7 Stem Cell Therapy Startups Innovating Biotechnology

In recent news, a woman with HIV in the United States may be the first female and third person to have been “cured” of HIV through stem cell transplants. After stem cell therapy, the woman’s HIV reached a state of remission. Following this, if her remission continues and she is deemed officially “cured” of HIV, she will be just the third individual to be effectively cured of HIV through stem cell treatments (Source).

As per experts, this case had other circumstances to be considered, but this does paint a picture of how important Stem Cell therapy is in this century. Finding cures for such diseases opens doors for innovation in sectors like Stem Cell Therapy. In this article today we cover 7 Startups innovating in this promising domain.

We also have a list of 7 Cell Therapy Startups.

Here are the top 7 innovative stem cell therapy startups:

1. Mogrify

HQUnited Kingdom
Total Funding Amount$37.8 Million
Top InvestorsParkwalk Advisors, Ahren Innovation Capital
Innovative TechProvide the MOGRIFY® and Direct Cellular Conversion Technology for transcription factor-driven cell reprogramming

What makes Mogrify different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

The MOGRIFY® Technology – The MOGRIFY technique was created to systematically predict the transcriptomic switches required to produce any target cell type from any source cell type. The technology may be used to improve current stem-cell forward reprogramming procedures or to circumvent development pathways entirely, resulting in direct trans-differentiation from one mature cell type to another.

In addition to finding transcription factor-driven cell reprogramming, small compounds that can alter the expression of the main anticipated transcription factors, may be found to construct a small molecule reprogramming cocktail. This method has the extra advantage of not needing transcription factor transduction and hence has higher promise as an in vivo reprogramming therapy. (Source)

Direct Cellular Conversion Technology– Mogrify’s patented direct cellular conversion technology employs a systematic big-data approach to find the elements required to promote the conversion of one mature human cell type into any other. And, this too without the necessity for a pluripotent stem cell- or progenitor cell state. 

Since it does not require a license to employ Yamanaka factors to produce pluripotency, Mogrify’s technique is speedier and more accessible than iPSC-based procedures. 

It removes the requirement for a two-step strategy requiring reprogramming and differentiation to allow for one-step trans-differentiation. It creates mature cells rather than converting stem cells to progenitor cells through laborious and time-consuming procedures that replicate natural development. 

The company is using its patented technology to generate intellectual property and speed up the research and manufacturing of regenerative cell treatments in all therapeutic areas. (Source)

epiMOGRIFY® Platform – epiMOGRIFY® is an extension of the Company’s proprietary direct cellular reprogramming technology, that enables the identification of the optimal culture conditions required to maintain cells and support reprogramming in chemically defined media. 

It combines gene regulatory information with an epigenetic landscape model and leverages changes in the level of DNA-histone methylation (H3K4me3 modifications). The platform enables the use of data from over 100 human cell/tissue types (accessible through the ENCODE and Epigenome Roadmap consortia) to precisely determine culture conditions that can keep cells alive or convert them. (Source)

Mogrify Pipeline

Which Innovative Products are Offered by Mogrify?

In Vivo Reprogramming Therapies – Mogrify is using its proprietary platforms MOGRIFY® and epiMOGRIFY® to generate functional cell types. These are needed to pioneer a new class of in vivo reprogramming therapies and transform the development of ex vivo cell therapies for indications with high unmet clinical need in ophthalmology, immuno-oncology, and other disease areas. 

Vivo reprogramming is a regenerative medicine treatment strategy that involves delivering a cell-based therapy to an organ or tissue in the need of functional restoration without the use of a cellular agent. Trans-differentiation, or the direct conversion of a source cell type into a target cell type without an intermediary pluripotent or stem cell stage, is used to directly alter cell conversion in the human body. (Source)(Source)

Which Awards have been Received by Mogrify?

  • Mogrify Ltd has won the ‘Disruptive Technology’ category at the Business Weekly Awards, in recognition of its novel bioinformatic platform in 2019. (Source)
  • In 2020, Mogrify won the Hewitsons Award for Innovation in Business and Price Bailey Award for Business of the Year at Cambridgeshire Live Business Excellence Awards 2020. (Source)
  • In 2020, Mogrify won the Life Science Innovation Award and Prof. Julian Gough was named Academic Entrepreneur of the Year at Business Weekly Awards 2020. (Source)

How many Patents does Mogrify have?

Mogrify has filed 34 patent applications in multiple jurisdictions such as Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, the UK, the US, Brazil, etc. All the applications are yet to be granted. 

2. Cellino Bio

HQUnited States
Total Funding Amount$97.5 Million
Top InvestorsKhosla Ventures, The Engine, Leaps by Bayer
Innovative TechProvide Cell Reprogramming Technology to create personalized stem cells using an AI-powered laser device

What makes Cellino Bio different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

Innovative Cell Reprogramming Technology – Cellino’s platform combines label-free imaging, high-speed laser editing, and machine learning to automate cell reprogramming, expansion, and differentiation in a closed cassette format, allowing thousands of patient samples to be processed in a single facility. (Source)

Which Innovative Products are Offered by Cellino Bio?

