From GreyB’s Toastmaster club to the Moment of Truth at ISB Mohali ft. Kush Singla

Being a Greybian involves more than just having research skills; it’s about having a well-rounded personality that goes beyond being a skilled researcher with Sherlock-like abilities. These diverse qualities have led our people to impressive places, like Kush’s journey to ISB (Indian School of Business), one of India’s top B-schools established by McKinsey consultants in the ’90s.

Kush Singla

Research Analyst, IP Conquerors

Recently, ISB Mohali invited Kush to conduct a Moment of Truth session—a reflective Toastmasters meeting where club members assess and plan for continuous improvement. Despite having just around a year of experience at GreyB, Kush led this session for highly experienced individuals. 

Let’s see what Kush has to share about his experience-

It was an awesome experience visiting the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Speaking in front of a highly experienced crowd was an interesting experience. I have delivered sessions during my college time, but it was a more engaging and involving session this time.

From GreyB’s Toastmaster club to the Moment of Truth at ISB Mohali ft. Kush Singla

After I joined the GreyB Toastmasters club, I learned and realized things to incorporate while speaking, presenting, and taking queries. While presenting at ISB Toastmasters Club, I followed the basic principles I learned and presented my best.

The one feeling I am always in love with is the confidence to take a step to perform. And thanks to the GreyB Toastmasters club team & Rohit Jaswal for making it possible for me to perform.

From GreyB’s Toastmaster club to the Moment of Truth at ISB Mohali ft. Kush Singla

The ISB Toastmasters team was quite engaging and welcoming.

Once again, thanks to all who are part of the toastmasters club & our backbone RJ. Let’s keep growing and keep performing.

It was indeed a great experience!

By embracing opportunities beyond the traditional workspace, GreyB fosters a culture that recognizes the importance of diverse experiences and skills. This approach not only enriches the lives of its members but also highlights its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. After all, GreyB’s essence lies in its commitment to fostering holistic growth.

Authored By – Ridhima Mahajan, Marketing

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