10 Companies Revolutionising Sustainable Packaging in 2024

A lot of major brands are researching to find alternatives to plastic to make their packaging sustainable. In November 2018, more than 250 organizations, including DANONE, L’Oreal, Mars, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, and H&M, signed an agreement to eliminate plastic waste and pollution at the source. Our research finds this sector will grow to approximately $737.6 billion in market value by 2030.

A Nielsen study in the US indicates that products featuring sustainability and eco-friendly claims outsell those that don’t.  

Two-thirds of respondents strongly consider environmental impact when purchasing. Also, respondents were found to be willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

–  The CGS US Customer Sustainability Survey 

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We analyzed some of the major brands working in sustainable packaging to get a bird’ s-eye view of the innovation happening in this industry and found 5 leading sustainable packaging companies. This is the second part of a three-part market research study focused on different aspects of sustainable packaging.

Analyzing startups also became a crucial part of our research as many collaboration and acquisition activities happen because of startups. Here’s a list of some of the most notable sustainable packaging startups innovating.

Here are the Top Companies Working in Sustainable Packaging:

1. International Paper Company


International Paper Company is renowned for its innovative and sustainable paper packaging solutions. Their diverse product and service categories encompass containerboard, corrugated packaging, pulp, paper, and recycling services. 

International Paper aims to create value for customers while minimizing its environmental impact, making it a prominent player in the industry. Let’s delve into the company’s core offerings and successful projects in paper and packaging.

New Packaging Material

Bow Tie Shipper


In 2022, International Paper developed a brand new and innovative form of packaging called the Bow Tie Shipper. This patented design can replace small, glued corrugated shipping boxes. 

It saves room and is easy to use. In the pick-and-pack distribution and e-commerce markets, the Bow Tie Shipper is an excellent solution for various hand-assembly applications. The target persona for developing this product was customers who want resource-friendly packaging without adhesive joints. 

Jeff Smith, Design Services Manager at International Paper, describes The Bow Tie Shipper as a swift and seamless packaging solution. Its ingenious design allows for effortless construction in fast-paced packaging environments, involving three straightforward assembly steps: flip, wrap, and pack. 

By alleviating packaging challenges, this innovative solution has the potential to enhance distribution processes significantly.

OHMEGA® Conductive Ink + Touchcode™

In 2022, International Paper announced its newest technology, OHMEGA® Conductive Ink + Touchcode™. This new technology gives brand protection in the packaging business a whole new level. OHMEGA® Conductive Ink + Touchcode™ offers easy activation via phone browser, reducing the danger of spoofing, phishing, and counterfeiting through a secure platform. 

The eco-friendly ink gets most of its power from the electricity in the human body. This ink gives customers a new way to connect with their touchscreen devices.

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Katie Diley, Innovation Marketing Manager at International Paper, underscores the rising significance of packaging in enhancing brands’ customer experiences. The demand for heightened security is evident in an era when cyber threats pose growing risks and costs. 

Additionally, as e-commerce continues to flourish, the unboxing experience has become a customer expectation. 

OHMEGA® emerges as a standout solution, offering a distinctive brand interaction and delivering personalized, exclusive content. Its adaptability to precise requirements makes it an exceptionally appealing choice, particularly for specialized products. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

International Paper Acquired Two Corrugated Packaging Facilities

 In 2021, International Paper acquired two cutting-edge corrugated box packaging facilities in Spain. This acquisition enabled it to expand its expertise in Madrid and Catalonia. International Paper provides high-quality corrugated packaging solutions to industrial, fresh fruit and vegetable, and e-commerce customers. (Source)(Source)


International Paper Collaborated with Via Separations Inc.

In 2023, International Paper partnered with Via Separations Inc. to lower the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the kraft pulping process. Via Separations Inc. created a novel manufacturing technology (Black Liquor Concentration System) that replaces steam in evaporators, electrifies the separation, and offers kraft pulp mills modular demand response, resulting in cost, energy, and emissions savings for the plant. (Source)(Source)

2. Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak, a global leader in food and beverage processing and packaging, has a rich history of innovation dating back to the 1950s. They specialize in providing safe, sustainable, and convenient packaging solutions. Tetra Pak is an essential partner for brands and manufacturers worldwide, with a wide-ranging portfolio encompassing packaging materials, processing equipment, and support services.

Tetra Pak’s long-term ambition is to make the company’s entire packaging material portfolio 100% renewable without compromising safety, quality, or functionality. 

In 2016, Tetra Pak became the first company in the food packaging industry to have its climate impact reduction targets approved by the Science-Based Targets (SBT) initiative. Furthermore, in 2017, Tetra Pak achieved a 13% reduction in its overall climate impact despite a 19% increase in packages sold.

Tetra Pak committed to reducing its operational emission to 42% by 2030 and 58% by 2040 from a 2015 baseline. Here’s a complete timeline of the different steps they have taken toward achieving this target:

Tetra Pak released its “2018 Sustainability Report,” which shows how the company’s approach to sustainability has evolved from focusing solely on environmental commitments and actions to evaluating every part of the business and its impact. 

Here are some companies that partnered with Tetra Pak for their packaging solutions:


Elvir is a subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy. In partnership with Tetra Pak, Elvir launched the first carton packages using certified recycled polymers. They opted for Tetra Pak’s HeliCap™, a resealable screwcap made from recycled polymers. 

This packaging helped Elvir minimize its dependence on typical plastic caps and found an economical way to repurpose plastic waste.


Emmi, a Swiss milk processing company, partnered with Tetra Pak to launch an augmented reality (AR) connected experience accessed via its smart packaging. Emmi’s products in Tetra Stelo Aseptic 1000 packages reveal a web-based AR interface to users when scanned with a smartphone. This web app reveals a menu of user experiences, ranging from health tips to interactive games. 

This new packaging uses sustainable materials and features a tethered cap design, helping Emmi boost their creative marketing while meeting sustainability goals.


Agrilait, the dairy processing subsidiary of Agiska Cooperative, used the Tetra Brik® Edge Plant-based package for its organic Breton milk. The package uses 82% plant-based materials, including paperboard and plant-based plastic made from sugar cane. 

This product’s design and composition closely match Agrilait’s sustainability pledge and help the company differentiate itself from others in the market.

Let’s explore Tetra Pak’s key offerings further and understand its role as a responsible and innovative packaging pioneer.

Sustainable Packaging – Research

Synchrotron Radiation Research

In 2023, Tetra Pak plans to launch its research to improve fiber-based packaging for food and beverage (F&B) applications. This research is in collaboration with MAX IV, a modern synchrotron radiation laboratory. The study aims to find new information about the nanostructure of fiber materials. 

The first application will improve the composition of materials used to make paper straws, which are becoming more popular as single-use plastics are banned worldwide.

Fiber-based Barrier

After completing a 15-month commercial technology validation of a polymer-based barrier replacing the aluminum layer, Tetra Pak tested a first-ever fiber-based barrier in ambient food carton packages in 2022. This upgrade was another milestone in the company’s long-term goal of creating a renewable, recyclable, and carbon-neutral aseptic package. In close partnership with some users, the company tested the new fiber-based barrier. (Source)

Gilles Tisserand, the Vice President of Climate and Biodiversity at Tetra Pak, highlights the promising early results of packaging featuring a fiber-based barrier. These results suggest a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional aseptic cartons, all while maintaining comparable shelf life and food protection properties. This development is poised to be a game-changer in mitigating climate impact. 

