Catalyst Helps Product Managers And Researchers Find Relevant Information To Develop Products And Solutions Faster.


Catalyst Helps Researchers Solve Innovation Problems Faster

For innovators and researchers, having two ideas is better than having one. Whether you are building something totally new or trying to improve an existing solution, understanding how others approached similar problems in the past can give you more ideas. A lot of such ideas can be derived from patents.

Catalyst makes it easy for researchers to find past attempts to solve similar or related problems in patents. With this knowledge, researchers can form deeper understanding of the problem, get insights from others’ solutions and develop better solutions with less work.

Removes the Legal Layer to Make Patents Easy to Understand

Patents form a vast and unique repository of innovation. Over 100 million patents have been published worldwide and it is estimated that ~80% of this information is never published elsewhere. Yet most researchers never make use of it, primarily because the legal language in which they are written presents a barrier – it makes them difficult to find and understand.

Catalyst overcomes this barrier by removing this legal layer through use of natural language processing techniques, allowing the reader to identify the problem targeted and solution described in the patent. Unlike other patent sources, Catalyst can be used by non-lawyers.


Accelerating Project Pace at a Leading Patent Consultancy Firm

We have integrated Catalyst in our other platforms used by researchers for technology landscaping. To reach to a wider audience we regularly publish articles on our website where we pick a technology and a specific problem and list down various solutions presented in the patents to solve them.

Impact of Catalyst

Catalyst helps in accelerating research and development. Better understanding of the state-of-the-art translates to higher efficiency in R&D. The innovation cycle is shortened, which has a direct impact on the product cost. Possible duplicated efforts on re-inventing existing solution are also eliminated, which bring down R&D costs.

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