The Myth About Job – An Internal Email by Chakshu

Do you know why you find your job boring? No? Well, read the below email sent by Chakshu Kalra, Director GreyB, to GreyBians. Not only the email tells you why you find a job boring, it also differentiates between working and doing a job.


I want to share something that you must ponder upon because you need to know why you work at GreyB?

Let us start with a simple statistic, near to 96% of jobs are boring – why? Perhaps, the statistic is not that important as understanding the why? Possible explanation is (1) you repeat things for the entire year & (2) we can always find someone else (human or machine) doing the same job better, faster and cheaper. Now if you are facing the same dilemma, that the job is boring, it is because you know it too that I as your manager will find better, faster and cheaper (BFC) ways of doing it.

If I were you, I would think, that, “Chakshu, you will always find BFC to my job, how do I work?”

The answer lies in understanding that working and job are two different concepts. Job is when you are at most comfortable zone of your existing skill set. This is the zone where you do what you are asked to do in exactly the same way like you are instructed. Like, can you generate the proposal code and send an email to delivery team? Or Can you put a calendar invite on client’s outlook for 3:00 PM PST and with dial in details? This is so boring if this is all what you do.

It is like driving on a straight road with changing gear, without increasing or decreasing speed, without any traffic signals, without any road traffic….. it’s damn boring.

But what if your work is not your job? What if I say that when you work, you should create leadership, you should nurture self-sustaining systems, you need to innovate, you must learn, you should build culture and perhaps you challenge the status quo as you progress. This is where fun is, magic is and you should be there. Unless you don’t break your present understanding of job vs. work, you will have a boring life and you know what happens to a boring person.

Think about it.

Kind regards,


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