10 High Value Artificial Intelligence Patents you should know about

In his book, The Road to Wigan Pier, Orwell describes how the poor miners in the 30s’ who couldn’t afford to buy coal from the market painfully scavenged bits and pieces of it from the slag-heap mountains near the mines. The situation can be fairly compared today with that of scavenging for valuable patents, but with an added problem – the slag-heap is the market itself.

It is widely known that only a single-digit-percentage of patents in a good portfolio end up ever being used in products, consequently having a non-negligible financial value. If we talk about the open wilderness of the patent world, good patents form only about 1% of the total number.

That is why, when you step out to buy some good patents, the effort spent on the search is often not justified by the quality of patents you find. It is usual to not find anything valuable. In some cases, you do find good patents only to discover later that the owner is not interested in selling them. The chances of getting your hands on high-quality patents remain pretty dim.

We have been carrying out patent acquisition studies for our clients for over a decade and over the years have witnessed all these instances. Despite the challenges, and in part perhaps because of the challenges, we have made it our motive to keep developing new strategies and methods of helping our clients find the right patents according to their needs.

At one point we started wondering about the possibility of encoding some of our learning into an algorithm that would assist us in finding valuable patents.

We codified some rules of thumb which we used as a sieve to separate the gold and the gravel patents.

We set up this algorithm to find some good patents in a random sample of ~5,000 Artificial Intelligence patents and it gave us a prioritized list of patents that are ranked the best. Here are the top 10 from that list.

S. No. Patent Number Remaining Life
Discoverability Potential Companies Claim Complexity Market Scope Infringement Rating
(5 star)
1 US8373582B2 4 years High Google, Samsung, Apple Low High 5
2 US8751232B2 5 years High Amazon, Google, Microsoft Low Medium 5
3 US8965621B1 12 years High Tesla, Mercedes, Uber Medium Medium 4
4 US9594905B1 14 years High McAfee, Cisco Low High 4
5 US9269097B2 8 years Low Amazon, Google Medium Medium 3
6 US8275413B1 12 years Low CAT Phones Low Low 2
7 US7940898B2 3 years Low Adobe, Genesys, Medium Medium 3
8 US9099097B2 1 month High Amazon Low Medium
9 US9412367B2 10 months Low Amazon, Google High Medium
10 US7752152B2 Expired Low Amazon, Google High Medium

It ought to be mentioned that the sieve isn’t perfect, but in a typical case, we have found that it cuts down the time, and thus the cost of finding a good patent by as much as 60%. That means: for the same cost, instead of 2, you can find 5 patents worth acquiring.

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Authored by: Mahesh Maan, Search Team.

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