Patent Excavation Study

GreyB has helped several clients to unlock and understand their IP assets. In the patent excavation study, we dive into the patent portfolio. By combining our software and manual analysis, we discover high-potential patents that deserve the most of your time and resources in a monetization campaign or other business decisions.

How patent excavation can benefit your IP strategy?

It helps in organizing your patent portfolio and identifying the gem patents.

It helps you examine another patent owner’s portfolio that could be helpful in cross-licensing and patent acquisition deals.

If you get sued by someone, performing an excavation study could help you find specific patents to countersue.

It helps you find patents with which you can target a specific company for patent monetization.

Identifying the patents from your portfolio which can be abandoned in case you want to prune your patent portfolio.

Providing insights of your patent portfolio in a situation where you want to pitch your business model to another company and impress them by the strength of your IP.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in these situations?

You could not identify the gem patents buried in the patent portfolio in the stipulated time.

You wanted to extract value from your patent portfolio but could not decide which patents will bring the most value.

You could not list all the patents of the other company whose patent portfolio you were interested to assess.

The patents suggested by your firm were not the gem patents and did not possess a good value in the market.

The identified patents which were once gem patents do not hold the same market value anymore due to technology shift or change in market sentiments.

The Evidence of Use charts prepared by your firm were incomprehensible and took a large chunk of time to understand them.

GreyB can help you match your business needs by
excavating your patent portfolio

GreyB’s tailor-suited approach helps to achieve the client’s goals in a time and cost-efficient manner.
We can provide our customized services for different use cases as follows-

Technology Specific – We can help pick good patents from the portfolio in a particular technology. For example, an information and communication technology (ICT) company may have patents varying from network communication, smartphone, virtualization, etc. So, our patent excavation techniques can help identify the patent set in a particular technology. Also, the most potential patents can be highlighted.

Target Company-specific – In situations where you plan to litigate against a particular company or countersue the company against you, we can identify the best patents to go forward with.

Geography specific – If you want to pursue litigation in a particular geography, for example, you prefer to litigate in EP than the US, we can direct our study accordingly. In another scenario, if you plan to expand your business to another country and want to check if your IP supports your products in that area, we can pinpoint those patents for you.

Overall Analysis – In case you are looking for patents from any technology which may infringe any big player, our excavation study can be customized accordingly.


Chakshu Kalra
[email protected]

Helped client target a software application of a big company through Source Code Analysis
Value Delivered: Detailed mapping of a software patent was provided to the client. The provided mapping consisted of infringement evidence gathered from the product’s website and source code.
Worked on client’s patent portfolio to target a semiconductor chip company of choice
Value Delivered: The evidence of infringement was collected by connecting dots from different sources. Thus the client was provided with a detailed infringement mapping. An explanation was provided to make the connection of information simple to understand.
Identified a patent from the portfolio for which infringement can be shown through practical testing
Value Delivered: The client was provided with a detailed infringement mapping. A significant amount of infringement evidence was collected through testing the product.
Mining Patents from a Portfolio to target Software Applications And Prepared EoU Charts
Value Delivered: The client was able to identify gem patents in a huge patent portfolio. Based on it, top software companies were targeted. The provided EoU chart for gem patents contained a detailed mapping of every claim element.

Here are some of our patent excavation strategies:

Give me 5 minutes and I will tell you how to assess value of a patent set quickly
patent due diligence
How Patent Due diligence can help you in making Acquisitions?
things to check before buy a patent
5 things to check before you buy a patent
21 Patent Buying and Selling Strategies for Big and Small Companies

Some Tools we use in Patent Excavation Studies

Business Opportunity for Sales (BOS)
A non-aggressive way to license & monetize your patents
BOS stands for Business Opportunity for Sales. And it finds those opportunities by finding patents that received a rejection (102/103 type) due to one of your patents. A tool that can incorporate your organizational structure and blend perfectly with your existing processes.
Patent Valuation
Get customize research and advices
to achieve your mission-critical R&D goals
NorthStar provides curated technical information and analytics to make business-centric and R&D decisions.

Read what our clients think about our work (in their own words):

  • If I were to give you a testimonial, I will praise for your reporting format especially the level of detail you can capture in the analysis. Another aspect that struck a chord with me is how the file history was taken into account for understanding claim scope - this saves me time and shows your ability to do good work.

    Equity Partner, Top Law Firm in USA
  • I don’t have much to add, most of my requirements are about good quality invalidation search as that’s what our firm is specialized in doing. The star point for me in your capability and services is how well you extend the search after my feedback in the invalidation projects. I am not sure if all companies follow this practice but I am quite happy to get your results and the routine feedback call you set up after the project is delivered.

    Partner of a Boutique IP Litigation firm, Chicago, USA
  • Our corporate team has 4 divisions and we need a lot of work on the business use of patent data (Patent-Informatics). I got impressed with your dashboard capabilities, especially when you can ensure the accuracy of data behind the dashboard storyboards. This is quite a powerful tool with our internal customers as we need to present the patent picture very often.

    Large Corporate in Medical Device Industry, Boston, USA
  • As you know I work with you on FTO matters in consumer products industry. My project technologies are simpler but I need first turnaround times and clean reporting to make a go and no-go decisions. I am happy with the work I have been doing with you – it is good value for money and crisp reports, exactly what I want. Further, the particular point which has impressed me is – faster responses. I have told this earlier too but I reiterate the same point, you have made sure I get the reply same day, within few hours which is impressive

    A mid-size corporate, Northern Virginia, USA

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