Can we generate inventions? Yes we can!

The team at GreyB is a mix of thinkers and doers. We carry the streak of innovation in our DNA and strive to improve processes by effective implementation of current technologies. Our innovative minds, sometimes, churn out weird ideas that though don’t end up having any applications, are fun to tinker with.

One such idea was the “Invention Generator” by Deepak. It was a hit among us Greybians. Truth be told, each one of us had fun inventing weird stuff without undergoing the pain of writing a doctoral thesis and spending thousands of hours conducting research in an isolated lab.

Sounds fun, right?

You might be wondering what exactly is this invention generator?  If yes, read how Deepak describes it in an internal email to the team:

Two weeks back I was thinking that if we look at an independent claim of a patent, it is just a combination of the clauses. In majority of the patents, the novelty lies in how the clauses have been combined together because if we search each clause independently, we will be able to easily find them in prior art.

This implies that if you combine clauses of different patents in prior art there is a possibility that you may be able to come up with new ideas. In a raw form this would also contain a lot of junk ideas, but if a little intelligence is applied we can have a lot of interesting inventions that nobody has patented till now.

This means you can generate/derive/invent an invention before anybody could think about it.

The next step that came to my mind was what would happen if we do permutations and combinations of all relatable clauses in the prior art. Can this generate a lot of inventions? Would it mean that we can generate every possible invention that somebody is going to think of in future?

It is similar to saying if we do permutations and combinations of all the music notes we can make all possible songs that somebody is going to write in future.

All this was good in theory. In practicality this may not work.

But… it was worth a try.

I discussed this with Sushant. He understood the idea in 15 minutes. Next day he gave me the Invention Generator.

Have a look at the invention that I generated:

A shoe with liquid inside it to enhance the balance –

Invention Generator

Do you think it can be patented?

Probably not.

But does it look good?

It’s raw, rough but a good prototype.

I played with it and was able to generate many amazing ideas with it.

Utilize this platform to the fullest. You never know what you might invent next.

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