Cannabis Prosecution Trends: The Effects of Cross-Industry Citations on Cannabis Patent Grant

The overlap of the Cannabis industry with various other industries is not news anymore. Industries like Pharma, Food and Beverage, etc. have a lot in common with the Cannabis industry. But one difference that sets things apart is that these other industries have been longer in the market than the Cannabis industry, and resultantly have been protecting their IP rights way before the Cannabis industry had even initiated.

Now, the protection of intellectual property rights is a major component in business and the same goes for the Cannabis industry as well. In the last six years, we have witnessed an increase in the patent filing trends in the Cannabis industry globally. However, some of the immediate questions that still need answers are:

  • How many of these patent applications are being granted?
  • On what factors do the grants depend?
  • How the overlap from other industries is taking a toll on the prosecution trends in the Cannabis industry?

Well, we have answers. In this report, we have garnered facts and figures focusing on the prosecution trends of the Cannabis industry. Additionally, we also explained how a landscape search, keeping cross-industry innovation into consideration (in other words, cross-industry analysis) can reduce the time from filing the patent application until it gets granted.

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