13 Free and Paid Databases to find the Growing Startups

Did you know that about three new startups arrive in the market every second, and around 11k startups are launched every hour?

Navigating through all these startups to find the right one and weeding out the mismatches sounds like a hell of a challenge, doesn’t it?

Startup Databases are hands-down the most straightforward approach that can help you find the desired startups.

While there are numerous startup databases available in the market. Here’s a list of startup databases that our experts frequently access – 

1. CB Insights

Want your database to provide you with industry insights and AI-powered recommendations? Well, this platform has got it all!

CB Insights: Startup Database

CB Insights is a platform that provides you with the knowledge of technology trends and big datasets to help you figure out the market. Using AI to predict high-potential companies can give insights into future tech market trends, thus allowing you to get ahead of the market. 

Not only this, CB Insights helps you understand your competitor’s strategy, find the areas that have the potential and are worth investing in, and also find as well as connect with your potential collaborators. 

Against a fee, they provide you with additional insights like financial data and the funding status of the companies. Even though it is a paid platform, it provides newsletters and offers many reports that are free to download. 

Curious about the second one on our list?

Well, if you are looking for a way to keep track of the companies you are interested in? Then try this one!

2. Crunchbase

Crunchbase: Startup Database

Crunchbase is a valuable tool that helps you make a list of the desired companies with the help of personalized filters like geographic location, industry, and size. Furthermore, they offer special filters like the Diversity Spotlight, which highlights U.S. companies with diverse leadership and investors, thus providing you with additional insights. 

In addition, you can create alerts to keep track of the company activities like funding, acquisitions, etc. 

Even the no-cost version helps you get reliable information and conduct searches on the companies of your interest. You can also find free up-to-the-minute news on private markets, startups, founders, and investors.

With their paid plans you can monitor upto 100,000 startups, get account recommendations tailored to your interests and much more. 

3. Venture Radar

Venture Radar: Startup Database

Venture Radar is a startup database that provides unlimited keyword searches at a price of $99/month. The information they provide includes business insights and funding. The platform offers a feature through which you can export lists of similar companies. 

The website also allows users that need such information occasionally for free, although limiting their daily keyword searches. Their database helps business professionals discover, track, and research companies globally.

Venture Radar Database: Startup Database

4. Switchpitch

Switchpitch: Startup Database

SwitchPitch has a database of over 360,000 startups. The information on this platform is crowdsourced from various startups’ websites. It is analyzed with the help of AI, that further helps identify specific keywords, technologies, and much more to maximize the search results.

5. Tracxn

Tracxn: Startup Database

Founded in 2013, Tracxn provides you with lists of startups segregated based on country, collections, sectors, and much more. In addition, the platform offers you a personalized feed to keep track of the startups you want to keep a check on. Besides this, the website provides you with reports and analysis of various startups that will help you make better decisions for collaboration. 

6. Startup universal

Startup Universal: Startup Database

Startup universal is a free startup database that can help you find your desired startups by applying various filters like region, country, city, and industry. Additionally, the database includes the name of startups with links to their websites. Thus, providing you with easy navigation to the startup’s web page. 

But if you are looking for reliable data on startups, especially if you need to understand revenue and other growth metrics, the following database is a good and free alternative.

7. Craft.co

Craft.co: Startup Database

Craft.co is a free startup database that allows you to track performance indicators of fast-growing startups. The database tracks revenue and profits as well as investments and employee data. 

And if you are looking for a free startup database that provides you with a list of top startups from various regions? Well, we got that too! 😉 

8. Best startup

Best startup is a free startup database that lists startups from Asian, Canadian, British, European, and American countries. The list includes startups from every city segregated based on their work domains. You can easily navigate to the company’s website through the links provided in the lists. The information provided by them is crowdsourced from platforms like Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Best Startup Asia: Startup Database
Best Startup Canada: Startup Database

Should we narrow down to region-specific databases?

Interested in Indian startups? Check out the next website.

9. Startup India

Startup India: Startup Database

Startup India is a government platform that provides you with a list of registered startups in India. The database offers free access to lists of startups, mentors, investors, accelerators, corporates, incubators, and government bodies. 

You can sort these lists using various filters like industry, sector, growth stage, state, and city.  In addition to this, they also provide market research reports for further understanding of the market across India. 

10. Startup Singapore

Startup Singapore

As the name suggests, the database provides you with a list of startups in Singapore. The government platform allows local tech startups to profile and put themselves on the radars of local and global ecosystem players, expanding their growth opportunities. You can filter them based on criteria like funding stage, the sector they belong to, and much more. 

Interested in startups across Europe? 

11. EU Startups

EU Startups

EU Startups is one of the startup databases provides insights and a database for startup sourcing all over Europe. 

You can find various startups registered in multiple countries across the continent. Not only this, but you can also access their premium reports in exchange for a fee.

The reports include a list of Europe’s startups from various sectors like SaaS, travel, fintech, Ai, health tech, IoT, etc. 

Wanna move further and personalize your search for startups across Europe? The dashboard below is the perfect fit.

12. European Startups

European Startups

European startups provides insights and a dashboard that helps you access startups all over Europe. 

The dashboard offers startup performance indicators like company valuation, growth graph, funding, revenue, growth stage, and enterprise value. 

Furthermore, you can upgrade to their premium version to gather additional features like investment heatmaps, saving, and organizing the information.

Want to search for startups across Asia? Keep reading. 🙂 

13. Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is a database that helps discover startups across Asia. The platform offers a subscription to users who want complete company profiles. Furthermore, you can get the latest tech-related trends and news on the forum. 


While the above list is an exhaustive one, it’s not the end. There are many other startup databases, like The hub.io, Vestbee, Startup Heatmap List (European startups), Dealroom, Pitchbook, and much more.

While looking through these startup databases can help you find the right match, it will take up much of your time and add to your work stress. 

So, Why not hire the experts for the job?

At GreyB, we ensure that our clients get the most appropriate solution for their needs by looking into every nook and cranny. We integrate the power of man and machine intelligence to find the right startups for you. So you can focus on what you’re best at – innovating.

Want to speed up your innovation process?

Well, look no further!

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Authored By: Ridhima Mahajan, Market Research

Author’s note: Read how we helped our client from the tobacco domain find the required innovation from a battery manufacturing domain.

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