Additionally, cartons with a higher paper content hold appeal for paper mills, making this concept a potential catalyst for realizing a low-carbon circular economy within the packaging industry.

New Packaging Material

Tethered Caps


In 2022, Tetra Pak collaborated with some of the most well-known beverage companies, such as Cido Grupa, Weihenstephan, LY Company Group, and Lactalis Puleva, to launch tethered caps on carton packages. This development allows European clients to stay ahead of schedule and meet the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive, which will go into effect by 2024. The fact that the tethered cap remains attached to the package is a big reason tethered caps are essential. 

Food makers can lower the carton’s carbon footprint by choosing plant-based choices made from responsibly sourced sugarcane polymers, boosting the package’s renewable content. Most of Tetra Pak’s tethered caps have less plastic. Using various strategies, the company reduced plastic content by 7% to 15%. (Source)

Julia Luscher, Vice President of Marketing at Tetra Pak, expresses their enthusiasm for providing customers with tethered cap solutions that align with their sustainability goals. With a deep understanding of consumer insights gathered through extensive research in diverse markets, these innovative tethered caps prioritize convenience. Their thoughtful design enables easy opening and re-closure for future consumption, all while ensuring a seamless pouring and drinking experience with their carefully sized diameters. Tetra Pak’s customer-centric approach reflects its commitment to enhancing sustainability and user convenience.

Paper Straws

Tetra Pak introduced new paper straws in 2020 to replace plastic on a larger scale. The company reportedly sold over 17 million straws that year. They converted their Lisbon factory to manufacture only paper straws starting January 2021. The company expanded its straw portfolio and increased production to satisfy worldwide demand through 2025.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tetra Pak Acquired the eBeam Device from Comet AG

In 2020, Tetra Pak purchased Comet AG’s eBeam device development and manufacturing activities. Comet’s development and production capabilities were combined with Tetra Pak’s long-established eBeam development and application engineering for food packaging as part of the acquisition. This acquisition enhanced the company’s ability to provide clients with more sustainable and efficient filling lines. (Source)(Source)


Tetra Pak Partnered with the Walt Disney Company

In 2023, Tetra Pak and The Walt Disney Company partnered to bring Disney and MARVEL enchantment to popular milk drink categories. In honor of Disney’s 100th anniversary, Tetra Pak launched a campaign to revitalize dairy categories with characters inspired by Disney and MARVEL while assisting in making Coop goods stand out for consumers. 

The cartons will include a QR code that will let consumers access fun and instructive information on the health advantages of dairy. (Source)(Source)

Tetra Pak Joined Forces with Fresh Start

In 2022, Tetra Pak partnered with Fresh Start to help improve food system resilience. Through targeted counseling sessions, Tetra Pak shared its knowledge of developing new food solutions with Israeli innovators. They will also create possibilities for start-ups to connect directly with Tetra Pak, aiding them as they scale up by providing access to product development centers and research and development support.

Rodrigo Godoi, Vice President of Processing Portfolio Management at Tetra Pak, highlights the exciting collaboration with Fresh Start. Together, they aim to drive innovation and address the challenges of the current food system’s limited resilience when faced with a growing global population. By combining Tetra Pak’s industry expertise with Fresh Start’s breakthrough innovations, they anticipate the rapid development of novel food solutions to meet modern food system demands. (Source)(Source)

Tetra Pak Collaborated with Mycorena

In 2022, Tetra Pak and Mycorena partnered to develop a greenfield manufacturing plant for fungal fermentation for alternative protein-based food applications. The new facility in Sweden developed a meat substitute made from fungus. Tetra Pak’s partnership with Mycorena began in 2019 and is part of the company’s effort to create an innovative ecosystem that will help open new avenues in food safety, availability, and sustainability. (Source)

Tetra Pak Partnered with Poka

In 2021, Tetra Pak initiated a strategic collaboration with Poka to empower food production workers with the tools and training to advance zero-waste practices within food manufacturing plants. As part of this innovative approach, Tetra Pak introduced the world’s first scalable connected workforce service, forming an integral component of their comprehensive training and support package. This partnership with Poka yielded impressive results, including a 5.9% reduction in downtime, an 18% increase in worker productivity, and a substantial 64% decrease in quality concerns.

Roberto Franchitti, Executive Vice President of services and quality at Tetra Pak, emphasizes that this collaboration is a pivotal step in their mission to ensure access to safe food through sustainable practices, not only in the products they offer but also in their own production processes on the factory floor. 

Tetra Pak aims to drive positive change in the food industry by harnessing available resources and technologies. (Source)

Tetra Pak Collaborated with Hexagon

In 2020, Tetra Pak collaborated with Hexagon’s PPM Division to improve Tetra Pak’s Smart Solutions Platform. The enhanced Plant Engineering Platform included virtual visualization to increase customer communication throughout the engineering process, accelerate delivery and implementation, and enable the usage of digital twin technologies throughout the plant’s lifecycle. Tetra Pak’s Smart Solutions Platform is a digital plant engineering system that combines Hexagon software with Tetra Pak’s food production expertise.

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3. Mondi

Mondi Group is a global leader in paper and packaging. The company’s Sustainex® product portfolio represents a unique family of innovative biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging materials. It serves various industries with a diverse portfolio spanning corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, specialty kraft paper, industrial bags, and more. The company is committed to sustainability and innovation, creating functional, environmentally responsible packaging and paper solutions.

Let’s delve into Mondi’s diverse offerings and role as a leader in shaping the packaging and paper industry.

New Packaging Material

1. SolmixBag


In 2023, Mondi came out with SolmixBag, a way to package things with paper that dissolves in water. SolmixBag is a one-ply paper bag carrying and storing dry building materials such as cement and dry mix mortar. The packaging fibers dissolve and become part of the product when mixed. 

This packaging material reduces waste, saves money on managing paper waste, and reduces dust on the construction site because you need not open the bag first. (Source)

2. Paper-Based Packaging Solution For Finish Dishwasher Tablets

In 2022, in collaboration with Reckitt, Mondi launched a paper-based packaging solution for Finish dishwasher tabs with 75% less plastic. The rest of the plastic reinforces the paper structure and makes a shield to protect the quality and safety of the finished product. It also makes a seal that can be closed and opened again. (Source)

This latest design represents our commitment to build better future solutions, not just for cleaner dishes but for a cleaner, more sustainable world. The paper-based solution ensures that Finish customers can enjoy the same product they know and love, with the added benefit of doing something for the environment.

– Gonzalo Balcazar, Global Category Vice President at Finish.

3. FunctionalBarrier Paper


In 2022, Mondi, in partnership with Beck Packautomaten, launched a strong, flexible paper-based packaging solution for the eCommerce industry.

 Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper is made of 95% paper and has improved barrier qualities to protect premium products from water vapor and moisture. The paper is stronger and can hold heavy items without breaking. It comes from a responsible source, is made of renewable materials, and is recyclable in Europe’s current recycling systems. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mondi Group Purchased Hinton Pulp Mill in Alberta, Canada

In 2023, Mondi Group acquired Hinton Pulp Mill in Canada from West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd for $5 million. Specifically, Mondi intended to invest €400 million in constructing a new 200,000-ton yearly kraft paper factory at Hinton, which should begin operations in the second half of 2027. 

