The most underrated feature of GreyB’s IDS Manager

When I joined GreyB last year as part of the marketing team, my first week was dedicated to learning about the in-house tools and understanding what sets our tools apart. One tool which caught my attention, given the queries we received on it, was the IDS Manager. Further, the keyword that separated GreyB’s tool from the rest was ‘CUSTOMIZATION.’ 

At least, that is what I derived from my knowledge, but every now and then, I see emails from the operations team where different features of IDS Manager stand out for the clients. I believe this also has to do with the fact that they are looking for something that is a solution to their common problems with other IDS Management Systems. In one of such emails, one of our clients, who is a paralegal, shared his journal entry, and oh boy – his review clearly gives a picture of what IDS can do.

Last month, Anmol shared an email where a basic, underrated feature of the GreyB IDS Manager impressed a client.

Here’s how it went.

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini


The most underrated feature that impressed the difficult client 

I had a call with a potential client of IDS yesterday. It was the third call. So let’s rewind a little bit.

The first call was with the person who discovered our tool from our website. Mostly these are managers looking for ways to optimize the team’s performance. Rarely actual users.  This call is usually broad in scope, asks about the problems, and shows the features that will solve the problem. Problems are the center, not features. Overall the first call went well. 

The next call was with one of the actual users. Who will use the system day in and day out! You can’t sell promises to these users, they want action. Breadth is not the key, depth is. It also went well.  

The final call was with the user who is hard to convince, these are the people who always install poker faces. They will find reasons to destroy your system and critical users. Impressing them is a hard problem. It doesn’t matter if the system is working fine 99% of the time. They will find the missing 1% and prove their point. They don’t do it for fun, it’s just their way of evaluating new things. 

The third call battle was with this epic boss, Anthony. This is the story of how Anthony tried to destroy the IDS Manager. (I did quick profiling of the company before jumping on the call. They have filed just 60 IDS till now, and the average reference in their IDS is 11. So most likely, you will encounter IDS with 11 (+-5) references.) 

Anthony shared his screen and added 150+ references in single IDS. (Disclaimer – Anthony is not Hanisha’s other name)

The processing time for these references is around 1.5 minutes. Can you guess what Anthony said? He said your system is fast. And it was not a sarcastic comment. We were aware of this problem when we delivered the system to one of our clients. Killing users’ anxiety is not the first priority of every product, but it was for us (and will always be). This data was coming from a third-party source (EP) that was not under control. So how did we solve the slowness part?

Jatin and Sanjeev made the system transparent, and we show the references as they are being processed instead of showing them at once after 1.5 minutes. If you show it in real-time, then the maths comes out to be 500 milliseconds to process a single reference. 1.5 minutes vs. 500 milliseconds. 

Speed is a feature. We automatically tag systems that are fast and healthy and like them naturally. If your page is not loading within 500ms, then it’s an average product, and you will never be able to impress Anthony on call.

For Anthony, the speed of the IDS Manager stood out but honestly, what stands out for you can differ. Therefore, GreyB’s IDS Manager is reconditioned from the ground up by understanding the problems of each organization and developing a customized solution accordingly to you.

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