 Cellino’s platform creates personalized stem cells with laser accuracy in a closed, automated, software-driven system. Cellino trains machine learning algorithms to categorize cells before removing any undesired cells with its AI-powered laser device. (Source)(Source)

How many Patents does Cellino Bio have?

Cellino Biotech has filed 10 patent applications in the US and Europe. All the applications are yet to be granted.

3. Aspen Neuroscience

HQUnited States
Total Funding Amount$76.5 Million
Top InvestorsOrbiMed, Domain Associates
Innovative TechOffer Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for cell replacement therapy

What makes Aspen Neuroscience different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)- Aspen introduced Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and is the only company that uses patients’ cells for cell replacement therapy. Transient expression of pluripotency-associated transcription factors produces iPSCs from somatic cells (Yamanaka Patents). iPSCs are functionally identical to embryonic stem cells produced from 5-day embryos and have all of the advantages of embryonic stem cells without the drawbacks of allogeneic therapy. (Source)

Regenerative Therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD)

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Which Innovative Products are Offered by Aspen Neuroscience?

ANPD001 – ANPD001 is an autologous neuron replacement therapy in sporadic Parkinson’s disease designed to use a patient’s cells as a replacement to restore neuronal function and to modify disease progression. Aspen’s lead product (ANPD001) is currently undergoing investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies for the treatment of sporadic Parkinson’s disease. (Source)

ANPD002 – ANPD002 is a gene-corrected autologous neuron replacement treatment. It is used to treat genetic variants that enhance the risk of Parkinson’s disease, beginning with the most prevalent genetic variant in the gene encoding glucocerebrosidase (GBA). This treatment varies from ANPD001 as it also involves genetic modification of the cells after they have been taken from patients. Aspen’s patented technology is used for the same. (Source)(Source)

How many Patents does Aspen Neuroscience have?

Aspen Neuroscience has filed 4 patent applications that are yet to be granted.

4. Inteligex

Total Funding Amount
Top InvestorsCreative Destruction Lab (CDL), UTEST, Ontario Brain Institute, University of Toronto
Innovative TechBioengineered human induced-pluripotent stem cell into Spinal Microenvironment Modifying and Regenerative Therapeutic (SMaRT) and CMaRT Cells

What makes Inteligex different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

SMaRT Cells – Inteligex has bioengineered human induced-pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cell (hiPS-NPC) therapies into Spinal Microenvironment Modifying and Regenerative Therapeutics (SMaRT) cells. 

The therapy expresses a cervical spinal cord-specific regional identity to match recipient host tissues and facilitate improved graft-host integration. 

It further expresses glial-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) to enhance transplanted and endogenous cell survival and drive differentiation along a neuronal lineage. (Source)

CMaRT Cell- Cerebral Palsy (CP) – For the treatment of chronic Cerebral Palsy, Inteligex has developed neural stem progenitor cells (NPCs) derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). CMaRT (Cortical Microenvironment Modifying and Regenerative, Therapeutic) cells are the foundation of Inteligex’s stem cell-based strategy for treating chronic CP. Transplanted CMaRT cells have the capacity to restore function, making them a potential therapy option of chronic CP. (Source)

Which Innovative Products are Offered by Inteligex?

Inteligex offers its products SMaRT Cells and CMaRT Cells based on their unique technology.

Which Awards have been Received by Inteligex?

 In 2020, Inteligex has won the ONtrepreneurs award and has received a $50,000 non-dilutive fund from OBI for being a 2020 ONtrepreneur. (Source)

5. LIfT Biosciences

HQUnited Kingdom
Total Funding Amount$2.8 Million
Top InvestorsKIZOO Technology Capital
Innovative TechProvide Cell Therapy to eliminate cancer cells

What makes LIfT Biosciences different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

Allogeneic Innate Cell Therapy – LIfT BioSciences has developed a therapy platform called Neutrophil Only Leukocyte Infusion Therapy (N-LIfT) which is classified as an allogeneic ATMP. In this therapy, neutrophils derived from stem cells, originating from a single donor can provide treatments to a large number of patients. 

It is produced from the stem cells of exceptional cancer-killing donors with no family history of the disease, which is used to make specific neutrophils in patients’ cells. The cell therapy is allogeneic, meaning it uses the extraordinary donors’ innate immune systems to attack the tumor directly and recruit the patients’ immune platform to assist. (Source)(Source)

Which Innovative Products are Offered by LIfT Biosciences?

