Artificial intelligence and machine learning in agriculture: 10 startups to watch

The global population is set to hit 9.8 billion by 2050, demanding around 14,886 million tons of World cereal equivalent (CE) food. Astoundingly, up to 40 percent of global crop production is annually lost to pest-related issues. This highlights the urgency of rethinking agricultural practices to improve yields and meet the rising food requirements.

The Agriculture industry is achieving this shift towards efficiency and productivity by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their systems, replacing conventional methods with advanced, effective approaches. 

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Many companies are adopting AI and ML technology to revolutionize their agricultural practices. This informative article highlights 10 noteworthy startups that are utilizing AI and ML to transform the field of agriculture.

1. Taranis

Taranis: Ai agriculture startup

Established in 2015, Taranis is an Israeli precision agriculture intelligence platform. They harness advanced computer vision, data science, and deep learning algorithms for effective field monitoring. 

Their comprehensive solution employs high-precision aerial surveillance imagery to mitigate crop yield losses from pests and diseases. Taranis extends its influence across vast expanses of farmland in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia.

Taranis’ crop intelligence solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and remote imaging technologies to autonomously detect crop threats. These insights empower farmers to:

  •     Enhance crop quality and yield
  •     Optimize the efficiency of fertilizers and crop protection inputs
  •     Bolster global food security and elevate nutritional value
  •     Safeguard soil health while minimizing environmental impact


Taranis made an acquisition on May 17, 2018, by obtaining the assets of Mavrx, an aerial imagery platform located in San Francisco. Notably, Mavrx possessed the most widely accessible full-field imagery product, delivering images at an exceptional resolution of 8cm per pixel. These high-quality images were captured by a fleet of 60 planes operating across 30 states within the United States. (Source)


  • In 2019, Taranis partnered with BASF, a key player in seeds and chemicals, to offer innovative crop monitoring solutions to Brazilian farmers. 
  • In 2019, ADAMA Ltd. and Taranis announced a global partnership on a global scale to create a solution that utilizes precision agriculture to enhance farming practices and bring down costs. 
  • In 2021, Taranis and Albo Climate announced a partnership to simplify the verification of carbon sequestration in farmland. By utilizing satellite-based remote sensing to reduce verification costs for Soil Organic Carbon (SOC), this collaboration aims to help agriculture retailers expand carbon programs and assist farmers in quickly entering the carbon credit markets.
  • In 2022, Taranis announced its extended partnership with Drone Nerds and DJI. This collaboration combined the latest drone tech, operational efficiencies, and AI to offer precise insights for ag retailers, co-ops, and farmers.


With 28 investors, Taranis has raised a total of $99.6M. (Source)


IUNU: Ai agriculture startup

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, IUNU’s mission is to enhance greenhouse autonomy and establish itself as a global leader in controlled environments. Their LUNA Platform merges cultivation management software with LUNA AI, a system driven by computer vision and artificial intelligence. This innovative combination enables indoor growers to closely monitor plant growth and health details. The platform represents cutting-edge horticultural technology, supporting greenhouse operators in achieving higher yields and superior crop outcomes.


On September 27, 2021, IUNU made an acquisition by adding Artemis to their portfolio. Artemis is a prominent cultivation management platform in the greenhouse and vertical farming sectors. Furthermore, on August 10, 2021, IUNU acquired CropWalk, an independent third-party integrated pest management (IPM) consulting firm.


  • In July 2023, Bevo Farms, a prominent supplier of wholesale vegetables and floral plants in North America, partnered with IUNU and Corvus Drones. This collaboration introduced computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) software into their propagation business.
  • In December 2022, BASF’s Nunhems® initiated a collaboration with IUNU, leveraging their computer vision and AI software for their lettuce breeding program.
  • In June 2022, Revol Greens, the largest greenhouse lettuce grower in the United States, selected IUNU as its technology partner. 
  • In December 2021, Pure Green Farms, known for its highly efficient and automated greenhouse systems, chose IUNU to provide artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. 


