Revamped Rock-Scissor-Paper

Many of you might have settled few spats by playing “Rock-Scissors-Paper” game. Well, today we are going to do somewhat the same thing. Before beginning, let me first give you a quick brush-up for the game. Each player forms series of gestures with their hand – Rock (a fist), Scissors (V formed by two fingers), paper (palm).

Shelza's ROck

Now, we would be playing it with a twist. You are given 10 cells; filled with rocks, scissor and papers. Your job is to –

1.  Start on a rock and

2. Visit each cell exactly once by jumping to a cell in the same row or sloping diagonal as the current cell.

3. Each jump must follow the pattern rock → scissors → paper → rock, until you end on a rock.

4.The jumps must never reverse direction, though you may jump over a cell multiple times.

Number each cell from 1 to 10 as you traverse the pattern. An example is shown below.

Shelza's 1

Let’s start:

Shelza's 2

Solved it?

If not, here’s the solution.

Activity Courtesy: Shelza Gupta

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