7 Cosmetic Startups Researching Innovation Trends

Even though COVID has wreaked havoc in major consumer goods markets, the cosmetic industry stood strong through the shakes, with minimal effect on revenues. Some blows were seen when many stores closed, and product sales dropped. However, the beauty industry has recovered quickly after innovating its way into hygiene and health-focused products like sanitizers, cleaners, and personal care-focused products and shifting focus towards online sales.

The consistent resilience to setbacks and quick adaptation to trends and consumer demands is what has kept the cosmetic industry going strong. And now that the market has recovered, cosmetic companies have new challenges and focus areas standing in their way in 2022.

Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, sustainability-focused value chains, and green methods of manufacturing products are some of the most prominent areas where cosmetic brands are investing their research and innovation efforts now. While major players are racing to solve these issues, many smaller companies and startups are developing solutions to build their edge in the market.

Keeping such immediate problems and challenges in mind, we looked out for emerging startups trying to solve them and came up with this list. Below is an infographic covering major ongoing trends and startups working on them:

cosmetics startups innovation research

In this article, we have covered the top 7 startups from each active trend, but you can get information on 17 startups shown in the above image. The report will give you insights into the most innovative cosmetic startups, their products, and what kind of challenges they are trying to solve. Download the full report using the form below:

Here are the top 7 cosmetic startups:

1. Circulove

Circulove is one of those startups in the beauty industry that is using sustainable cultivation of ingredients to be an all-natural skincare brand in the market. 

As a Green Science startup, Circulove products are handcrafted and slowly fermented in small amounts in Finland. The bio-active and clean products are developed with superfood-charged ingredients that nourish and preserve the skin’s microbiome. (Source

What makes Circulove different from other cosmetics startups?

Fermentation Technology – Circulove’s ‌unique recipe fermentation technology is the new breakthrough invention in natural skincare, enhancing the quantities of probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins. What makes the products so successful is that they ferment all of the active elements in the formula slowly and naturally rather than utilizing separate ferments or probiotic extracts. All of the natural oils are also fermented, making them even more bioactive. (Source)

Green Chemistry Laboratory – Circulove’s facility, where components are refined in small batches, is a family-owned green chemistry laboratory, which means it uses fewer or no harmful chemicals in its products and manufacturing processes. MADE SAFE®, Ecocert®, and CertClean® certifications have been obtained for the manufacturing laboratory. (Source

Fi-Natura Certified Materials – The nutrient-rich materials are either ecologically produced or wildcrafted and are obtained ethically and sustainably from small, local farmers and entrepreneurs to maintain product purity and freshness on the skin. Furthermore, all the materials are Fi-Natura certified, ensuring that natural and organic raw materials are supplied and that all synthetic components are phased out. (Source)

Innovative products by Circulove Portfolio

CALM Face & Eye Serum – It is a light, efficient biotic serum designed with all-fermented probiotics, 8 luxury plant extracts, and pure oils to relax the skin and help it return to its natural condition. Lactobacillus Fermented Oat and Lactobacillus Fermented Tapioca are among the Fermented Vegan Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics. 

SMOOTH Face Oil – It is a strong biotic face oil that works effectively on the skin to deliver brightening, firming and anti-aging benefits. Lactobacillus Fermented Willow Bark Extract (Salix Alba) is the Fermented Vegan Biotics, while Olive Squalane is the Fermented Squalane included in the oil. 

WASH Face Cleanser – It is an oil-based cleanser, and its pure oil-based components are nutritious and rich in omegas that the skin needs regularly. Through innovative bio-active extraction techniques, it extracts the entire range of nutrients from the components. The oils are 99.8% pure since it uses mild CO2 or cold press extraction processes. 

