An exercise for smart patent researchers!

At GreyB, we focus a lot on unleashing the maximum potential of the brain which we sharpen with our daily activities. These activities not only refresh us but also help us stretch our brain muscles.

In the last activity, I shared how Gaurav through an enigma puzzle pushed everyone to analyze images in a different way. And this time Mahesh Maan, a Senior Research Analyst, conducted another such activity which again pushes you to think laterally.

What was the activity?

In this activity, you will be in a maze. Your ability to get out of the maze will be determined by how well you know the history of a technology.

You are in a labyrinth where you will see two doors for each question. Your selection of door will be your answer to a question. Your target here is to pass through the exit door.

Also, every wrong answer will take you deeper into the labyrinth –away from an exit door. If find yourself answering the same question, you must have answered a question wrong.

So choose wisely. You have 10 minutes to get out from the maze. Further, once you pass through the Exit Door, stop your stopwatch and don’t forget to comment, how much time it took you to solve this labyrinth.

So let’s get started:

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