Neutrophil-based Leukocyte Infusion Therapy (N-LIfT) – N-LIfT is classed as an allogeneic ATMP. Instead of having to wait weeks to harvest and make cells for each particular patient, this practical approach may be supplied to any patient upon diagnosis. Once within the body, N-LIfT multiplies into billions of N1a neutrophils that seek out, infiltrate, and eliminate dangers like cancer cells. 

Since they do not appear to be confined to certain antigens, they appear to eliminate all cancer cells rather than just the selection they are programmed to attack. N-LIfT is extracted, cryopreserved, and stored in the LIfT Biosciences cell bank. (Source)(Source)

Which Awards have been Received by LIfT Biosciences?

In 2017, LIfT BioSciences was announced as one of the winners of the Medcity Innovate Award and grant. (Source)

How many Patents does LIfT Biosciences have?

LIfT BioSciences has filed 22 patent applications in multiple jurisdictions such as Europe, Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, China, Denmark, Spain, and Brazil. Out of 22 applications, 4 patents were granted.

6. Betalin Therapeutics

Total Funding Amount$3.1 Million
Top InvestorsEuropean Innovation Council
Innovative TechOffers Islet Transplantation Technique to help diabetic patients achieve normal blood glucose levels

What makes Betalin Therapeutics different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

 Islet Transplantation Technique – Betalin’s Islet transplantation is a cell therapy approach that helps diabetic patients achieve normoglycemia (normal blood glucose levels). It is a method in which beta-cell-containing islets from a deceased organ donor’s pancreas are purified, processed, and transplanted into another individual. (Source)(Source)

Micro-Organ Matrix (MOM) Technology – Betalin uses cell therapy to combine human islets with the micro-organ matrix (MOM), to create the Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP).

Betalin created a Micro-Organ Matrix (MOM) scaffold with a decellularized ECM that tries to imitate the islet’s natural microenvironment by delivering all of the necessary nutrients and gasses for survival. The MOM allows a complex network of vascularization, ensuring that no islet cell is starving, extending the life of islet cells. (Source)

Which Innovative Products are Offered by Betalin Therapeutics?

EMP1 – EMP1 is the first generation of the Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP) to regulate blood glucose levels by insulin secretion. EMP is a cell treatment solution for all insulin-dependent diabetics that combines harvested pancreatic islets with an organ-derived micro-scaffold matrix (MOM). EMP1 is implanted via a simple local anesthetic process, which reduces difficulties compared to previous transplantation procedures, and will be used in clinical trials. (Source)

EMP1R – The EMP1R is intended for use in research. It will be utilized to enhance diabetic medication screening by speeding up the drug discovery market and lowering research and testing expenses. (Source)

β-EMP – β-EMP is the second generation of EMP, a product based on the MOM and beta cells derived from stem cells. The utilization of β-cells produced from stem cells will eliminate the requirement for human pancreatic donors and significantly extend Betalin’s market. (Source)

Which Awards have been Received by Betalin Therapeutics?

In 2017, Betalin Therapeutics was chosen as the most innovative biopharma company of the year in the startup competition of the Tel Aviv MIXiii Biomed Conference. (Source)

How many Patents does Betalin Therapeutics have?

Betalin Therapeutics has filed 1 patent application which is yet to be granted. 

7. ExCellThera

Total Funding Amount$6 Million
Top Investors
Innovative TechA flagship technology that can boost the number of stem and immune cells in as little as seven days

What makes ExCellThera different from other Stem Cell Therapy Startups?

ECT-001 – The flagship technology of ExCellThera, ECT-001, is a combination of a small molecule, UM171, and an improved culture method capable of exponentially boosting the number of stem and immune cells in as little as seven days. It is employed in innovative curative cord blood transplant therapy for patients with blood malignancies, allowing for quick engraftment, much lower transplant-related mortality, a low risk of chronic graft-versus-host disease, and a low chance of recurrence. (Source)

Science Wallet of ExCellThera 

Proprietary Molecule of ExCellThera

Which Innovative Products are Offered by ExCellThera?

ExCellThera has several products in its portfolio based on its innovative technology. Products include ECT-001-CB, ECT-001-mPB, ECT-002, ECT-001-BM. (Source)

Which Awards have been Received by ExCellThera?

In 2017, ExCellThera has won first prize in the Pharma & Biotech category at the HealthKick Challenge and has been awarded $20,000. (Source)


While researching a number of Stem Cell Therapy Startups, we could pinpoint the major challenge the domain faces is unapproved of such therapies by the FDA. Even with certain challenges in the domain, undeniably, the results of various Stem Cell Therapy Startups are a breakthrough and promising for the future of fatal diseases, including (but not limited to) cancer or degenerative muscle atrophy. Though the article covered 7 Stem Cell Therapy Startups, our research covered more than 100 of these. For customized data analysis of startups based on your needs, contact us and we shall deliver you the exclusive report.

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