5 Disruptive Breakthroughs in Solar Cells

This is the third article of a four-part series on Nano Photovoltaic Cells. In the first article, we disclosed the top companies researching in the Nano PVC which you can read from here: Top [...]

The New Version Of Flow Free

I hope you must’ve played the game “Flow free” on android. Not to panic, in case you haven’t. The Rules of the game are: Connect the dots. Simply draw a line from one dot to the other of the same [...]

How to Defeat A Design Around, Prove Infringement, and Increase Value of a Patent

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a product was infringing on your patents? But you could do nothing as the product was designed around to avoid infringement? More often, we come [...]

Revamped Rock-Scissors-Paper

Many of you might have settled few spats by playing “Rock-Scissors-Paper” game. Well, today we are going to do somewhat the same thing. Before beginning, let me first give you a quick brush-up [...]