A List of 100 IoT Startups You Should Know About

Almost every business across all the industries including, Manufacturing & Industrial Automation, Robotics & Automation, and Healthcare Technology is inducting the Internet of Things (IoT) in their work. The technology has created a lot of buzz in the past decade and continues to be on the rise. The tech world is readily working to fulfill its promise to transform how we work, live, and play through IoT.

Business heads (you too?) are investing in IoT not only to monitor their business performances but to advance their existing systems. Organizations are progressively adopting new IoT application development by leveraging building blocks and fostering strategic partners focused on the space. 

To do so, they are continuously exploring new startups entering the IoT domain and solving problems of the real world. But with the various kinds of promising IoT startups out there, it’s difficult to find the ones that might be worth keeping an eye on.

Facing the same issue? Well, this blog post is your one-stop solution. We have compiled a list of 100 IoT startups from various tech industry sources, keeping the necessary criteria of choosing a startup to invest in mind; complete with patent information. This list will help you kickstart your research into developing your own ideas for products or services in this space. It can also help you find startups that support your ideas.

So without further ado, we give it to you.

List of 100 IoT startups

Sr. No.StartupInvestment FundingTop InvestorsPatent CountCategory
1Armis Security$112 millionSequoia Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Red Dot Capital Partners10IoT Software
2Arundo Analytics$32.7 millionAlliance Ventures, Northgate Partners4IoT Software
3Bastille Networks$39 millionBessemer Venture Partners59IoT Software
4Bright Machines$179 millionEclipse Venture 8IoT Software
5Blues Wireless$11 millionEclipse Venture -IoT Connectivity
6Dragos$158.2 millionNational Grid Partners, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Canaan Partners-IoT Software
7Element Analytics$40 millionActivate Capital Partners, Forté Ventures-IoT Software
8CENTRI$12.8 millionMatthew Pritzker Company, Alliance of Angels11IoT Software
9Preferred Networks$2.1 BillionToyota Motor Corporation 316IoT Software
10Finite State$19.5 millionEnergy Impact Partners-IoT Software
11Helium$53.8 millionKhosla Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Union Square Ventures8IoT Connectivity
12Hologram$15.4 MillionBullpen Capital, Drive Capital, NextView Ventures1IoT Connectivity
13InfluxData$119.9 millionNorwest Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Battery Ventures1IoT Service
14Particle$75.8 millionEnergy Impact Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Spark Capital-IoT Software
15IoTium$22 millionGE Ventures, March Capital-IoT Software
16FogHorn$72.5 millionLS Group, Intel Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, GE Ventures, March Capital48IoT Software
17corrux$3.1 MillionTarget Partners-IoT Software
18Cortex$11.1 Million4490 Ventures-IoT Software
19Crate.io$27.9 MillionDeutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH, Zetta Venture Partners-IoT Software
20Crosser$8.7 MillionMontan-Ventures-Saar, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, 42CAP, Industrifonden-IoT Software
21DABBEL$4.4 MillionTarget Global-IoT Software
22Dwelo$13.8 MillionPeterson Ventures6IoT Software
23EMnify€20 Million-2IoT Software
24Elemental Machines$16.7 MillionDigitalis Ventures20IoT Software
25GridX$12.5 MillionEnergy Impact Partners9IoT Software
26Infogrid$15.5 MillionNorthzone2IoT Software
27InnerSpace$3.9 MillionBDC Capital Women in Technology (WIT) Fund, 500 Startups Canada13IoT Software
28IoTecha$15.7 MillionElitegroup Computer Systems, BP Ventures21IoT Software
29ioCurrents$6.3 MillionImagen Capital Partners, Bellingham Angel Investors, Imagen Capital Partners11IoT Software
30Kinetic$17.4 MillionCrosslink Capital, Crosslink Capital, Primary Venture Partners13IoT Software
31KoolZone€1.9 Million--IoT Software
32Locusview$77.4 MillionIsrael Growth Partners1IoT Software
33Eta Compute$23.7 MillionSynaptics, Celesta Capital23IoT Software
34Inspirit IoT$2.7 MillionSenscape Technologies, Small Business Innovation Research-IoT Hardware
35Karamba Security$20 MillionYL Ventures, Fontinalis Partners69IoT Software
36Securithings$18 MillionAleph, Firstime Venture Capital-IoT Software
37Point Inside$8.8 MillionVestech Partners27IoT Software
