A Weird Calculator With Only Four Buttons

Imagine if you own a weird calculator with only 4 buttons, which perform the following 4 operations: ×3 +7 -11 ÷2.

Your challenge is increment the numbers below by pushing only a certain number of buttons on the calculator.


Let us explain with an example. 1 → 2 with 3 buttons can be solved as: +7 ÷2 ÷2.

That is:  1 +7 = 8 è 8 ÷2 = 4 è 4 ÷2 = 2

Understood? Now it’s your turn. Go!

Sushant's ten minu

Just in case you were wondering what the solution is without putting in all the hard work, here you go!


Cool activity, ain’t it?

Courtesy: Sushant Kumar

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