7 Post-Alice patent cases that survived 101 rejections – Clearing some cloud of doubts on software patent eligibility

By the time the Alice decision marked its second anniversary, more than 8400 applications got abandoned while 60,000+ applications got rejected due to the decision. The district court decisions [...]

A Ray of Hope Under The Alice Decision

The recent verdict of Motio Inc. vs. Avnet Inc. has come up as an accurate example of bypassing invalidation based on the Alice decision. Background – Avnet challenged Motio’s U.S. Patent [...]

Dear Patent Attorneys, Patent Landscapes can help you Acquire New Clients!

Are you a law firm or an independent attorney who is in search of some out of the box ideas for client acquisition? If Yes, Congratulations! You are at the right place.  Without wasting any time, [...]

FTO Inspired Landscapes – A Way to Optimize Freedom to Operate Studies

Ask a bunch of patent counsel how do they feel about performing a Freedom to Operate study, and you may hear a collective groan from the whole group. No doubt – performing an FTO is a cumbersome [...]

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