Bad sales pitch = lost licensing opportunities

You are losing a major licensing deal every day, BOS helps you monetize your patent portfolio

You might be losing potential licensing deals
if you are making any of these mistakes

You don’t use the Office Action Data to find patents in your portfolio that can be used for licensing.

You have a manual process to find out the most valuable patents in your portfolio.

There’s no system to track new patents for acquisition weekly/monthly.

You miss out on leveraging the IP licensing programs to your benefit.


How can BOS help you?

  • Quickly check if any recent patent acquisition can affect you.
  • Check if your patents can challenge a major tech giant.
  • Curate a list of patents that can be acquired by you.
  • Warn you about any litigation threat that might come your way.
  • Scan the office action data to find your star patents.
  • Help you find out if a patent portfolio on sale can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Here’s a glimpse of the insights derived from BOS

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Here’s what our clients say

  • I have not seen someone using file history data so intelligently to identify infringement reads.

    Chief patent counsel at a top US multinational tech company

Wait, did we miss these?

Competitor Tracking

Filtering patents
for a target company

Value indicator
for patents-on-sale

Selecting gem patents

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You are losing a major licensing deal every day BOS helps you monetize your patent portfolio

(DEMO is absolutely FREE)

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