Make your prosecution process smart and efficient with FIT

FIT gives you better clarity of your pending application portfolio and offers you strategies to make your prosecution process fast and smooth.


Keeping a track on patent applications is tough, lack of clarity about which applications are going smoothly and which applications are stuck in a rejection-response loop can end up wasting your prosecution money.

FIT helps you break that rejection-response loop, and act as a catalyst in your prosecution process.

Why does your prosecution process need improvement?

On average, when you are filing patents in volume each year, and have to pay an additional ~$4000 for each office action. Companies like Samsung spent ~$3.5-4.5 million in office actions and RCEs in a single art unit!

Yes, that’s a huge amount of money you are spending!

We found that this usually happens when you can’t keep a track of the prosecution blind spots. And you know the calculations of the money you are spending on these patent RCE and office action is huge!

We have tried to collate why exactly you need a better process to improve the ongoing process of prosecution.

You need to have clarity on your prosecution process

It’s tough to track 100s of applications that are under prosecution. Which ones of them are getting rejections, which ones need a response? It is not humanly possible to keep track of how your applications are surviving in PTO.

Your applications are stuck and you don’t know how to unstuck

Getting an application granted without any rejection is nearly impossible. But what happens when your applications start getting multiple rejections and get stuck in a rejection-response loop? These applications become cancer, eating up your prosecution time and budget.

Your current prosecution processes are not efficient

We all know that efficiency is what differentiate one expert from another. It could be a case that your applications are staying on the examiner’s desk longer than usual, costing you more in time and budget than usual.

How does FIT make your prosecution efficient?

FIT gives you better clarity about your prosecution process

FIT marks a threshold on these unnecessary costs spendings on the patent prosecution, and breaks down all your patent applications based on where they are in the prosecution process.

SOS (The danger area)

Applications that are stuck but can be made unstuck by taking specific actions.
The good part?

FIT suggests the action you need to take to increase the chances of a successful grant.

At Risk

Applications that are about to enter the SOS zone and you should focus-on.

FIT can suggest to you how to save these applications from exceeding the average grant rate.

On Track

These applications are on the right track and don’t need minimal attention on your part.


FIT suggests you actions and strategy to break out of the rejection-response loop

Applications often end up stuck under a tough examiner or a tough group art unit. FIT helps you spot those applications and suggests to you what action you can take to increase the chances of a successful grant. Interview with an examiner? RCE filing? 

FIT knows this because it understands Examiner’s behavior and rejection patterns.

FIT makes your bumpy prosecution process smooth

FIT better clarity of where and which applications are stuck and strategies to make them unstuck at your fingertips, you can make smart prosecution strategies and make your entire process smooth and efficient. Saving both time and money of your client.


FIT helps you manage your portfolio and related prosecution, and save up on the additional costs. Also, FIT gives you better clarity of your pending application portfolio and offers you strategies to make your prosecution process fast and smooth.

We have prepared a get yourself acquainted with FIT version for you.
You can try your hands on it.