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Centralize your company’s IP Knowledge, Streamline patent analysis, Collaborate with IP and R&D teams seamlessly, Proactively manage your patent portfolio.

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Slate can help you

Avoid back-and-forth patents & technology analysis

Read all patents of your industry
at one place

Devising your patent strategy from curated data

Manage your portfolio to take strategic decision

Slate brings all your IP knowledge to
one place & structures it in a way you can use it

Bid adieu to countless spreadsheets, email threads, and the use of multiple cumbersome utilities for patent portfolio management and analysis. Simply select your company, and Slate will automatically fetch, analyze, and manage all your patents, presenting them in a structure that makes sense to you.

Captures your comments, analysis, and ancillary documents to create a robust record of diligence

Lets you engage with your R&D and IP teams, share insights, and draw attention to specific patents and claims

Presents a simple and intuitive way to tag and highlight images, file history, and other relevant details

Offers comprehensive search and filter options to help you dig deeper and locate the right patents instantly

Slate ensure you never miss important information

Slate’s collaboration capability empowers your IP and R&D teams

For effective freedom-to-operate and landscape analysis, seamless communication and information flow among team members are vital. With multiple contributors involved, keeping track of progress can be challenging. Slate offers a common podium for collaboration where you can-

Set up a multiple-level review system to help you track your project properly – in real-time.

Flag patents for review by R&D professionals, highlighting and commenting to direct attention to particular claim aspects for consideration.

Share the analysis with R&D or IP teams in a collaborative environment and capture inputs.

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Most asked questions:

Yes, Slate offers a migration package which will bring all the existing data onto the system (even if the data is unstructured). Slate also provides API access whenever required so that it can be plugged to the existing stack of your company.
Slate is developed in-house and is highly customizable from skin to bone. If there is a requirement, our development teams can personalize it within weeks as per your workflow.
  1. We don’t use your data in any hidden ways for monetisation or expansion activities. You own your data.  We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC-2 compliant. Refer to our website’s privacy policy here
  2. To ensure safety of your data, we keep 3 months of backup in geographical location to make sure no disaster can impact your data and operation.
Slate can integrate with your systems for the onboarding process. We support OpenID and SAML out of the box. And it doesn’t pose any such limitation under fair use policy.
Slate is designed in such a way that no training is required. It comes in action as soon as you login and is easy to navigate and put to work. Our development team is constantly upgrading the tool to make it as user friendly as possible. We also share walkthrough videos and guides on new features as they come.
We have options to place servers in the US, Europe and Asia. If required we can move the servers to a preferred location.
Yes, it does, and Slate provides API access whenever required so that it can be plugged to the existing stack of your company.
We maintain 3 months of backups in different geographical locations to make sure no such disaster can impact your data.
The support team is reachable at support@greyb.com, our response time is within 24 hours. You also get a dedicated support team with the package which has a faster response time.

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