System Prior-Art Search

It’s always good to have multiple strategies up your sleeve when working on tough invalidation cases. System prior art has gained a lot of popularity over the years and it can become your golden weapon to take down a patent in your next invalidation assignment.

Why We Prioritize It Over Other References?

A System Prior art is different than other non-patent literature as it speaks for its authenticity. Such a reference provides a proof that the claimed technology was in practice before the critical date.

With extensive searching in product catalogs, user manuals, news articles, trade show/exhibition websites, or on YouTube product review videos – the evidence to support the presence of required features can be identified.

If that doesn’t work – we can also do offline research, for example – in books, printed tech magazines, catalogues etc. And even can reach out to people with relevant experience – for example, manufactures, developers, who have seen the entire evolution of the products over the years and may have useful information on the required concept. In fact, people who may have now shifted their career in another domain can also be valuable sources of information, as their experience goes back much further than current tech players!


Chakshu Kalra

Case Studies

System Prior Art
System Prior Art: Why we prioritize it over other references?
System Prior Art
A Patent Prior Art Search is More Than Just Providing References!
System Prior Art
Why GreyB is one of the best Patent Search Firms that can provide you Relevant Prior Art?

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  • We were happy with our experience and appreciate the effort that went into the process. It seemed well thought out and thorough. We are likely to use GreyB’s services again in the future. Thank you to your team for all their efforts.

    Scott Cole
    Scott Cole Of Counsel
  • I had no idea how complicated and complex a patentability search and features list development was going to be. Jeevan and the GreyB team were very helpful and forthcoming in creating a good template and study for my product needs. Their search was thorough and well documented and provides me with great value as an SME. I think that their study has given me a competitive edge and that I will successfully accomplish my patent registration at a lower cost now.

    Sean Nino Founder, Mantra Bali - Environmentally Sustainable Design and Management
  • I've worked with Vik and his team on a number of prior art search projects and have found his service outstanding. His teams have been staffed with technical folks in the relevant subject areas and I especially appreciate his willingness to hold interim discussions to direct and focus the search.

    Aaron Oakley Partner, Baker Thomas Oakley Greene
  • I have worked with Anupam and his Greyb team for years. They have done great patent search work for me, and their reports are excellent. Anupam is always super responsive and helpful in providing estimates and getting the work done and on time.

    Robert C. Ryan Partner/Patent Attorney, Holland & Hart LLP
  • I've worked with Anupam and GreyB on a number of occasions when I've needed top-notch prior art search, and will surely do so again in the future. Anupam is dedicated to client satisfaction and is constantly working to ensure that he and his team have exceeded expectations.

    Vikram Iyengar Attorney At Law, Perkins Coie LLP

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