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75% of the SEP declared patents may not apply to the standard formation. This can change how people play licensing deals and other business arrangements.

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How to Overcome Rejections Based on the Alice Decision

Alice Corp. v CLS Bank is fast becoming a landmark decision for patent analysis in the United States. Many applications are being rejected by examiners based on 35 U.S.C. 101 rejections of the [...]

A 4-step Process to License your patent portfolio

IP licensing can be a great source of revenue generation for companies with significant patent portfolios. Take Qualcomm for instance, which generates billions in patent royalties every year. Arm [...]

Concept Hacking: A Methodology to Deliver Outstanding Results

Failure testing, Statistical control, Total quality management – There isn’t a dearth of approaches followed by Quality Assurance teams of organizations. No doubt, these approaches have proven [...]