Patent Licensing Insights: Analysis of Recent Patents acquired by Facebook

BOS Insights is a section featuring insights/trends from our in-house tool BOS, which can help you in designing and picking appropriate patent monetization and acquisition strategies. 

Short for Business Opportunity for Sales, the BOS tool:

  • Can help find prospects that would be willing to in-license or purchase your patents;
  • Make your monetization campaign plain sailing; and
  • Find patents that have received a rejection (102/103 type) due to one of your patents and more. 

Onto the insight part now, shall we?

Recently, Facebook acquired 25 US assets from Kodacloud, LLC. These assets relate to various aspects of wireless communication.

Normal news?

Perhaps not.

Check out what our BOS tool has to say about this acquisition.

When we inputted these 25 assets in our BOS tool, we found that assets of ~5 companies seem to be blocked by these patents just acquired by Facebook.

What does this mean?

This means that all these companies were trying to patent something similar to what Kodacloud, LLC already had patented. And by acquiring these assets, Facebook has got an edge over all these companies.

Which are those 5 companies that can get affected by this acquisition?

  1. APPLE

Here is the detailed BOS view:

It would be interesting to see when and how these companies get affected by this recent patent acquisition by Facebook.

What are the assets of these 5 companies that are being blocked by Facebook’s patents?

The answer might surprise you.

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Authored by: Rohit Sood, Infringement, and Gaurav Neema, Product Development. 

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