A non-aggressive way to license & monetize your patents


BOS helps your sales team find prospects that would be willing to in-license or purchase your patents.

How BOS does that?

Glad that you asked! First thing first, BOS stands for Business Opportunity for Sales. And it finds those opportunities by finding patents that received a rejection (102/103 type) due to one of your patents. Creative isn’t it?

Inside GreyB we refer to BOS as Ice Breaker Tool

Why? It is because it actually serves as an ice breaker tool for a Sales Team. The patent being blocked by your patent portfolio means an assignee is trying to protect an invention you have already protected. Thus, there is a need.

And this “need” can break the ice for gives you a non-aggressive narrative for initial rounds of patent sales or/and licensing negotiations.


In Spotting Opportunities

You get an interactive dashboard that provided crisp overview of blocked assignee or should I say opportunities to build business through licensing/selling patents. Using the rejection timeline, one can observe the occurrence of blocking and determine if you want to pursue a target assignee or not.


In Channelizing Efforts

You can filter prospects by Rejection Type (102 or 103), Action Date, Technology of interest, and status of blocked application (granted, alive, and pending). Thus, Depending on your priorities or business goals, you can pick the opportunities that you want to focus first on.


In Finding Low Hanging Fruits

BOS brings those cases in your notice where a patent application was abandoned right after your patents are cited by the examiners in rejection arguments. This indicates that an assignee might had a plan to implement similar technological solution in their products/services. Goes without saying, selling/Licensing to these assignees can get easier than others.


In Creating Sales Deck With Click of a Button

Yes!! BOS also creates a skeleton of a sales deck with a storyline that saves a lot of time at your end. However, it doesn’t stop here.
You will get two kinds of storyline deck – internal and external.
The internal storyline helps in talks with stakeholders and in taking their buy-in. It contains information like docketing information for tracking purposes, patent quality, EOUs, etc.
The external storyline deck is created to share with prospects.

Did I tell you that it is totally customizable to your requirements? BOS can incorporate your organizational structure and blend perfectly with your existing processes.

We have prepared a get yourself acquainted with BOS version for you.
You can try your hands on it.

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