With the purchase of the mill and the investment in the paper machine, Mondi will be able to fully integrate its operations in the Americas and guarantee a consistent supply of affordable, high-quality kraft paper for its ten paper bag plants in the region. This acquisition will put Mondi in a better position to meet the expanding demand for industrial and mailer bags. (Source)

Mondi Group Completed Acquisition of Duino Mill in Italy

In 2023, Mondi Group acquired the Burgo Group’s Duino mill near Trieste (Italy) for €40 million. Mondi intends to invest approximately €200 million in converting this paper factory to generate about 420,000 tons of high-quality recycled containerboard annually. (Source)

Mondi Completed Merger of Mondi Tire Kutsan and Mondi Olmuksan

In 2022, Mondi Group successfully merged Mondi Tyre Kutsan and Mondi Olmuksan. Mondi owned 84.65% of Mondi Turkey Oluklu Mukavva Kat ve Ambalaj Sanayi A, a new subsidiary within Mondi’s Corrugated Packaging business line.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO of Mondi Corrugated Solutions, expresses his satisfaction with the successful merger that has bolstered its presence in the rapidly expanding Turkish corrugated market. This merger strengthens their position and extends their product range, benefitting existing and prospective regional customers. 

The enhanced offering includes innovative, competitive products and a comprehensive, complementary portfolio, effectively addressing the increasing demand for sustainable packaging in the FMCG, industrial, and eCommerce sectors. (Source)

Mondi Group Successfully Acquired the Outstanding Shares in Olmuksan

Mondi Group paid €66 million for 90.38% of the outstanding shares in Olmuksan in 2021. They have been operating successfully in Turkey for many years and thoroughly understand the sector and its long-term prospects.

We are excited by this unique opportunity to significantly strengthen our position in the fast-growing Turkish corrugated market and expand our offering to existing and new customers in the region.

Andrew King, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mondi


Mondi Partnered with Aromsa

In 2023, Mondi Group partnered with Aromsa to fulfill sustainability goals. Mondi’s TankerBox is a more sustainable alternative. TankerBox is produced from renewable resources, streamlines transportation, increases shipment capacity and reduces container maintenance. 

Its patented design comprises five pieces: an outside box, an inner octabin, an angle frame, a bottom star, and a top cover piece. It provides a smart discharge system with design options for discharging from either the top or bottom of the product. (Source)

Noel Alimentaria Collaborated with Mondi

In 2023, Mondi Group and Noel Alimentaria partnered to offer a novel paper-based food tray for a plant-based and meat food line. The PerFORMing tray packs Noel Alimentaria’s re-branded ‘Verday’ range of sliced plant-based cuisine and veggie burgers. 

Falk Paulsen, Sales & Business Development Director at Mondi, highlights the collaborative approach taken with Noel Alimentaria to optimize packaging solutions. Their close partnership from the project’s inception enabled the development of a tray crafted from renewable and responsibly sourced materials. This eco-friendly tray caters to the full spectrum of meat and meat-free products and ensures maximum protection for these goods, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and product integrity. (Source)

Mondi Collaborated with Fiorini International

In 2022, Mondi Group and Fiorini International cooperated to develop a new paper packaging solution for Antico Pastificio Umbro, an Italian manufacturer of luxury pasta products. Mondi’s new packaging is fully recyclable, and when used across the entire pasta line, it removes up to 20 tons of plastic per year. Mondi and Fiorini International collaborated successfully to create a novel paper bag design with a wide window made of translucent, biodegradable, and recyclable cellulose that allows the user to see the contents.

Massimiliano Scottà, Head of Sales Region South & America Kraft Paper at Mondi, employed their EcoSolutions approach to create recyclable packaging in collaboration with Fiorini International and Antico Pastificio Umbro. Furthermore, Mondi participated in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and London Design Museum’s Upstream Innovation installation, underscoring their commitment to sustainable design. This approach prioritizes the packaging’s purpose while optimizing materials, as demonstrated by creating a new paper bag for pasta when needed. (Source)

Mondi Collaborated with German Machine Supplier Beck Packautomaten

In 2022, Mondi Group and German machine supplier Beck Packautomaten partnered to develop a functional paper solution that could revolutionize eCommerce by replacing plastic packaging and generating the right-sized packaging for various items. Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper comprises 95% paper and has increased barrier qualities to ensure exceptional product protection against water vapor and moisture. It is responsibly sourced, made of renewable resources, and recyclable in Europe’s existing recycling systems.

Beck’s automatic packing system packs products of all sizes per their specifications. The system measures the packed goods and estimates the amount of paper required, decreasing excess material usage and, as a result, waste and costs. (Source)

Mondi and Unilever Teamed Up for New Packaging Solution

In 2021, Mondi Group and Unilever partnered to design a recyclable, paper-based packaging solution for Unilever’s Colman’s brand to reduce the quantity of plastic and aluminum consumed.

Mondi’s EcoSolutions methodology helped Unilever reach its sustainability packaging goal. Throughout the development phase, Mondi and Unilever worked closely together, including overcoming the barrier of limited access to production facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

4. Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation is renowned for its sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. Their product and service categories cover a wide range, including beverage cans, end cans, aerosol packaging, and related services, catering to beverages, food, and personal care industries. Ball’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its environmentally friendly packaging options, making it a trusted partner for brands worldwide. Let’s explore Ball Corporation’s diverse offerings and their dedication to shaping a sustainable future in the packaging industry.

After making a point to protect the planet, Ball Corporation has clarified that sustainability is critical and one of their top priorities. 

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Here are some initiatives by the Ball Corporation:

Ball Corporation’s New Packaging Material

Aluminum Aerosol Can

In 2022, Ball Corporation released its most environmentally friendly aluminum aerosol can, which has only half the carbon footprint of a regular can. This product will help Ball reach its science-based goals for 2030 and reach net-zero pollution before 2050. The new cans contain up to 50% recycled materials and low-carbon aluminum molten using green energy sources, such as hydroelectric power. Making cans with recycled materials and low-carbon aluminum helps Ball reach its goal of lowering total emissions from its value chain by 16% by 2030. (Source)

With the impacts of climate change becoming more visible, we see a growing focus on efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. People want a more sustainable future for the planet and seek out brands leading the way. Research shows that 83% of global consumers believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design products that can be reused or recycled. At Ball, we are helping brands leverage the green credentials of aluminum packaging to offer solutions that help people live more sustainably and improve the planet’s health.

– Jason Galley, Senior Director of Sustainability, Ball Aerosol Packaging.

Aluminum Cup


Ball Corporation released a new, more environmentally friendly aluminum cup in 2021, with an exclusive distribution partnership with Acosta. The outlets included grocery, drug and convenience stores, food service, specialty channels, and mass channel shops across the US. 

Aluminum cups can be recycled as many times as needed without losing quality, just like aluminum cans, recycled 69% of the time worldwide. Around 75% of all the aluminum ever made is still in use!

The lightweight and durable aluminum cup improves beverage drinking and is a game changer for merchants, entertainment venues, and concessionaires looking to offer more sustainable packaging. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Ball Corporation Successfully Acquired Tubex Industria E Comercio de Embalagens Ltd

Tubex Industria E Comercio de Embalagens Ltd and its manufacturing plant in Itupeva, Brazil, were purchased by Ball Corporation in 2020. This venture complements Ball’s global aluminum aerosol and slug business in the Americas, Europe, and India. The Itupeva plant in Brazil manufactures personal care packaging for worldwide and local customers using eight extruded aluminum aerosol can units.