According to PrivCo. as of March 17, 2022, IUNU holds a post-money valuation ranging from $50 million to $100 million. IUNU has successfully raised $45.7 million in funding through eight funding rounds. (Source)

3. Bloomfield Robotics

Bloomfield Robotics: Ai agriculture startup

Established in 2019, Bloomfield Robotics is a Pittsburgh-based startup specializing in continuous AI inspection. Their system digitizes the well-being and performance of each plant throughout its lifecycle, from seed to harvest. This approach aids growers in meticulously, efficiently, and cost-effectively evaluate every plant. The technology is a user-friendly and innovative solution that combines ground-based image capture with deep learning-based processing.


Bloomfield Robotics is engaged in a collaborative effort with NASA. This partnership involves a project to transport their crop cameras into space, facilitated by a $1 million grant. In this initiative, the cameras will monitor crop health within the greenhouse located at the International Space Station.


Bloomfield Robotics Inc. secured an investment of $1.8 million in its inaugural funding round. Among the investors is a major Japanese manufacturer recognized as one of the world’s leading tractor producers. Bloomfield Robotics has garnered support from a group of 11 investors. 

Across 12 funding rounds, they have successfully raised a cumulative total of $16.2 million in funding. (Source)

4. Fasal

Fasal: Ai agriculture startup

Founded in 2018, Fasal, an Indian agri-tech platform by Wolkus Technology Solutions, leverages AI to monitor diverse farming conditions. It employs data science to offer on-farm predictions, delivering insights across iOS, Android, Tablet, and web devices.

Using sensor data, Fasal’s precision agriculture solution suggests real-time agronomic strategies, enabling water, energy, fertilizers, and pesticides cost savings. By analyzing farm data, Fasal predicts optimal growth conditions, irrigation, sprays, and preventive actions. It constantly tracks climate, soil, solar conditions, and crop status.


  • In April 2023, Fasal teamed up with the State Bank of India (SBI) to provide farmers easy access to capital through swift, collateral-free loans at competitive rates.
  • In May 2022, Fasal announced a close collaboration with the India Meteorological Department. This partnership involves exchanging hourly short-range models for rainfall probability, amount, temperature, and humidity. 


Fasal has gathered support from a group of 15 investors. Through 7 funding rounds, they have successfully secured $2 million in funding. In November 2021, Fasal raised an additional $4 million in funding as part of its strategic expansion plans in India and Southeast Asia. (Source)

5. Aerobotics

Aerobotics: Ai agriculture startup

Aerobotics specializes in data analytics, using aerial imagery and advanced algorithms to optimize global crop performance. Their mobile and web applications enable informed decision-making for farmers. Using tree-level data analytics, Aerobotics helps growers ensure policy compliance and minimize risks.

Combining agronomic issue detection with advanced algorithms, Aerobotics enhances coverage. Through multispectral and thermal imagery, they provide comprehensive farm data. With agronomy, engineering, and product development expertise, Aerobotics supports growers in maximizing production. Their intelligent software, backed by a global dataset, addresses every aspect of crop performance.


Aerobotics has secured $26.8 million in funding across 7 rounds. Their support comes from a group of 17 investors. (Source)

6. Trapview

Trapview: Ai agriculture startup

Trapview, crafted by EFOS, a Slovenian company, is a platform dedicated to pest insect monitoring and forecasting. Automated electronic traps facilitate efficient, near-maintenance-free tracking of pest insects. Employing sophisticated artificial intelligence-based processing of trap data, Trapview provides users with precise, real-time insights into pest population dynamics. Furthermore, it offers forecasts of pest development stages in specific areas.

With a global presence spanning over 40 countries, Trapview’s solutions monitor more than 50 insect species. This diverse reach benefits a wide spectrum of agriculture and food-chain organizations, providing valuable insights.


Trapview has secured a total funding of $14.4 million across 2 funding rounds. The support for Trapview comes from a group of 5 investors. (Source)

7. Greeneye Technology

Greeneye technology: Ai agriculture startup

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Greeneye is a prominent technology company specializing in precision agriculture. With a diverse team encompassing expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, agronomy, mechanical engineering, and spraying applications, Greeneye is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for global farmers.

