A Preview of a Conversation that Happened inside GreyB

There are two kinds of people in the world- first, who do their jobs just for the sake of doing it. And second are the ones who take pride in their work and carry an attitude to deliver excellence unasked. We are proud to house the second kind of professionals. Their decisions, with every passing day, raise the bar to new heights.

Here is one instance shared by Deepak who is the Director at GreyB in one of his internal emails to everybody at GreyB:

Yesterday (Thursday) evening we received an email from one of our clients that he needs an invalidation search on a patent ASAP.

We had no idea what client meant by ASAP here. What we could sense was that this was urgent. We initially estimated sharing 5-6 days timeline with the client. It was invalidation and our objective was to get the result to the client. So we thought to share the timeline in which we feel we will also be able to share the relevant results.

We checked with client and found that his ASAP meant that he needs the results by Monday.

It’s Thursday evening.

This means if we start the search on Friday we will only get 2 days to deliver the results.

Since the task was urgent, Vikas directly came to my seat to discuss about it and the only way to get fast answer was to directly discuss it with Divya. No emails. We directly went to Divya’s seat.

Here is the conversation that happened:

Me: Client needs the results by Monday. How do you think we can do it?

Divya: Yes, the time is less, we have only 4 days. We may not be able to cover some of the unconventional approaches that I had in mind.

Me: <Thinking- What is this girl saying? >

 Divya, I think you have misunderstood. It’s Friday tomorrow and we have to deliver it by Monday.

Divya: …

5 seconds later

Me: Smile <Proud>

Divya: I spent some time and I already have something that we can share with the client today.

Me: Vikas, lets schedule a call with the client and tell him that we are taking this up.

Vikas handled the client in an amazing way.

Result: We delivered the project and were also able to make the client happy.

We could have easily refused the project. 2 days were too less for invalidation. Our DNA does not allow us to just do the search just for the sake of doing it.

These are the projects that makes us (our people) one step up from all the others that are there in this industry.

This attitude is what makes us different.


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