Whitepaper: 5G Standard Essential Patents

Who owns the 5G standard-essential patents (SEPs)?

5G will become the backbone of 100 billion devices by 2030. And companies are racing to secure their share of pie of this upcoming goldmine of patent royalties.

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What are Standard Essential Patents?

In this video, Muzammil explains SEP’s in 5G in the simplest possible way.

Are you paying a huge amount of money on SEPs?

Do you know, on average 56% of standard essential patents are not essential to the standard?

How you can check the value of SEPs?

Having this information will not only save you from licensing the right (and only important) patents, it will help in cutting down your licensing costs as well.

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Interview with our 5G experts

Special interview with Muzammil and Aman our 5G experts, who lead this initiative to know more about how they did this complex study and unveil the true numbers of 5G SEPs and the other aspects behind this report.

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