Ball Corporation Collaborated with Boomerang Water LLC

In 2022, Ball Corporation and Boomerang Water LLC partnered to provide consumers a sustainable way to stay hydrated. Ball supplied aluminum bottles for the Boomerang Bottling System, a cutting-edge system that gave the convenience of bottled water in a sustainable form while reducing environmental effects. 

Boomerang Water’s revolutionary technology was effectively introduced and deployed at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, where they widely distribute Ball’s aluminum water bottles.

Jay Billings, President of Ball Aerosol Packaging, emphasizes their dedication to leveraging their beverage packaging expertise to provide consumers with innovative and sustainable solutions. They aim to partner strategically with companies like Boomerang and commit to sustainable options. (Source)(Source)

Ball Corporation Partnership with Manna Capital Partners

In 2022, Ball Corporation established a deal with Manna Capital Partners, where the latter built and operated a cutting-edge aluminum can sheet rolling plant and recycling center in New Mexico. Ball signed a long-term supply arrangement and plans to invest in the mill as a minority shareholder. 

Dan Fisher, the President and CEO of Ball Corporation, highlights the alignment of their alliance with Manna with the substantial manufacturing investments Ball has made in the Southwest US since 2020 to meet the rising demand for sustainable beverage packaging. 

The collaboration aims to establish a complete circular economy for aluminum can sheet, generate skilled job opportunities in the region, and support their customers in achieving their sustainability goals. (Source)(Source)

Ball Corporation and Sodexo Live Extended their Partnership

In 2022, Ball Corporation announced the expansion of its partnership with Sodexo Live, which would offer millions of recyclable Ball Aluminum Cups to audiences visiting significant venues and events across the United States and Canada. This campaign aligned with Sodexo’s larger vision of Better Tomorrow 2025, which aspires to make every day better, safer, and healthier for 75 million customers worldwide. (Source)(Source)

Ball Corporation Collaborated with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and Coors Light

In 2020, Ball Corporation partnered with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and Coors Light to provide guests with the indefinitely recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup at the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The collaboration with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment was formed to advance sustainability in sports and entertainment by increasing in-venue aluminum recycling, providing people with a more environmentally friendly fan experience, and promoting aluminum drink packaging as the most sustainable option.

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5. Westrock


WestRock specializes in creating sustainable and innovative packaging & paper solutions. Their extensive portfolio spans corrugated packaging, consumer packaging, specialty chemicals, paper, and pulp products, serving diverse industries. WestRock’s mission centers on providing value to customers while minimizing environmental impact through functional, eco-friendly packaging solutions. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, WestRock is a pioneer in shaping a more responsible future for the packaging and paper industry.

New Packaging Material

Recyclable Paperboard Packaging


In 2022, WestRock Company revealed a partnership to create a set of paperboard packaging that can be recycled. The goal is to keep 31 million plastic containers from ending up in Canadian landfills every year. 

In 2021, the packaging started showing up at Swiss Chalet restaurants, and it is now available at all its locations. The modular solution employs uncoated recycled board (URB) and EnShield® Natural Kraft to meet Swiss Chalet’s high-performance criteria and improve takeaway containers’ sustainability. (Source)

Aluminum Cup

In 2022, WestRock revealed new revolutionary products at the Drinktec trade event at the Trade Fair Center Messe München in Munich, Germany. WestRock provides automated fiber-based packaging solutions to help partners and customers accomplish their sustainability goals and win in the market. WestRock introduced new fiber-based products at 2022’s expo, including:

  • PETCollar™ – It is a new multipack PET clip selection that comes in different sizes and styles to fit various bottle sizes, shapes, and pack configurations.
  • CaseCollar™ and EcoCase™ – They are recyclable case design solutions ideal for various bottled and canned products. (Source)




In 2021, WestRock released the EverGrow™ fiber-based produce packaging collection. The collection includes creative options for single-use plastic apple packaging and snacking tomatoes. WestRock has developed a unique way to make a line of produce packaging out of wood fiber from a sustainable source. When emptied and flattened, WestRock EverGrow packaging is curbside recyclable, supporting the company’s goal of a 100% reusable, recyclable, and compostable product portfolio. (Source)

Patrick Kivits, President of Consumer Packaging at WestRock, emphasizes their commitment to innovation in enhancing product sustainability and supporting customer sustainability objectives. WestRock’s EverGrow Collection exemplifies their expertise in material science, structural design, and packaging automation to create distinctive packaging solutions for produce customers. These solutions are functional, recyclable, and visually appealing, aligning with their mission to drive sustainability and aesthetics hand in hand.

Mergers and Acquisitions

WestRock Acquisition of Grupo Gondi Successful

In 2022, WestRock Company purchased Grupo Gondi for $970 million plus debt assumption. Grupo Gondi’s acquisition comprised four paper mills, nine corrugated packaging factories, and six high graphic companies in Mexico that created sustainable packaging for various regional end markets. (Source)


WestRock Partnered with Budějovický Budvar and Mattoni 1873

In 2022, WestRock jointly collaborated with Mattoni 1873 and Budjovick Budvar. Westrock’s Cluster-Pak® EvoTech packaging technology is used by both Mattoni 1873 and Budjovick Budvar, furthering the partnership’s goal of promoting circularity in the Czech Republic’s beverage industry. The technique helps package BIRGO, a non-alcoholic beer with distinct flavor characteristics from Mattoni and Budjovick Budvar. (Source)(Source)

WestRock Company Partnered with Recipe Unlimited (Swiss Chalet)

In 2022, WestRock collaborated with Recipe Unlimited to develop a portfolio of recyclable paperboard packaging to reduce 31 million plastic containers from landfills across Canada annually.

The package was first introduced in Swiss Chalet restaurants in October 2021. It is now available in all of the company’s locations. During the early stages of their relationship, both firms used discovery sessions to focus on the best long-term solution. The modular solution employs uncoated recycled board (URB) and EnShield® Natural Kraft to meet Swiss Chalet’s high-performance criteria while improving its takeaway containers’ sustainability. 

WestRock developed this packaging solution for Swiss Chalet using its extensive assortment of sustainable paper. The outer meal cartons contain uncoated cardboard made entirely of recycled fiber to facilitate curbside recycling. (Source)(Source)

WestRock Partnered with Grupo Gondi

 In 2022, Grupo Modelo invested around $4 million in Quintana Roo, Mexico, to implement the fiber-based, sustainable CanCollar® Eco solution in collaboration with WestRock and Grupo Gondi.

By doing away with plastic rings, the partnership hoped to further the beer company’s sustainability objectives in Mexico. CanCollar® Eco employs just a paperboard clip to secure the upper half of the cans, as opposed to a cardboard box that entirely encloses the goods. This design choice allowed the company to eliminate about 12 million plastic rings annually from the market.

