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Get the confidence you need to place your product into the market. Our clearance searches can give you clarity about potential litigation threats, and we can help you in clearing those roadblocks by suggesting modifications to design around existing patents.

Clear your path towards the market with our comprehensive patent clearance search.

Improve critical product development initiatives and investment with in-depth Freedom To Operate searches.

Your product development initiatives can lose business feasibility due to un-expected licensing-fee expenses or rework on product features. It is prudent to have a thorough search on the vast patent literature to locate potentially offensive patents. The confidence to pursue your product plans are enhanced once you are aware of the type of technology features that are already claimed in patents. GreyB’s iterative approach to exhaustive searching uncovers patent claims that overlap with the technologies, features, and benefits of your new products. Along with documentation of relevant patents, we help in building an electronic database of patent families. This database contains actively maintained and granted patents or patent applications with specific patent offices of interest, written descriptions and claims. The database can be further utilized to perform analysis of the file history to locate the statements that resolves ambiguity in claim language and how the examiner’s rejections & amendments were drawn to overcome art, i.e., file wrapper, estoppel. Such thorough analysis of definitions in specification, dictionaries and technical treatises combined with review of your search subject of FTO helps finding whether there is an identical or equivalent element in your proposed product plans.

As desired, we also extend the FTO search to assist in identifying design around licensing or acquisition candidates. Here our approach to analysis is based on review of the patent landscape coupled with market research.


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What our clients think about us

  • If I were to give you a testimonial, I will praise for your reporting format especially the level of detail you can capture in the analysis. Another aspect that struck a chord with me is how the file history was taken into account for understanding claim scope - this saves me time and shows your ability to do good work.

    Equity Partner, Top Law Firm in USA
  • I don’t have much to add, most of my requirements are about good quality invalidation search as that’s what our firm is specialized in doing. The star point for me in your capability and services is how well you extend the search after my feedback in the invalidation projects. I am not sure if all companies follow this practice but I am quite happy to get your results and the routine feedback call you set up after the project is delivered.

    Partner of a Boutique IP Litigation firm, Chicago, USA
  • Our corporate team has 4 divisions and we need a lot of work on the business use of patent data (Patent-Informatics). I got impressed with your dashboard capabilities, especially when you can ensure the accuracy of data behind the dashboard storyboards. This is quite a powerful tool with our internal customers as we need to present the patent picture very often.

    Large Corporate in Medical Device Industry, Boston, USA
  • As you know I work with you on FTO matters in consumer products industry. My project technologies are simpler but I need first turnaround times and clean reporting to make a go and no-go decisions. I am happy with the work I have been doing with you – it is good value for money and crisp reports, exactly what I want. Further, the particular point which has impressed me is – faster responses. I have told this earlier too but I reiterate the same point, you have made sure I get the reply same day, within few hours which is impressive

    A mid-size corporate, Northern Virginia, USA


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