Greeneye employs Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize agricultural pest control, shifting from widespread and wasteful spraying to targeted and efficient herbicide application. Their innovative selective spraying (SPP) system, seamlessly integrated into every sprayer, detects and precisely treats weeds in real-time, potentially cutting herbicide usage by up to 90%.


  • In January 2023, Greeneye Technology and Farmers Business Network (FBN®), the global AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network, formed a strategic collaboration to cut weed control expenses and enhance profitability. 


Greeneye Technology has garnered a total funding of $31 million across 6 funding rounds. The company benefits from the support of a group of 13 investors. (Source)

8. ecoRobotix

Ecorobotix: Ai agriculture startup

Established in 2014, ecoRobotix, a European-based startup, specializes in AI-driven plant-by-plant recognition and ultra-high precision crop-treatment solutions. Their innovative offerings target minimizing the environmental footprint of contemporary agriculture. Their flagship ARA product is a plant recognition system with an ultra-high precision sprayer. ARA drastically curtails chemical usage in fields by 70-95%, resulting in substantial cost savings for farmers and augmented crop yields.

Beyond ARA, ecoRobotix is also developing AVO, an autonomous solar-powered weeding robot. This cutting-edge technology, set to debut in the coming years, adds to their portfolio of solutions aimed at revolutionizing sustainable farming practices.


Through 6 rounds of funding, ecoRobotix has secured a total investment of $83.1 million. The company is backed by a group of 13 investors. (Source)

9. Sentera


Founded in 2014, Sentera, a U.S.-based startup, delivers time-sensitive agricultural insights that enhance decision-making and outcomes. Through FieldAgent®, Sentera offers in-season data, analytics, and insights accessible via web, mobile, desktop, and API connections. This service benefits growers, agronomists, seed retailers, and supply chain managers, optimizing their operations’ precision, efficiency, and sustainability. Sentera’s mission is to establish an essential platform for comprehending field narratives.


  • In April 2021, ServiTech, Inc. partnered with Sentera. This collaboration involved integrating FieldAgent by Sentera into the ServiTech Bridge platform. This addition enhanced the platform with field imagery, crop health monitoring, and change detection technology, resulting in better grower outcomes through informed management decisions.
  • In May 2019, Sentera and Bayer’s subsidiary Climate embarked on an expanded platform collaboration. This joint effort focused on delivering advanced plant population and weed pressure analytics.
  • In February 2016, agX collaborated with Sentera. Leading to agX’s effortless incorporation of Sentera’s data management solution, AgVault Software. This seamless integration empowers the utilization of an array of precise sensors and agricultural drones across various growing operations.


Sentera has secured a cumulative funding of $62.4 million across 6 funding rounds. The company’s financial backing comes from a group of 8 investors. (Source)

10. Gro Intelligence

Founded in 2014, US-based startup Gro comprises a diverse global team of technology, climate, and agriculture experts. Their AI-powered platform aids customers in addressing key challenges, spanning supply chain forecasting, climate change, and food security. Their agricultural data analytics platform is designed to bridge global agriculture’s data gaps and provide predictive analytics. This gives users a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of factors influencing agricultural commodities.


  • During May 2022, Gro joined forces with The Rockefeller Foundation. This partnership aimed to enhance public access to crucial data, addressing the need for more accurate supply and demand coverage for major crops in Africa.   


Gro Intelligence has successfully secured a total funding of $117.6 million through 5 funding rounds. The company has garnered support from a group of 14 investors. (Source)

Future Outlook

AI’s integration into agriculture streamlines farming processes and drives the transition towards precise cultivation, resulting in increased crop yields and improved quality, all while conserving valuable resources.

With the predicted market growth estimation and the increased number of working companies and startups in this domain, we can confidently state that AI’s integration in agriculture appears extremely promising. But the market is still new, and for industry giants to have an edge, they must figure out startups that align with their goals and collaborate with them.

Let us help you find the right AI startup for your agricultural needs.

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Authored By: Ridhima Mahajan, Market Research

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