Everything we could tell you about Patent Invalidation

You’re looking for Patent Invalidation search or ways to invalidate a patent.

You know there are more than a couple of ways to do it. Or maybe you don’t.

Well, for starters, you need prior art to invalidate a patent.

And believe me, when I say it, Prior art could be found in a lot of places – Conventional and Unconventional. These ways could be used to invalidate any patent, a utility patent, a design patent, a composition patent, and even a Standard Essential Patent.

We’ve been there and done that. Helped find prior art for every kind of patent to invalidate it. Did I tell you it was fun? No?

It was FUN. Want to know what we did and how we did it?

If yes, check out the links below to read all our crazy stories where we share our conquests and the techniques we used to invalidate various kinds of patents.

Composition Patents

Design Patents

Standard Essential Patents

Invalidating IP under ITC Section 337

Utility Patents

Patents with Mathematical Expressions

Most Unconventional Places where We Found Prior Art

Most Unconventional ways we used to find Prior Art

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