Awards and Certificates

At the 2021 Global Green Beauty Awards, Circulove’s CALM Face & Eye Serum was named an Editor’s Choice Gold Winner. The Global Green Beauty Awards honor natural, organic, green, and clean beauty. (Source)

Circulove has obtained the MADE SAFE®, Ecocert®, CertClean®, and Fi-Natura certifications. (Source) (Source)

2. Hally Hair

In the category of Hair Coloration Startups, we introduce – Hally Hair. Hally Hair is a cosmetics firm that manufactures and markets hair color products. It provides dynamic and interesting options for clients to check out colors before dying their hair, allowing them to quickly understand how different colors would look on their hair. (Source

Why has Hally Hair made it to our list of innovative startups?

Foaming Hair Color – Hally has the first-ever foaming ammonia-free hair color. It is the first brand to provide a demi-permanent hair color in a foamy consistency, which makes it easier to apply and less messy. (Source)

Chemical Free Formula – The foaming dyes are gluten-free and cruelty-free, as well as chemical-free (free of ammonia, sulfates, parabens, PPD, and resorcinol). Instead, Hally’s Color Cloud dye is formulated with super-nourishing natural components such as chamomile, lavender, ginseng, and aloe. (Source)

Virtual Try-On Tool – Hally’s website includes an augmented reality virtual try-on tool and an interactive shade guide. It allows you to virtually try on several shades to find the shade that suits you the most.  (Source) (Source)

Innovative products by Hally Hair

Color Cloud – Color Cloud is a foaming hair color. It contains natural, nourishing components and is a demi-permanent dye that is gentle on hair while yet locking in color. The shades offered include Atomic Blonde, Rose Gold, Purple Avalanche, Cola Coaster, and Dark Mode. (Source)

Awards and Certificates

In 2021, Hally Hair became the Platinum Winner of the MUSE Creative Awards in the category of Website – Beauty & Cosmetics. The MUSE Creative Awards reward, encourage, and inspire innovation by setting a new benchmark to evaluate media design production and distribution. (Source)

3. The Kind Planet Company

One thing that everyone in the beauty industry can agree upon is that there’s no perfect answer or definition regarding sustainability. 

As beauty buyers are growing ever more conscious about their choices – The Kind Planet Company provides skincare that is good for the skin, people, and the planet. 

With its unique skincare advantages, the company is committed to social, and women-led empowerment, as well as environmental protection. (Source)

What makes The Kind Planet Family stand out?

Biodegradable Lids – In 2020, The Kind Planet Company and TeyshaTechnologies collaborated to create natural waste-derived biodegradable lids for a new organic skincare line. Using patented technology, the lids are meant to totally decompose after usage without leaving any pollutants or micro-particulates behind. (Source) (Source)

Refill + Reward Plan – In 2021, The Kind Planet Company launched a Refill + Reward plan. Under the initiative, customers may return their empty glass jars for a 30% discount on their next purchase. Essentially, the firm commercially sterilizes the jar before reusing it for the customer’s next order. (Source)

Shift To Aluminium Lids – As the company’s POWER BALM black lids are plastic, they can be recycled at most recycling centers. However, realizing that black plastic might be troublesome, the company wants to convert to aluminum lids. Also, the cartons are FSC-certified. (Source)

Product Portfolio

Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth – The Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth from The Kind Planet Company is a machine-washable cloth that gently exfoliates and whisks away dirt, pollutants, and excess oil. The two layers are unbleached and undyed. It is organically certified by the Soil Association and GOTS. (Source)

Power Balm – POWER BALM heals and protects while giving maximum hydration. It contains naturally occurring ceramides, squalene, antioxidants that combat free radicals, and fatty acids. The jars are composed of amber glass, which can be infinitely recycled. As the black lids are plastic, they can be recycled at most recycling centers. (Source)

Awards and Certificates

  • In 2021, The Beauty Shortlist granted the Beauty Commended Award to the POWER BALM. The Beauty Shortlist’s beauty, wellness awards highlight excellence and honor ethical products, and provide guidance in beauty and health. (Source)
  • The Kind Planet Company has received the Soil Association & Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.

4. Gallinee Microbiome Skincare

Multiple kinds of research in skincare have made skin microbiome a burgeoning topic in the beauty industry. 

