Research Opportunities in Medical Cannabis including Covid-19

After 3 stressful years of consulting dozens of medical professionals, being hospitalized more than 50 times, and missing a significant part of his fourth and fifth-grade school, 11-year-old Jackson Leyden received his first cannabis (CBD based) medication in 2014. 

Shortly after his 8th birthday in 2011, Jackson Leyden had started suffering from brief seizures, which later became so severe that he would often collapse and hurt himself. Jackson’s parents had tried several medications over the years, but nothing seemed to work until they tied their hopes to Marijuana medication.

The CBD enriched dose of cannabis not only reduced Jackson’s seizures in a few days, but he also started recovering and stopped taking other medications in later months as well. 

Just like Jackson, there are millions of people who suffer from serious medical conditions like Epilepsy, ADHD, Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Arthritis; and healing properties of cannabis is helping researchers find and develop promising cures for these conditions.

Further, Canadian research claims extracts from Cannabis could fight coronavirus (Covid-19). CBD extracts helped lower the number of cell receptors available for coronavirus to attach to by more than 70 percent. The study was conducted by the scientists in April, but the results are released in a non-peer-reviewed, preclinical study – In Search of Preventative Strategies: Novel Anti- Inflammatory High-CBD Cannabis Sativa Extracts Modulate ACE2 Expression in COVID-19 Gateway Tissues.

Its organic nature, combined with zero side effects, and multiple other health benefits have resulted in consumers preferring medical cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs. Companies in the pharma domain have also realized the upcoming disruption to their market and are researching heavily on ways to incorporate CBD in their products. 

This whole industry is about to see some drastic changes in the upcoming years. Medical Cannabis is opening floodgates of opportunities in the medical industry. It is standing on the verge of exponential growth, powered by its wide range of therapeutic benefits and medical applications. Growing with a CAGR of 18.1%, it is expected to become a $73.6 billion market by 2027. 

Since this sector is still in its nascent stage, companies seem to be unsure of where they could innovate next and how they could exploit the floodgate of opportunities presented by Cannabis.

However, there is nothing to fret about anymore. 

We have been working on an in-depth report about the impact medical marijuana can make globally. This report can become your guiding star on where and what to innovate in the medical cannabis domain. Below are some major insights that you’ll garner from this report:

  • Geographical intelligence about what kind of opportunities lies in various countries for medical cannabis
  • Major collaboration and research activities in those geographies related to Cannabidiol
  • The IP is protected by companies in those geographies (can help you understand the research trend and competition)

The report covers insights about 10 countries having a huge potential for medical cannabis applications.  If you’re trying to figure the future of the medical industry, I’m sure this report will be extremely useful for you. You can download the report by filling this tiny form below:

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