Patrick Kivits, the President of Consumer Packaging at WestRock, states, “The introduction of CanCollar Eco to the Mexican market, in partnership with Grupo Gondi, is an exciting example of this work. We look forward to helping Grupo Modelo meet its sustainability goals by implementing this innovative, fiber-based packaging.” (Source)(Source)

WestRock Collaborated with Heinz Partners

In 2021, WestRock and Heinz teamed up to eliminate 550 tons of plastic packaging from multipacks in UK supermarkets. The PEFC-certified CarrierKote® paperboard from Westrock makes the Heinz Eco-Friendly Sleeve. Compared to a fully enclosed wraparound box, the creative wrap design requires 50% less material, no adhesive, and 10% less material than a conventional paperboard sleeve design. Heinz’s recyclable packaging is part of a three-year, £25 million investment, including an installation at the Heinz Kitt Green factory. (Source)(Source)

WestRock and Liquibox Teamed Up

 In 2021, WestRock and Liquibox collaborated to offer Amazon a Ships In Own Container (SIOC) bag-in-box solution that satisfied customers, decreased waste, and guaranteed damage-free delivery. Customers may quickly begin selling online with a turnkey solution from this alliance. It includes everything from filling and mandrel case forming machinery to packing, servicing, and testing requirements. 

Liquibox’s Liquipure™ flexible packaging, dispensing taps, and WestRock’s Meta® box designs offer the best e-commerce liquid format for beverage, liquid food, and home care brands looking to expand online.

Innovation is a critical element in achieving a circular economy where packaging sits at the center. We’re excited to partner with Liquibox to offer this eco-friendly solution to the liquid packaging market.

Pat Lindner, the President of Commercial, Innovation, and Sustainability at WestRock

6. Oji Holdings


With a heritage dating back to 1873, Oji Holdings Corporation is a leading player in the paper and packaging industry. They offer various products and services, including paper, paperboard, and packaging materials, serving various sectors such as packaging, printing, and publishing. Oji Holdings is committed to sustainability and innovation, creating functional and eco-friendly solutions to reduce environmental impact. In this overview, we’ll explore Oji Holdings’ diverse offerings and their dedication to shaping a more sustainable future in the paper and packaging industry.

New Packaging Material

Eco-friendly Cup Base Paper


In 2022, Oji Holdings developed an eco-friendly cup base paper for recycling using waterborne resin coating technology. The cup base paper can be recycled in the current paper recycling system by thinly and evenly covering the paper with special waterborne resin. This base paper is resistant to water, oil, and heat, all things paper cups need. Oji Holdings is keen on developing and improving its eco-friendly products to help build a sustainable society and suit the different needs of eco-conscious consumers. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Oji Holdings Acquired IPI

 In 2023, Oji Holdings acquired IPI to include IPI’s technology and know-how for the development of Oji in the paper sector, particularly in the industry of aseptic carton services, thus adding another vital segment to the Japanese group’s portfolio. On the other hand, OJI’s supremacy in the pulp and paper business constitutes a significant competitive advantage for IPI, allowing IPI to grow the SEA region in a more capillary manner. (Source)

Oji Holdings Acquired Empire Packages

In 2021, Oji Holdings acquired 80% share of Empire Packages, which provides services to several Fortune 500 companies and large FMCG companies in north India, to access the businesses of the entire northern region of India.

Anil Gulati, Managing Director of Empire Packages, shares their vision for the partnership with Oji, emphasizing the importance of innovation and environmental sustainability. The acquisition of shares marks a significant step towards realizing this vision. Together with Oji, they empower companies to transition from plastic-dominated packaging to comprehensive and sustainable paper-based solutions, reflecting their renewed confidence and excitement for the journey ahead. (Source)


Oji Holdings Teamed Up with ISHIZUKA GLASS

In 2020, Oji Holdings entered a joint venture agreement with ISHIZUKA GLASS. The joint venture’s purpose was to further develop the Business by mutually utilizing the two companies’ management resources and expertise to strengthen the foundation of their Business, advance into new fields through new product development, and expand business overseas where demand will likely grow. (Source)

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7. Stora Enso


Stora Enso is synonymous with innovation and sustainability in renewable materials. Their diverse portfolio spans wood products, pulp, paper, packaging materials, and biomaterials, serving various industries. At its core, Stora Enso is committed to providing sustainable alternatives to fossil-based materials, focusing on creating value for customers with minimal environmental impact. Their dedication to innovation and sustainability positions them at the forefront of transitioning to a more eco-friendly, bio-based economy.

Let’s explore Stora Enso’s comprehensive offerings and its role as a global leader in renewable materials and sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Packaging – Research

Sustainable Food Packaging Research

In 2023, Stora Enso released a new study on the role of packaging in attaining better food system sustainability. The paper “Food Packaging for Better Food Systems” highlights 13 impact possibilities for the food packaging value chain to unleash more global climate, biodiversity, and socioeconomic progress through innovation and collaboration. 

Stora Enso believes packaging will play a new, progressive role in combating the hidden socioeconomic costs caused by food systems. To promote food system sustainability, they plan to focus on encouraging healthy diets, minimizing food waste, and developing novel biodegradable or waste-based products.

Our food systems play a crucial role in securing a circular, biodiversity- and climate-positive future. We need to look at these systems holistically and consider how we can contribute to food system transformation, such as healthier, plant-based foods and food waste reduction. This way, we can drastically change the way we produce, transport, and consume food.

Tiina Pursula, SVP of Sustainability at Stora Enso

Feasibility Study at Paper Manufacturing Site

In 2022, Stora Enso began a feasibility study at its paper manufacturing site in Langerbrugge, Belgium, to convert one of its two paper lines into a high-volume recycled containerboard line. The conversion of the site’s newsprint paper plant was the subject of the feasibility study. 

The conversion lets Stora Enso expand its capacity for recycled and recyclable packaging materials and fulfill rising demand in end-use markets such as industrials, e-commerce, furniture, and electronics.

Hannu Kasurinen, Executive Vice President of the Packaging Materials division at Stora Enso, said, “A conversion in Langerbrugge would also establish a competitive position for us in Western Europe. In addition to sourcing materials for recycled containerboard, the study will also assess the handling of different incoming recycling streams, including laminated grades. Having successfully completed conversions at other sites, we could leverage important learnings from those projects.” (Source)

Study on Expanding Pulp and Board Capacity at Skoghall Mill

In 2020, Stora Enso started a feasibility study and the application procedure for an environmental permit to improve and expand the pulp- and board-making capacities at its Skoghall Mill in Sweden. The feasibility study considered upgrading and expanding the existing integrated pulp capacity from 370,000 tons to 780,000 tons per year and increasing board capacity by 1,20,000 tons. Upon conclusion, Stora Enso invested €97 million to expand the board production at the Skoghall site in Sweden.

The mill would be nearly 100% integrated, with an additional 2,20,000 tons of softwood market pulp, allowing a more cost-effective board manufacture. The initiative would also reduce the generation of fossil CO2 emissions.

Hannu Kasurinen, EVP of Stora Enso’s Packaging Materials division, highlights Skoghall Mill’s significance as a core platform for packaging materials. The proposed investment aims to enhance flexibility in serving customers and meet the rising demand for sustainable packaging. It aligns with their strategy to drive growth in the packaging business, improve mill competitiveness, and explore profitable opportunities in various packaging segments. 

It would bolster the potential for profitable growth in attractive packaging end-use segments, such as liquid packaging boards and coated unbleached krafts. A final decision on expanding Skoghall Mill will depend on the feasibility study and the outcome of the environmental permit application with local authorities. (Source)

New Packaging Material

Paperboard Tube


In 2023, Stora Enso, alongside Blue Ocean Closures and AISA, developed a paperboard tube with fiber-based closure. The tube comprises Stora Enso’s barrier-coated board material Natura Shape™ and a screw cap. It has a fiber content of more than 85%, the greatest proportion attainable in a tube shape. It will reportedly be commercially available for cosmetics and personal care applications in 2024.