The Microbiome Focused Skin Care Startups Gallinée is a skincare brand dedicated to caring for the skin’s microbiome – the beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit on and in the human body. (Source)

What makes Gallinee Skincare stand out in the market?

Patented Mix of Pre, Pro, And Postbiotics – It is a promising breakthrough skincare technology powered by a patented mix of pre, pro, and postbiotics to nourish the skin’s microbiome. Following Gallinée’s lead, major companies have developed probiotic skincare products, and a lot of startup firms have jumped on board as well, shifting the focus to the microbiome. (Source)

Rising Brand Awareness – In 2020, Gallinée debuted its first pro, pre, and postbiotic supplement for sensitive skin, and the product quickly became the company’s best-selling item in France. The supplement has started generating attention in the United Kingdom as well. (Source)

Objectivised Concentrations – The pre, pro, and postbiotic components are included in high concentrations to guarantee optimal efficiency. They are the foundation of the formula, which implies that the amount of active components in the completed formula is exceptionally high. They also used cutting-edge microbiome testing models to assess the effect of the products on the microbiome. (Source)

Innovative Product Portfolio of Gallinee Skincare

Prebiotic Face Oil – It has been clinically proven to hydrate, soothe, and beautify the skin while also maintaining the microbiome. It comprises an innovative and highly concentrated combination of pre and postbiotic lipids derived from the extremophile bacteria, Anoxybacillus Kamchatkensis, which feeds the microbiome with prebiotic and postbiotic lipids to improve both the skin and the microbiome. (Source)

Eye Contour Cream – It helps the microbiome and instantly soothes and moisturizes sensitive eye regions, while also combating dark circles and wrinkles. It contains calming and protective prebiotics and probiotics, algae extract that fights dark circles and fine wrinkles, and highly moisturizing squalane and shea butter. 

Face Vinegar – It is an apple cider vinegar face toner that is used to soothe and minimize redness in sensitive skin, as well as to cleanse and exfoliate oily skin. The skin microbiome is supported by prebiotics and mild acids present in the toner.


Face Mask & Scrub – It is a mild scrub-in-mask that leaves the skin clean and refined, as well as the pores seeming smaller. White clay, prebiotics, and lactic acid present in it serve to promote the skin microbiome. 

Cleansing Bar – It is not a soap but rather a non-stripping and ultra-gentle dermatological bar developed at ph 5.8 to preserve the skin’s natural pH values while also supporting the microbiome. 

Others – There are other products such as Foaming Facial Cleanser, Hydrating FaceCream, Youthful S Beauty Shortlist Award 2016 – Editor’s Choice, a week after its official introduction, for the Foaming Facial Cleanser. (Source)

Patent Portfolio

Gallinée has filed 10 patents that belong to 3 unique families. Out of 10 patents, 6 patents have been granted. 

One of its patents (FR3086172) pertains to the technological field of cosmetic skincare and skin appendages and, more specifically, to cosmetic formulations for skin application. The invention pertains to a cosmetic composition that contains at least one prebiotic and at least one postbiotic, including acetic acid or a salt thereof. serum, Hand Cream, Body Milk, and many more. 

Awards and Certificates

  • Gallinée won the Attracta Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Hand Cream (Gallinée La Culture Hand Cream). The Attracta Beauty Awards are renowned for their professional competence and are evaluated by top worldwide beauty editors, makeup artists, nail and hair stylists, and aesthetic physicians. (Source) (Source)
  • At the 2016 Attracta Beauty Awards, Gallinée earned the award for its Foaming Facial Cleanser. (Source)
  • Gallinée won Product of the Year at the 2nd Annual Penrose Innovation Awards in 2016 for its bacterial skin and body care line, which also focuses on the health of the skin’s microbiome. (Source)

5. Goodhabit Skincare

The commercialization of blue light protection skincare is more essential than ever before. By physically blocking the light and fighting off free radicals formed by blue light that wreak havoc on the skin (photoaging, collagen breakdown, sagging, dark spots, etc.) – Goodhabit Skincare is worth mentioning in this category.

