Atlantic IP’s Litigation Campaign: What Telecom Companies Need to Prepare For!

While one cannot deny NPEs’ role in innovation protection, heavy litigation from them does create uncertainties and turmoil for companies.

Do you remember when 5G networking became the talk of the town? Well, that’s also when NPEs were on the prowl, suing left and right.

One such litigation campaign led by Atlantic IP had given them a fearsome reputation among the Telecom giants for aggressively pursuing patent infringement cases. 

In the aftermath of the litigation, the greater question remains: will Atlantic IP be limited to 5G? 

The litigation approach taken by Atlantic IP in pursuing patent infringement claims has caught the attention of innovators in the telecom industry. As a result, many believe that it is the right time to take proactive measures to safeguard their innovations against potential litigation threats. 

And for you, this means being prepared for what may lie ahead. 

What makes Atlantic IP’s infringement campaign a topic of concern for you?

In its latest campaign, which is also the focus of our article, Atlantic IP has sued 37 products related to 5G and LTE technologies. Honestly, it feels like this lawsuit may just be the tip of the iceberg, with a new wave of patent lawsuits threatening to stifle innovation and progress in the 5G networking space.

But why do we think you could be next in this intertwining? 

That’s because Atlantic IP’s subject patents cover many aspects of the telecom sector. These aspects include basic communication systems, accessing nodes, methods for accessing nodes, user equipment, base stations for uplinking ultra-reliable low-latency communications, and more.

The extensive technological overlap in their patents means that anyone working in related fields may be under Atlantic IP’s radar and at risk of being targeted for patent infringement. 

Therefore, preparing for legal action is the best way to guard your innovation and protect your business interests. 

How do you safeguard yourself from becoming Atlantic IP’s next target?

Intrigued by Atlantic IP’s infringement campaign, we, as analysts, had to evaluate the seriousness of the threat posed to the telecom sector. 

On digging deeper into the 5G patent landscape, we uncovered evidence challenging the legitimacy of their patent infringement claims. Well, in simple terms, the defendants can save themselves from the murky waters of the litigation campaign. If you wish to explore our complete preliminary analysis of the case, fill in the form below.


Therefore, as an IP litigator, if you are wondering whether you will succeed in safeguarding innovation in the Telecom sector or become just another defendant in this litigation spree by Atlantic IP. We have the answers for you.

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GreyB is committed to using its prior art investigative search expertise to pull you out of these treacherous waters of litigation. With our comprehensive patent strength analysis, invalidation searches, and patent portfolio analysis, you can make informed decisions and safeguard your innovation.

Act before it’s too late. Learn how we can help you navigate through complex patent infringement litigations and protect your business interests. 

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Authored by: Mayank Maloo, Solutions Team

Edited by: Annie Sharma, Editorial Team

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