Martin Hammer, the Business Developer at Stora Enso, said, We believe that it is essential to increase fiber content to futureproof paperboard tubes with increased recyclability, reduced carbon footprint, and meet consumer expectations for sustainability and user experience.” (Source)(Source)

AvantForte WhiteTop

In 2022, Stora Enso launched a 100% virgin fiber-based Kraftliner, AvantForte WhiteTop, for fresh food, e-commerce, and shelf-ready packaging. The new product serves users that need exceptional strength, purity, and appearance. Through Tri-Ply™, Stora Enso’s patent-pending technology, the product was equipped with three layers of fiber to maximize its strength and help brand owners use less material than traditional kraft liners.


The accelerating shift from plastic to renewable packaging in fresh foods and e-commerce is increasing the demand for high-performing krafliners. Our AvantForte WhiteTop product has an outstanding visual appearance and print qualities to help brand owners enhance the consumer packaging experience. With this high-end product now commercially available, we look forward to supporting our customers in expanding into new premium segments and end-uses.​

Oscar Duarte, Business Segment Director, Kraftliners at Stora Enso Packaging Materials

CarrEco Brown™

In 2020, Stora Enso launched a renewable high-strength material, CarrEco Brown™, for shopping and takeaway bags made from 100% fresh fibers. The material can directly contact food and contains only FDA-compliant chemicals, making it safe for takeaway food and groceries.


Oscar Duarte, Business Segment Director for Kraftliners at Stora Enso Packaging Materials, underscores the alignment between unbleached paper bags and the eco-conscious preferences of today’s consumers. Stora Enso is poised to cater to the increasing demand for paper bags, particularly in emerging areas like takeaway food. 

Their latest material, CarrEco Brown, positions them well to meet this demand and empowers customers to capitalize on growth opportunities sustainably, reflecting their commitment to environmental and market needs. (Source)(Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Stora Enso Acquired De Jong Packaging Group

In 2023, Stora Enso acquired De Jong Packaging Group for $1102.66 million. The acquisition significantly strengthened Stora Enso’s footprint in European packaging markets, which enabled an entry into the Netherlands’ corrugated packaging market, along with Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. (Source)


Stora Enso Collaborated with Valmet

In 2023, Stora Enso collaborated with Valmet for next-generation lignin product and process development to boost Stora Enso’s lignin-based companies and increase the performance of Valmet LignoBoost technology. Stora Enso and Valmet collaborated on next-generation lignin to further enhance the lignin product and process, leveraging both firms’ outstanding technological expertise and resources.

Kimmo Ruohoniemi, Head of Lignin Operations at Stora Enso, underscores their commitment to developing and customizing their lignin offerings to meet the increasing demand across diverse applications. The next-generation lignin they are working on holds the potential to drive the advancement of sustainable battery technologies, highlighting Stora Enso’s dedication to innovation and environmentally conscious solutions. (Source)

Stora Enso Collaborated with Blue Ocean Closures and AISA

In 2023, Stora Enso, Blue Ocean Closures, and AISA collaborated to create the first paperboard tube with a fiber-based closure. This wood fiber-based approach assists brand owners in increasing the proportion of sustainable material in their packaging. The tube’s components are all meant to be recycled. The tube uses Natura Shape™, a barrier-coated board material developed by Stora Enso, and a screw cap developed in partnership with Blue Ocean Closures, with assembly by AISA. (Source)

Stora Enso Partnered with Vogue

In 2021, Stora Enso partnered with Vogue Scandinavia to form a strategic partnership to replace plastics in the packaging of magazines. As a part of the partnership, Stora Enso provided Vogue Scandinavia with sustainability and packaging design expertise. Stora Enso advised Vogue Scandinavia on sustainable materials and cradle-to-grave life-cycle analyses. Stora Enso worked with Vogue Scandinavia to improve transparency in sustainability reporting. (Source)

Stora Enso Partnered with Pulpex

In 2022, Stora Enso partnered with Pulpex to produce Pulpex paper bottles on an industrial scale. Molded pulp bottles from Pulpex are cured in microwave ovens, and the insides have a specific barrier coating. Bottles are filled using current package manufacturers’ tools, and decoration options include colored pigments, embossing, and label application. The paper bottle is 90% less expensive than glass and 30% less expensive than PET. The bottles are recyclable in regular paper waste streams.

This cooperation marks an important step in bringing to market a truly sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and containers while offering end-user qualities that match those of traditional packaging in the beverage market.

Sohrab Kazemahvazi, SVP of Formed Fiber at Stora Enso

8. Crown Holdings


Established in 1892, Crown Holdings Inc. is a global leader in packaging solutions. It specializes in metal packaging for food, beverages, cosmetics, and more, serving diverse industries. With a core focus on safety and sustainability, Crown Holdings is synonymous with packaging excellence and circular economy practices. 

Let’s delve into Crown Holdings’ comprehensive offerings and commitment to innovation, quality, and eco-conscious packaging solutions.

New Packaging Material

Digital Beverage Can Decorator


In 2021, Crown Holdings and Velox said they would offer beverage brands game-changing digital decoration technology for straight-wall and necked aluminum cans. Crown and Velox combined their skills to open up new opportunities for big brands wanting to make more products and smaller companies benefiting from fully recyclable beverage cans. The technology and solution are the first on the market, giving brands more design options. They can run 5x faster than existing digital solutions and have unique features, such as printing up to 14 colors at once and adding details such as gloss, matte, and embossing to almost the entire can surface. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Crown Holdings Acquired Helvetia Packaging

In 2023, Crown Holdings acquired Helvetia Packaging AG, a beverage can and end manufacturing facility in Saarlouis, Germany. The acquisition of the Saarlouis facility expanded Crown’s European beverage can platform to Germany with approximately one billion units of annual can capacity. (Source)


Crown Holdings Partnered with Socorro

 In 2023, Crown Holdings and its subsidiary expanded its partnership with Brazil-based beverage producer Socorro Bebidas. The collaboration grew to launch Acquíssima Sabor flavored mineral water in 3\50 ml CrownSleek cans. This increase in packaged water demand has allowed local beverage makers to broaden their brand portfolios, and several are investigating ways to bring new products to market while promoting sustainability. (Source)(Source)

Crown Holdings Partnered with Ardagh Metal Packaging

In 2023, Crown Holdings partnered with Ardagh Metal Packaging to continue their support for installing aluminum can-capture equipment in material recovery facilities (MRFs). In addition, Ardagh and Crown financed the development of tools to catalyze additional can-capture equipment installation. (Source)

Crown Holdings Joined Forces with TCP Group

In 2022, Crown Holdings joined TCP Group to establish an aluminum can factory, Crown TCP. This joint investment of $42.78 million came with an estimated production capacity of over 820 million cans annually to manufacture Red Bull packaging. These packages will be exported to Asia-Pacific with upgraded production standards through innovations and sustainable development. The Crown TCP plant will produce the lightest aluminum can in the energy drink industry at only 0.245 mm.

Crown is a leading global supplier of rigid packaging products with a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability. We are honored to enter into this partnership with TCP Group and believe that this joint venture will contribute to another successful chapter for TCP Group, further supporting its legendary and iconic Red Bull brand.

