Discover Top 12 Patent Litigation Funding Companies In The US & UK

Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in patent litigation cases. 61% of the patent infringement lawsuits since 2020 were backed up by litigation funding companies. A further 30% of patent litigation cases were estimated to be funded through litigation funding in 2021 alone.

The litigation finance industry is expanding rapidly, and patent lawsuits have become an appealing choice due to their high costs and potential for large payouts. However, patent cases come with considerable risks and are exceptionally expensive. 

As a result, a mutual goal exists between patent owners and lawsuit funders, leading to a collaborative approach to navigating the complexity of patent enforcement, particularly when facing corporate giants. But, with several companies now offering litigation funding, choosing the ones that align with your specific needs can be challenging.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 12 litigation funding companies in 2023. These distinguished firms have consistently demonstrated an impressive track record in the cases they select, providing vital financial support while upholding a steadfast commitment to transparency.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in.

List of Patent Litigation Funding Companies

S.No.Patent Litigation Funding CompanyOperational CountriesWebsite
1Burford CapitalUnited States & United Kingdomhttps://www.burfordcapital.com
2HarbourUnited Kingdomhttps://harbourlitigationfunding.com
3Omni BridgewayUnited States & United Kingdomhttps://omnibridgeway.com/
4Therium Group Holdings LimitedUnited States & United Kingdomhttps://www.therium.com/
5Bench Walk AdvisorsUnited States & United Kingdomhttps://benchwalk.com/
6Parabellum CapitaUnited States https://www.parabellumcap.com/
7Validity FinanceUnited States https://www.validityfinance.com/
8WoodsfordUnited States & United Kingdomhttps://woodsford.com/
9BalanceUnited Kingdomhttps://www.balancelegalcapital.com/
10Delta Capital Partners ManagementUnited Stateshttps://www.deltacph.com/
11Lake Whillans Capital PartnersUnited Stateshttps://lakewhillans.com/ 
12Statera CapitalUnited Stateshttps://stateracap.com/

Litigation funding companies undeniably level the playing field and empower you to protect your patent rights against well-funded companies. However, before seeking financial aid from these companies, conducting proper due diligence on the patents you intend to assert is crucial. 

Understanding the potential loopholes in your case through a patent validity search and infringement analysis can help you develop a strong strategy and build trust with litigation funding companies. 

Therefore, for expert opinions on the strength of your patent you wish to assert, look no further.

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Authored By: Annie Sharma, Marketing Team

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