38FLUTURA$8.5 MillionVertex Ventures, Hitachi High-Technologies1IoT Software
39MAGICCUBE$12.2 MillionBold Capital Partners, Visa10IoT Software
40XAGE SECURITY$16 MillionMarch Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures37IoT Software
41ClearBlade$14.8 MillionAlign Capital13IoT Software
42Igor$13.5 MillionNext Level Ventures, CMA Ventures14IoT Software
43Nodle.io$5 MillionBlockchange Ventures-IoT Software
44Samsara$930 MillionAndreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst30IoT Software
45Losant$19.5 MillionTechNexus Venture Collaborative, CincyTech-IoT Software
46BehrTech$3 MillionCanada Foundation for Innovation-IoT Connectivity
47Myriota$32.1 MillionHostplus, Main Sequence, Blue Sky Private Equity, Main Sequence88IoT Service
48Smarten Spaces$12 MillionSymphony International Holdings-IoT Software
49EVRYTHNG$51.3 MillionSway Ventures, IDC Ventures, BHLP, Atomico11IoT Software
50SmartRent$101.5 MillionSpark Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, RET Ventures-IoT Hardware
51Cloudastructure$21.5 Million--IoT Software
52Measurence$1.3 MillionForum Ventures, Redwood Technology Ventures-IoT Software
53MoBagel$8.5 MillionTaiwan Startup Stadium1IoT Software
54Moeco$3 MillionTMT Investments, Cats.vc2IoT Software
55NarrativeWave, Inc.$9.4 Million--IoT Software
56Nordsense$12.6 MillionACME Capital, Vaekstfonden, New Enterprise Associates, Rincon Venture Partners, Root Ventures3IoT Software
57PingThings$5.6 MillionFrost Data Capital-IoT Software
58Roomonitor$763.7KPere Mayol-IoT Software
59Scantrust$5.8 MillionSVC, AngelVest, SOSV19IoT Software
60SKYSENS$5.8 MillionACT Venture Partners-IoT Software
61Senseye$19.2 MillionMMC Ventures, Breed Reply9IoT Software
62Senseware$3.4 MillionBlu Venture Investors, Greenberg Ventures66IoT Software
63Sensee Inc$1.4 MillionInnovation Norway5IoT Software
64Tulip Interfaces$52.5 MillionDMG Mori Seiki, Vertex US, Vertex Ventures, New Enterprise Associates20IoT Software
65waylay$1.3 MillionArk Angels Activator Fund, PMV-IoT Software
66IOTAS$14.2 MillionTELUS Ventures, Oregon Venture Fund, Rogue Venture Partners5IoT Software
67IOT Communications$1 MillionTelia Ventures-IoT Software
68Vantiq$45.6 Million-2IoT Software
69Sensoro$28 MillionRobert Bosch Venture Capital, Tsing Capital, NGP Capital1IoT Software
70Daliworks$2 Million-10IoT Software
71Unearth$11.3 MillionVulcan Capital, Madrona Venture Group-IoT Software
72Firedome$14.5 MillionSilvertech Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, World Trade Ventures (WTV)-IoT Software
73BiiLabs$2.6 Million--IoT Software
74ProGlove$49.1 MillionSummit Partners, GETTYLAB, Intel Capital45IoT Hardware
75Sclak€3 MillionVertis SGR S.p.A.-IoT Hardware
76N.THING$15.1 MillionKorea Development Bank, Empower Investment20IoT Hardware
77Sternum$9 MillionSquare Peg Capital-IoT Hardware
78Zymbit$1.5 Million--IoT Hardware
79Atomation$10.4 MillionJanvest Capital Partners4IoT Connectivity
80Omnio$1.4 MillionPreSeed Ventures-IoT Connectivity
81Sensorberg$2.4 MillionXAnge, Berlin Technologie Holding-IoT Connectivity
82ThinxtraA$21 MillionRakon, Clean Energy Finance Corporation-IoT Connectivity
83Talkin' Things$3.8 MillionMontis Capital Group2IoT Connectivity
84HypeLabs$3 MillionFuture Energy Ventures-IoT Connectivity
85Dryad Networks$4 MillionInvestitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg-IoT Connectivity
86scriptr.io$9 MillionMiddle East Venture Partners (MEVP)-IoT Service
87MOXIE IoT$300KDEFT, Alabama Launchpad-IoT Software
88AvriosCHF21.9 MillionSwisscom Ventures, Lakestar, Notion Capital-IoT Software
89Connecterra$18.3 MillionCibus Fund, Sistema_VC, Breed Reply2IoT Hardware
90BIOTRAQ€100K--IoT Hardware
91Senrio--5IoT Software
92Actyx---IoT Service
93SyncPro Ltd---IoT Service
94IoTfy---IoT Service
95IOStash---IoT Service
96ARICA IoT---IoT Service
97NEXTON---IoT Service
98Derive---IoT Software
99Domotz---IoT Software
100Everduit Technology---IoT Software


IoT is reshaping the landscape of how companies do business, interact with their customers. And is offering new opportunities to drive internal efficiencies to grow businesses across geographies.

Yes, the list is long but an efficient one (We poured our blood, sweat, and tears into compiling it :p). So if you’re in a hurry and want to peruse through it later, just fill the form below and it’s all yours.

Know some startups that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

Authored By: Vipin Singh and Nidhi, Market research.

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