Mr. Goh Hock Huat, President of Crown Asia Pacific

9. Smurfit Kappa


With a history spanning over 80 years, Smurfit Kappa Group is a global leader in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Their offerings encompass corrugated packaging, consumer packaging, paper-based solutions, and recycling services, serving diverse industries. At its core, Smurfit Kappa is dedicated to sustainability and circular economy principles, making it a trusted partner for brands worldwide. Let’s delve into Smurfit Kappa’s extensive offerings and commitment to innovation, sustainability, and packaging excellence.

New Packaging Material

Vitop® Uno Tap


Smurfit Kappa patented the first Bag-in-Box tap in 2023, with tamper protection, the Vitop® Uno tap. The new tap design does not need consumers to remove the tamper protection, making it compatible with the Single Use Plastics Directive. It is deactivated when the product is initially used and remains part of the tap without affecting further Bag-in-Box® use. This novel method prevents removable tamper protection plastic from polluting the environment. (Source)

Twin Kraft Solid Board


In 2022, following a close collaboration with Juozas Baranauskas, Smurfit Kappa created a new, totally sustainable packaging solution for fast food. Smurfit Kappa’s Twin Kraft Solid Board makes the new Fresh Post food box, a paper-based mono-material specifically designed for food packaging. The recyclable material absorbs mineral oils by incorporating the company’s MB12 technology, keeping food safe while maintaining scent and taste.

Arco Berkenbosch, the VP of Innovation and Development at Smurfit Kappa, emphasizes their collaborative efforts with customers, regardless of size, to achieve sustainability objectives while ensuring optimal product presentation. Their partnership with Juozas to develop innovative and sustainable packaging for Fresh Post exemplifies their commitment to Better Planet Packaging initiatives. Adopting paper-based materials like Twin Kraft Solid Board across all takeaway food providers could substantially impact sustainability. (Source)

Bag-in-Box with New Compact Film 

In 2021, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box reduced the amount of plastic used to manufacture bags by introducing the new light 60-micron EVOH film—E Compact 60. This new method uses more durable PE resin technologies, allowing for more sustainable packaging without reducing productivity or consumer convenience. Due to this invention, Smurfit Kappa has reduced bag weight by 16% and CO2 emissions by 12%.

As per Hierry Minaud, CEO at Smurfit Kappa, Bag-in-Box has an environmentally friendly nature, and it contains less plastic compared to other liquid product packaging alternatives. Its commitment to sustainability is reflected in continuous improvements in materials and technologies. Over the last 15 years, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has achieved a significant 15% reduction in film thickness, and the introduction of the Vitop® Compact tap has led to substantial plastic savings, equivalent to 2.7 tons per million bags. These material reductions bring many environmental benefits, including reduced truck traffic, lower CO2 emissions, decreased waste, and more efficient storage space utilization. (Source)

E-Bottle Packaging


In 2021, Smurfit Kappa launched a new range of e-bottle packaging solutions for the online beverage and liquids market. The product portfolio included various sustainable solutions for single and multi-pack products, such as the roller bottle pack, bipack, and pop-up insert. The launch of this new product portfolio was an addition to its range of Better Planet Packaging, designed to be more sustainable and made from a renewable and recyclable raw material.

Our new eBottle product series gives beverage businesses a suite of fit-for-purpose and bespoke packaging solutions, which discusses the key difficulties for their e-commerce channel. The innovative range, connected with our focus on e-commerce processes, supply chain, and customer experience, have all offered to increased sales and greater capabilities for our customers.

Arco Berkenbosch, the VP of Innovation and Development at Smurfit Kappa Europe

Mergers and Acquisitions

Smurfit Kappa Acquired Atlas Packaging

In 2022, Smurfit Kappa acquired Atlas Packaging, a packaging provider. The company served businesses of all sizes in the UK, with its production capacity ranging from 500 to 10,000 units. This acquisition strengthened Smurfit Kappa’s ability to serve the UK market and its customers with unique and sustainable packaging services. (Source)

Smurfit Kappa Acquired PaperBox

In 2022, Smurfit Kappa acquired PaperBox, a packaging plant in Saquarema, 70 km east of Rio de Janeiro. This acquisition expanded Smurfit Kappa’s operational presence in Brazil, which it already had in three other states: Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, and Ceará. (Source)

Smurfit Kappa Acquired Pusa Pack

In 2022, Smurfit Kappa acquired Pusa Pack, a bag-in-box packaging plant in Onda, Castellón, Spain, and integrated them into its own product line.

This acquisition will strengthen Smurfit Kappa’s Bag-in-Box portfolio and create strong supply chain and market synergies between the two companies. This acquisition will also be of great benefit for customers, especially those who have demand for bag-in-box solutions in different formats, for example, retail and industrial use.

Pascual Martinez, General Manager at Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box

Smurfit Kappa Acquired Verzuolo

In 2021, Smurfit Kappa completed the acquisition of Verzuolo for $391.04 million. The PM9 machine at Verzuolo complements SKG’s existing activities. It is strategically placed near the port of Savona and can benefit the Group and its client base considerably.

We are pleased to complete this acquisition ahead of schedule. Verzuolo brings a highly experienced and skilled team providing additional security of supply for SKG’s customers. As we continue to invest in our corrugated facilities, Verzuolo strengthens the Group’s integrated model and supports our sustainability ambitions.

Tony Smurfit, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Group


Smurfit Kappa Partnered with EastCoast Solutions

In 2022, Smurfit Kappa partnered with EastCoast as EastCoast has been a provider of Visitor Management to Smurfit Kappa’s offices in Sweden for some years, and this relationship has resulted in an expanded contract that includes the EastCoast Visit service at a total of 13 sites.

As per Linda Lennartsson, Purchaser Central Functions at Smurfit Kappa Sweden & Norway underlines the company’s commitment to providing innovative, customer-centric, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging solutions. These core values dictate their collaborations with partners and how they aim to be perceived by visitors to their facilities. Their positive experience with the visitor management system provided by EastCoast has led to an extension of their collaboration, which aligns perfectly with their expectations for such a solution. (Source)

Smurfit Kappa Collaborated with Signify

In 2021, Smurfit Kappa, in partnership with Signify, created a new integrated packaging service, the BioShift UV-C Chamber. The new system not only provides a more sustainable option but also cuts expenses.

Working with Signify locally to create a more sustainable packaging that is innovative in design and optimized from a cost perspective has brought a great sense of pride to our team, especially by supporting the worldwide shipping of a product with benefits of protection against viruses.

Jacek Nieweglowski, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Poland

Smurfit Kappa Joined Forces with Scania

In 2020, Smurfit Kappa collaborated with Scania to replace materials in its supply chain with paper-based packaging. Smurfit Kappa collaborated with the ‘Scania Parts Logistics division, which enabled it to reduce the storage space required for its truck window packaging service by 50%, resulting in significant transportation savings for Scania. (Source)

Smurfit Kappa Partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

In 2020, Smurfit Kappa partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to enhance forestry conservation to expand, protect, and restore forests and ecosystems that are the habitat of many flora and fauna species. (Source)

10. DS Smith


DS Smith offers a wide range of products and services, including packaging materials, corrugated packaging, plastic packaging, and support services, serving diverse industries. They aim to create sustainable packaging solutions that protect products while minimizing environmental impact. Their commitment to circular economy principles and innovative design makes them a trusted partner for brands and manufacturers worldwide.

