Can you solve this mother of all puzzles?

Are you ready to unlock your brain’s potential to a new level?

At GreyB we conduct a 10 minutes activity that gives an energetic feel to the mind with some sort of puzzles. Last time Mahesh shared how to make clients fall in love with your reports and now, Gaurav a Senior Research Analyst of GreyB conducted an activity that gives a good exercise to neurons in your brain.

Here is what he sent:

Hello Everyone,

In today’s activity, you have 26 alphabets but only one brain to solve the activity in stipulated time. In this activity, you have to analyze the pictures to find the correct answer.
How will I know that I’ve solved all the questions correctly? Great question. Thanks for asking. If, while solving the puzzle, you see an image of a lollypop on your screen, you’re done!

One more thing, you need to write your answer in the box underneath the images!

And as soon as you find a lollipop, take a screenshot and send that my way! Run! You have just 10 minutes.


So, want to try the enigma activity yourself?

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