Goodhabit offers clean, mindful, and effective skincare products to guard and protect the skin from artificial blue light and other modern skin stressors. 

Why Goodhabit Skincare make it to our list of innovative cosmetic startups?

BLU5 Technology – The company’s proprietary BLU5 technology, which contains skin-nourishing components and functions as a filter to neutralize the effects of blue light, is included in each product. Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin tone, and fading the appearance of hyper-pigmentation are all benefits of this treatment. (Source)

Two Ingredients Formulation – After reviewing hundreds of ingredients, Goodhabit decided on two, in particular, to add to the products’ formulation: a marine active obtained from seas off the coast of Greenland and an amino acid-derived molecule obtained from a salt lake in Egypt’s deserts. (Source)

What is Goodhabit Skincare doing differently?

Glow On Enzyme Mask – It is a delicate yet powerful resurfacing mask formulated with natural fruit enzymes, AHAs, and nourishing oils. Its BLU5 technology reduces the effects of blue light damage while protecting the skin from future exposure. (Source)

Catch Flights, Not Feelings Shielding Serum – This barrier-building solution protects the skin from irritants that induce inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are the root causes of collagen breakdown, cellular damage, and premature aging. The patented BLU5 technology prevents and fights photoaging. (Source)

Bright Awake Eye Cream – It treats under-eye problems including discoloration, puffiness, thin skin, and strain from looking at a screen for too long. The patented BLU5 technology eliminates dark circles caused by eye strain from prolonged screen usage. (Source)

Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer – This nourishing sleep mask/moisturizer hybrid works using the BLU5 technology by undoing blue light damage from the day and tapping into the skin’s natural regeneration cycle for serious healing. (Source)

Others – There are other products such as the Water Jelly Dew Cream, Texture Magic Exfoliating Toner, Clean Scene Micellar Gel, Mini Glow Potion Oil Serum, and many more. (Source)

Awards and Certificates

  • The Glow Potion Oil Serum was awarded the Best Blue Light Defender by the New Beauty Awards 2021. (Source)
  • The Rest + Reset Mask & Moisturizer won the 2021 College Beauty Awards under the category Night time Routine. (Source)
  • Goodhabit has obtained the PETA (Cruelty-Free) and FSC®certifications. (Source)

6. Prose

Scalp care is the hot trend in the hair care industry, which is a result of consumers understanding the need for a healthy scalp to attain healthy hair. 

Fulfilling the customer demand for scalp-care products -Prose is a personalized hair care business providing customers with freshly-made products tailored to their specific hair and scalp needs. Consumers have a comprehensive consultation that includes questions on their hair type and texture, environmental exposure, lifestyle habits, and even diet and stress levels. 

What makes Prose stand out from other cosmetic startups?

Proprietary Algorithm – Prose created a proprietary algorithm that combines 85 distinct parameters to generate a combination of ingredients and develops a formula for each customer that is completely unique to them. It employs around 79 trillion distinct permutations. (Source)

Review & Refine – Review & Refine is a proprietary customer feedback loop developed by Prose that allows it to assess consumer feedback and enhance products in real time. The company’s chemists use this tool to guarantee that all of the client’s wants and goals are addressed regularly. (Source)

Focused Innovation Strategy – Prose has turned the concept of many consumer product innovations on its head by eliminating the requirement to generate millions of product units over a multi-year cycle that helps no one in the end. It focuses on a modern, lean, and software-inspired strategy that has proven to increase customer satisfaction while also being more environmentally friendly. (Source)

The Salon – Prose’s The Salon is an attempt to provide clients with a digitally-oriented comprehensive, customized journey and to broaden the offering beyond personalized products to personalized services. The Salon is intended to be transformed into a luxury self-care routine. Member advantages include one-on-one virtual consultations with specialists, haircare and wellness gifts, complimentary items, and more. (Source)

What new has Prose brought in the market?

Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask– It has a high concentration of natural actives and is tailored to address specific scalp concerns. Furthermore, the Scalp Mask is entirely dedicated to scalp health, whereas other formulations on the market incorporate conditioning actives that are not appropriate for the scalp. (Source)

Custom Root Source™ – The customized Root Source™ supplements contain natural and strong components that are proven to soothe the scalp and boost hair growth. (Source)

Custom Dry Shampoo – It is tailored to each individual and is not confined to a single hair or scalp type. It provides the optimal quantity of oil absorption for every need. It contains extra ingredients that promote scalp health and increase volume. (Source)

Boar & Nylon Bristle Hair Brush – The longer nylon bristles softly stimulate the scalp and detangle ends, while the shorter boar bristles re-distribute oil through lengths. (Source

Awards and Certificates

  • The 2019 Beauty Independent Innovation Awards Program has chosen Prose as the winner of the Hair Oil Product of the Year category. (Source)
  • Prose has obtained the B Corporation, Climate Neutral, and LEED certifications. (Source)

7. Nairian Skincare

The trend of Natural Skincare is not relatively new! Being conscious of the ingredients that are in ‌beauty products is the new normal and consumers want it to be as natural as possible. 

Flowing with the natural skincare trend, we have Nairian- an all-natural cosmetics company. The products are handcrafted using pure essential oils, which are distilled at the company’s facilities on the slopes of Ara Mountain. (Source)

Aromatherapy – Nairian is Armenia’s first all-natural cosmetics company, specializing in formulations based on aromatherapy principles and thorough scientific research. (Source)

Owns Sustainable Farm – It is a vertically integrated firm with its own sustainable farm, research lab, production facility, and retail outlets. Nairian has complete control over its manufacturing process, from producing ingredients to distilling essential oils, researching to designing formulas. With this technique, the company provides uncompromising quality with every product. (Source)

Formulation Philosophy – Nairian provides a handcrafted recipe derived from all-natural and plant-based components that is always free of parabens, formaldehyde donors, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic perfumes, and other dangerous chemicals.  Every ingredient in a Nairian product is carefully researched and chosen for its potential to enhance and nurture beauty. (Source)

What is innovative in the Nairian Skincare portfolio?

Lavender Exfoliant – It cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently with organic powders derived from Lavender buds, Cornflower and Calendula petals cultivated in Aragyugh, as well as rice and oats, which saturate the skin with vitamin B. Kaolin clay and Lavender essential oil are two more particular elements in the mix that soothe and renew the skin. 

Sunscreen SPF 45 – It is a strong broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen that offers total natural protection against both UVA and UVB radiations. The key components are Apricot Kernel Oil, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, and Lavender Essential Oil. (Source)

Night Serum – It nourishes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes the skin, restoring its strength and vitality. Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil are the key ingredients. (Source)

Shower Oil – It’s a silky oil wash that enriches regular showers with Ylang Ylang notes. While standard body washes remove and damage the skin’s lipid barrier, Nairian’s unique Shower Oil protects and hydrates the skin while it cleanses. When this oil comes into contact with water, it transforms into a sheer milky lotion that softly washes the body and leaves the skin smooth. (Source)

Lemongrass Soap – It is prepared from Sunflower oil and authentic Lemongrass essential oil. Sunflower oil protects against free radical damage and minimizes moisture loss. Lemongrass essential oil offers this soap a fresh clean aroma, as well as astringent qualities that decrease pores and provide a short skin-firming therapy. (Source)

Others – There are other products such as Lavender Deodorant, Shampoo Bar, So Eye Cream, Lip Balm, Micellar Water, and many more. 

Awards and Certificates

  • Nairian received a Bronze medal in the Face Care (Leave On) category at the eighth annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards in the UK in 2019. (Source)
  • Nairian Skincare has a pending certification from Ecoglobe. (Source)


Modern-day problems require modern solutions! The above cosmetic startups are reducing the gap between customer needs and the market availability of cosmetics and skincare. But at the same time, the market is huge, and many other startups have joined the league, each of them curating unique solutions for consumers. In order to ride the bandwagon, a detailed study of these startups is a must.

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Authored by: Vipin Singh, Marketing Team

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