Let’s delve into DS Smith’s extensive offerings and dedication to packaging excellence and sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging – Research

Alternative Fibers

In 2022, the DS Smith innovation team was experimenting with alternative fibers for paper & cardboard, including daisies, straw, miscanthus (grass), and cocoa shells, to accelerate its work in the Circular Economy. The company looked into the fiber characteristics and potential paper performance of annual plants such as daisies and agricultural waste. 

As a leader in sustainability, delivering real change is always top of mind. We know that producing recyclable paper-based options alone is insufficient, and protecting natural resources is crucial to sustainable development. By pursuing more renewable resources for packaging, the company is seeking to reduce our use of finite natural resources actively and will continue to change packaging as we know it.

Allison Berg, Sustainability manager at DS Smith

Seaweed as an Alternative Packaging Material

In 2021, DS Smith explored harvesting seaweed for packaging, with the fiber earmarked as a potential ecological replacement for traditional wood and paper materials. Seaweed was the latest in the line of natural materials DS Smith explored as part of its $137 million circular economy research and development program. This program developed new materials to replace plastics in the company’s packaging products to create 100 % reusable or recyclable packaging by 2023.

As a leader in sustainability, our research into alternative raw material and fiber sources has the potential to be a real game changer for our customers and consumers who increasingly want products that are easy to recycle and have a minimal impact on the environment. Seaweed is one of the many alternative natural materials we’re closely looking at, and while most people probably associate it with the beach or as an ingredient in sushi, it could have some exciting applications for us to help create the next generation of sustainable paper and packaging solutions.

Thomas Ferge, Paper & Board Development Director at DS Smith

New Packaging Materials

Corrugated Cardboard Box

In 2022, DS Smith developed a corrugated cardboard box for e-commerce medical device delivery. The corrugated cardboard box used a single-material solution instead of the adhesive packaging with a single-use plastic insert. This packaging is used for e-commerce deliveries, with cardboard inserts storing separate gadget elements. Furthermore, the packaging is supposed to increase environmental protection across the supply chain and to be easily recyclable. (Source)

SPA® Reine Eco Pack


In 2022, DS Smith and Spadel launched a new 5-litre package to ensure sustainability. The octagonal box is made using cardboard and has a flexible plastic bag of 5 liters capacity. Its economical use of materials allows for a 65% reduction in plastic while also prolonging the shelf life of the water. Innovative brown materials make the pack, which uses unbleached and uncoated cardboard to reduce the fiber needed.

We are all very proud at DS Smith to have helped Spadel deliver such an amazingly tailored packaging solution. Of course, as proud partners, we have developed smarter and more sustainable packaging solutions over the years. The 5L SPA® Reine Eco Pack, however, is extra special as DS Smith and Spadel cooperated from early design all the way to our machine factory in Dijon, France, and installed a packing line at the Spadel’s site that uses advanced technology to produce the Eco Packs, and which ultimately helps Spadel deliver their refreshing mineral waters in even more easy to use and easy to recycle ways.

Philip Bautil, Managing Director Benelux at DS Smith

ECO Bowl™ 


In 2020, DS Smith launched ECO Bowl™, a completely recyclable corrugated cardboard tray coated with a thin plastic skin and closed with a top film. The plastic skin and the top film can be disposed of, leaving the corrugated tray for recycling. This design resulted in an up to 85% reduction in plastic compared to a traditional plastic tray.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

In 2020, DS Smith partnered with TemperPack® to offer and include fully recyclable thermal insulation made from plant-based components and paper. Their sustainable thermal insulation barrier was perfect for goods needing temperature control, like perishable groceries and medical products.

 Virus Resistant Packaging

In 2020, DS Smith partnered with Touchguard® to develop a new variety of bacteria and virus-safeguarded sustainable cardboard packaging. This new patented method is effective against various bacteria and viruses, including envelope viruses like COVID-19. Touchguard® disrupts the envelope, preventing the virus from reproducing and reducing the risk of person-to-person transmission. (Source)

Mergers and Acquisitions

DS Smith Signed Deal to Acquire Bosis doo

In 2023, DS Smith has agreed to buy Serbia-based packaging manufacturer Bosis doo for an undisclosed sum. Following the transaction, Smith’s overall packaging operations in Eastern Europe will include 29 box facilities and its existing manufacturing units. The acquisition will strengthen DS Smith’s regional customer service capabilities, driving growth by supplying world-class, sustainable, and innovative products to many customers. (Source)(Source)


DS Smith Expanded its Partnership with Zalando

In 2023, DS Smith announced that it had become the primary packaging provider for German online retailer Zalando. The companies collaborated to improve reuse and packaging efficiency and shift towards a circular economy.

Per a Spokesperson at DS Smith, this agreement was “driven by a shared need for innovative packaging solutions.” 

DS Smith Collaborated with IBM

In 2022, DS Smith collaborated with IBM to improve the quality of cardboard and paper collected for recycling using AI. The companies created an AI model that matches data from images of materials to certain criteria. DS Smith intends to continue working with IBM Expert Labs and IBM Consulting to implement the technology at more European recycling sites.

Innovating to make sure we can improve the quality of material is key for driving up recycling rates. Exploring the latest technologies and digitalizing our operations enables us to operate more efficiently and sustainably while improving the quality of paper for recycling.

Stephanie Dalton, the Innovation Manager of DS Smith’s Recycling Division

DS Smith Partnered with Krones

In 2022, they partnered with Krones, a packaging machinery and systems provider, to create ECO Carrier. It’s a fiber-based alternative to shrink-wrap for PET multipack bottles. The partnership helped customers to reduce their plastic usage, increase recyclability, and move towards a circular economy.

Our customers and consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions to replace problem plastic while integrating seamlessly with their production lines. Through our work with Krones, we can help our customers reduce their plastic usage, increase recyclability, and transition to the circular economy by providing fully recyclable fiber-based alternatives through an easy-to-implement solution.

– Marc Chiron, the Marketing & Innovation Director of Packaging

DS Smith Collaborated with Laithwaite’s Wine

In 2020, they teamed up with Laithwaite’s Wine to certify a closed-loop recycling system for their supply chains. Laithwaite’s delivers wine in the UK using cardboard wine cases from 100% recyclable material. This collaboration increased visibility across its supply chain, allowing it to trace cases from manufacture to delivery, collection, recycling, and finally, when the material transforms into new cases.

Laithwaite’s was one of our first customers to be awarded our Closed-Loop Certification. Championing the circular economy is vital for companies everywhere as they drive to meet increasingly environmentally conscious consumers’ changing expectations and demands. Providing Laithwaite’s with a fully auditable recycling and recovery route means they can certify and track its sustainability targets. At DS Smith, we are proud of our closed-loop business model and the fact we are a net positive recycler, meaning we are responsible for recycling more packaging than we put on the market.

Tom Campbell-White, the European Strategic Development Director

DS Smith Partnered with Touchguard

In 2020, the company partnered with Touchguard to develop bacteria and virus-resistant sustainable cardboard packaging. The company launched a new line of sustainable cardboard packaging across its European and North American operations.

While it would never replace good hygiene practices and due care, this technology has the potential to bring a real and proven additional layer of protection to our customers and their consumers as packaging moves across the supply chain. Importantly, this technology maintains the sustainability of our products, and it is 100% recyclable.

Alan Potts, Design and Innovation Director

In the next part of this analysis, you’ll learn how cellulose shapes the future of many industries. Here are a few of the questions that we’ve tried to answer: 

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