Find & analyze most relevant patents quickly with Slate

Analyze and review your portfolio, collaborate with your IP and R&D teams, make your landscape and FTO analysis meaningful.

You need Slate if you:

Are responsible for devising the patent strategy of your organization

Are in the business of reading patents regularly

Do a lot of back and forth an analysis of patents and technologies

Are tired of looking at your portfolio through excel spreadsheets

Deal with multiple Patent landscape analysis and FTO reports

Slate brings all your IP knowledge at one place and becomes
a single platform for all your daily IP needs

When reviewing patents, Slate captures your comments, analysis, and ancillary documents to create a formidable record of diligence. In addition, with a single platform hosting all your portfolio and analysis data, Slate helps you eliminate countless spreadsheets, charts, email threads, that eventually get lost with time.

  • Slate captures your comments, analysis, and ancillary documents to create a formidable record of diligence
  • An easy way to tag and highlight images, file history, etc. 
  • Comment and add notes for your R&D and IP teams and bring attention to particular patents/claims.
  • Powerful search and filter options help you dig deeper and reach the right patents in an instant

How Slate solves the existing problems with Landscape and FTO reports.

Spreadsheets have become the backbone for patent landscape and clearance search outputs. As your portfolio and assets grow, managing these spreadsheets becomes taxing and tiring. Unlike excel, project data delivered on Slate makes performing in-house analysis

  • GreyB delivers noiseless, hand-curated data on Slate which makes patent review easy and efficient.
  • Slate directly highlights problems/solutions discussed in patents so that you spend less time reading and more time generating actionable insights.
  • No more fumbling through old emails, attachments, and spreadsheets, Slate reports get automatically updated with the latest data.

How Slate’s collaboration capability empowers your IP and R&D teams

For effective freedom-to-operate and landscape analysis, it is essential to get the right information to the right people as seamlessly as possible. Usually, the project/work is divided among many contributors which makes it difficult to keep a track of the progress made. Slate offers a common podium for collaboration. A multiple-level review system to help you keep proper track of your project – in real-time.

  • Flag patents for review by R&D professionals, along with highlighting and commenting to direct attention to particular claim aspects for consideration. 
  • An easy way to tag and highlight images, file history, etc. 
  • Share the analysis with R&D or IP teams in a collaborative environment and capture inputs.

How Slate empowers different aspects of your IP operations?

The only way FTOs should be done

Every time you get an FTO search conducted, you’re bound to face these challenges: 

  • Each new feature and update to your product requires a refresh of the entire search (more time, more money)
  • More FTO means more reports to go through
  • Output

A look at the strength of GreyB that built Slate:

Weeks of industry experience
Projects for 300+ clients
Tech industries we worked with clients
Proprietary tools built for clients and internal use

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