Here’s how you can identify standard essential patents in your portfolio

In this webinar, Muzammil and Arindam shared a few tips as to how we help our clients identify standard-essential patents within their portfolios. These strategies will help you spot SEPs in even large portfolios of 1000+ patents, efficiently and effectively.

  • Arindam has a rich experience of 8+ years in helping patent attorneys in law firms, chief IP counsels in large or medium-sized corporations, technology commercialization officers in universities/companies, research development innovation (RDI) strategy managers, etc. in formulating R&D and business strategies for solving a variety of vexing problems. His specialty lies in the area of using IP data, information from market research and data analytic techniques in a combinatorial manner via which he helps companies see patterns that are hidden in data and derive actionable insights from the same.

    Arindam Som
    Arindam Som Assistant Vice President - GreyB
  • Muzammil Hassan, Manager Patent Infringement, has been helping clients monetize their IP assets from the last 6+ years. He has helped clients achieve higher returns on their undervalued IP assets, and he is going to discuss the same in this session.

    Muzammil Hassan
    Muzammil Hassan Manager - GreyB

Webinar playback

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