of analysis is right

  • Thank you for your efforts. The content of the report is very detailed and professional

  • Thanks for the final update, this is what we want. Thank you for all the efforts you and your team has made. We are very happy working with you and your team.

Our experience in consulting

Medical Devices
Material Science
Consumer Electronics

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