5 Precision Skincare Startups Revolutionizing Beauty in 2024

According to a survey, 75% of consumers would pay more for personalized beauty products. 

The skincare industry is continuously evolving, with solutions ranging from generic, one-size-fits-all products to somewhat personalized recommendations based on skin type assessments. 

However, these approaches often fall short due to their inability to account for the unique biological factors that influence skin health. 

This limitation has led to precision skincare, a revolutionary approach that uses advanced diagnostics, personal analysis, AI, and machine learning to tailor skincare solutions to individual biological needs.

Precision skincare addresses the challenge of the current one-size-fits-all model by offering custom formulations that promise more effective and targeted outcomes. 

This article explores five startups at the forefront of this innovative field, showcasing how they leverage cutting-edge technology to offer personalized skincare solutions.

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1. Precision Skin utilized AI-based Skin Analysis to Offer solutions

Founding Year2023
HeadquarterUnited Kingdom
Total Funding AmountPublicly not disclosed
Last Funding Round/AmountPublicly not disclosed

Creating personalized skincare with scientific backing presents a unique set of hurdles. The key obstacle lies in crafting an evidence-based and made-to-order system while remaining scalable, profitable, and affordable. This ambition aims to shift the entire skincare landscape towards a more individual approach.

To tackle these challenges, Precision Skin offers a made-to-order skincare solution driven by AI-enabled skin analysis similar to clinical environments. The company’s fully remote approach utilizes eco-friendly technology to minimize carbon emissions and environmental waste. 

Their products are formulated based on each user’s real-time skin analysis and delivered in a travel-size pod at competitive pricing without waste. The formulations can be refined over time to accommodate changing skincare needs, providing a tailored experience for each individual. Precision Skin’s model allows for on-demand production, ensuring a fresh and personalized product for every customer.

While incredibly complex to develop over years of research, this inventive system enables made-to-order yet high-quality “clean” skincare solutions tailored to what works for an individual’s skin using current scientific knowledge. The “less is more” approach produces affordable, evidence-based products that can be easily customized and produced on a larger scale.

Its CEO and founder, Dr. Theodora Mantzourani, has a Master’s in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University.

2. Parallel Health utilizes Microbiome to offer skincare solutions

Founding Year2021
HeadquarterCalifornia, US
Total Funding Amount$2M
Last Funding Round/Amount$1.2M/Pre-Seed

The skincare industry faces a major challenge – the lack of truly personalized products tailored to each individual’s unique skin microbiome and biology. People often struggle to find solutions that properly address their skin type and concerns.

To solve this, Parallel utilizes advanced genomics, skin microbiome science, and machine learning to offer comprehensive, personalized skincare. 

A key ingredient Parallel Health leverages is phages, also known as bacteriophages. Phages are tiny viruses that can selectively target and disable specific bacteria strains. 

They identify bacteria based on matching genetic sequences. This allows phages to seek out and neutralize harmful bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria intact. 

Phages are natural antimicrobials and promising ingredients for targeted skincare applications. By selectively deactivating problematic bacteria, phages may help rebalance the skin microbiome. Their specificity makes them a potentially powerful component of precision skincare regimens tailored to each individual’s unique skin microbiology.

The startup claims Phages to be 99.9%  effective In treating skin issues. 

Its CEO and Co-Founder, Natalise Kalea Robinson, attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Parallel Health has raised $2M in funding over two rounds. Their latest funding was raised from a Pre-Seed round on Jul 31, 2022.

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3. Revea combines cutting-edge technologies for precision skincare solutions

Founding Year2020
HeadquarterCalifornia, US
Total Funding Amount$6M
Last Funding Round/Amount$6M/Seed

The skincare industry faces the challenge that product development has long relied on superficial evaluations and generalized formulations. This surface-level approach fails to create solutions tailored to each individual’s unique skin microbiome and biology at a deeper level. 

Revea utilizes precision skincare to solve the above challenge. Their proprietary RevTech platform powers the lab and enables meticulous oversight throughout research and development. 

The startup integrates advanced diagnostics, deep skin data analysis, artificial intelligence, and custom formulation chemistry. Revea emphasizes that no other lab combines this specific blend of cutting-edge technologies tailored for precision skincare product development.

By housing its research and development efforts in-house, Revea maintains meticulous control throughout the process. This structure allows it to leverage the latest scientific and technological advancements to create personalized skincare regimens. 

These regimens target each individual’s skin on a microscopic level, offering a new level of precision.

Its CEO and founder, Chaz Giles, held leadership roles at P&G, CITI Ventures, and The Estée Lauder Companies.

Revea has raised $6M in funding over a Seed round on Apr 21, 2022.

4. Skin Dossier’s ecosystem connects consumers to skincare brands

Founding Year2022
HeadquarterNew York, US
Total Funding AmountPublicly not disclosed
Last Funding Round/AmountPublicly not disclosed

With so many options and little customization, consumers struggle to diagnose and address their specific skin concerns effectively. Skin Dossier seeks to solve this challenge by creating an integrative personalization ecosystem connecting consumers to skincare brands, retailers, and medical providers. Their platform utilizes precision skin health assessments to help diagnose, treat, and prevent skin issues individually. 

By integrating customized services and content, they aim to simplify and personalize the consumer skincare journey to improve outcomes. Their mission is to enable consumers to navigate skincare and skin health with personalization and precision.

Source: Cosmetics Design

The startup’s facial imaging technology is the only one certified by Cytel for R&D and claims testing in the pharmaceutical, dermatology, and cosmeceutical industries. 

It leverages this proprietary technology to pursue innovations in precision skincare and provide enhanced image analysis capabilities to industry partners.

Its Founder and CEO, Sindhya Valloppillil, is a pass-out from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

5. Avava uses its proprietary medical devices to offer solutions

Founding Year2016
HeadquarterMassachusetts, United States
Total Funding AmountPublicly not disclosed
Last Funding Round/AmountPublicly not disclosed

Skin pigmentation issues like melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can significantly impact a person’s appearance and self-confidence. These conditions, characterized by patches of darkened skin, are notoriously difficult to treat effectively. Many existing treatments provide inadequate or inconsistent results, frustrating patients and healthcare providers.

AVAVA has pioneered a new class of FDA-cleared, non-invasive aesthetic medical devices. These devices feature patented precision technology designed to provide an optimal experience for patients and providers across all skin tones. 

At the core is AVAVA’s proprietary Focal Point Technology™, complemented by AVAVASite, a high-resolution interactive imaging system. AVAVASite provides treatment intelligence by mapping and guiding real-time therapy with actionable data, unlocking safe and effective treatments.

In 2022, AVAVA received FDA 510(k) clearance for its first two devices. 

Its MIRIA™ System is a high energy-focused intradermal laser powered by Focal Point Technology™. It can deliver energy at precise depths within the skin with pinpoint accuracy, making it ideal for patients with darker skin tones. 

MIRIA delivers a high dose of conical energy to the dermis while sparing the sensitive epidermis from unwanted damage. All while maintaining patient comfort and minimal downtime.

Extensive MIRIA clinical studies have demonstrated improvement across all signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, sun damage, and skin quality, as well as reducing pitted acne scars and large pores. It will help address the needs of over 11.7 million individuals of all skin tones in the US seeking facial rejuvenation each year.

Its CEO, Dr. Irina Erenburg, graduated from Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine. 

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Authored By – Vipin Singh, Market Research

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