55% of research in nanocomposite packaging is centered around Polyolefin and Cellulose.
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Mycoworks' Reishi, a plant-based leather made with fine mycelium technology, has a carbon footprint 8% lower than traditional bovine leather
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Noissue's diverse packaging range is crafted from recycled materials with 100% compostable or recyclable attributes
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The use of Allulose as a sugar alternative in food and beverages has increased by 45% in the last decade
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Unveiling RFID Tech Integration Opportunities For a Logistics Company

Delivered a roadmap for future-ready logistics by providing a 10K feet view of RFID technology, identifying its overlap with logistics, integration points, and potential partners.

Redefining US Probiotics Market by Breaking Down 100+ Food Fermentation Sub-technologies

GreyB elevated a leading US probiotics company's industry positioning by decoding 100+ sub-technologies, mapping global trends, and advising strategic collaborations, through precise research and insightful recommendations.

Decoding Competitor's Innovation Focus in Coating Compositions For a Steel Company

Identified intricate details in metal coating technology through a comparative analysis. Categorized technology into clusters, encompassing coating applications across different industries, properties of coatings, coating processes, and composition details, revealing insights for strategic expansion.

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