Most Reliable Top 10 IP Blogs to stay updated on the patent world!

The IP world is ever-evolving. As a result, it becomes difficult to keep track of the same. But, it is essential for any individual or company to be educated about IP so as to protect and benefit from their own works, artistic creations, ideas, and concepts! What is the solution then? IP Blogs!

It’s amazing that there are blogs on intellectual property that bring to you the latest IP news and discuss matters concerning trademarks, patents, copyrights, and IP forms and contracts. But with 100s of blogs out there, how do you find the most suitable ones?

Well, this is where this article comes in handy, we have filtered the top IP Blogs for you based on how popular their insights are, and how often the blogs get mentioned by other websites. In crisp – the blogs on our list have content that is loved and relied upon by 1000s of websites and are very active with the content they post on their blog. 

Let us hop on to the list because this ride is going to be totally worth it.

CCC’s Velocity of Content:

The tagline that says it all – Advancing copyright. Accelerating knowledge. Powering innovation.

With expertise in copyright and information management, CCC’s Velocity of Content talks about innovative information solutions that power decision-making by helping people integrate and navigate data sources and content assets. Apart from daily articles, it also publishes a weekly podcast series on the business of writing and publishing.


CCC’s Velocity of Content features thoughtful surveys and breaking news from across the global content industries. It provides a platform for industry experts and thought leaders to share new ideas, knowledge, and observations. This helps to keep them at the top of emerging industry trends and challenges.

Post frequency: 

2-4 posts/ week

Social Media of Velocity of content: 

Its social media platform encapsulates brief summaries about their published articles that mainly talk about the surveys, analysis, and latest news from the content industry. 


IP WatchDog is one of the most trusted resources on Intellectual Property for more than 2 decades. The blog reached over 1.6 million people in 2019 and that was the highest in two decades.

About the founder:

The founder, President, and CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc., Gene Quinn, is a patent attorney and leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy. Gene was named one of the top 50 most influential people in IP by Managing IP Magazine.


IPWatchDog is the leading source for news, information, analysis, and commentary on the patent and innovation industries while offering growing coverage of matters linked to trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks. 

Some of the most famous blogs on the website focus on rulemaking at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and general commentary about the state of the industry.

Other than its focused participation in blogging, it also provides live, and online training, as well as exclusive seminars led by top lecturers in the industry.

Post frequency: 

3-5 posts/ day 

Social media of IPWatchDog: 

Judging by the numbers (Facebook followers: 5.1k; Linkedin followers: 3.4k; Twitter followers: 17.5k) IPWatchDog seems to have quite a fan following, but is it for you? Well, scrolling down the blogs on websites can seldom be an irksome task. To cut down on such hectic work, you can hop on to their social media and find the highlights of their featured articles. This makes it easier to segregate your reading list according to your requirements and interests.


First launched in 2005, Patently-O is one of the most beneficial web blogs for US IP practitioners or those who need to stay updated with legal developments in the US. Patently-O is the American-based patent law source that encapsulates the happenings of intellectual property in America. It provides various updates, insights, and statistics on patent infringement cases. Patently-O has often been introduced as the best IP blog in the world. Today, it is cited as America’s leading patent law source.

About the Authors

Dennis Crouch and Jason Rantanen are the authors of the Patently-O blog. While Dennis is the Associate Professor at University of Missouri School of Law, Jason Rantanen is the Professor at University of Iowa College of Law. Occasionally Patently-O has some guest authors as well, which gives diversity to the blog.

Post frequency: 

7-8 posts/ week

Social media of Dennis Crouch:

With a decent following of 15.3K on Twitter, Dennis Crouch has opened up a platform for discussion on the latest IP news and disputes and shares highlights of his recent write-ups on the blog.


IAM is an internationally recognized leading IP business media platform. It was launched as a magazine in July 2003 to address the need for organizations to increase the value of their intellectual property and other impalpable assets, and to examine the strategies they can put in place to do this. IAM produces a wide range of publications, weekly emails, and daily blogs.


IAM Magazine treats IP as a business asset and tool rather than simply as a legal right. The insight and intelligence IAM provides are contemporary, timely and continually thought-provoking for its subscription-based readership.

Post frequency:

7-9 posts/ quarter

Social media of IAM: 

Generally active on LinkedIn and Twitter with an impressive following of 96.8k people. IAM’s feed features well-curated content from the magazine. Apart from this, IAM also has a wide role to play in organizing various events and awards. You will find everything related to the events being reflected in their social media.

World trademark review (WTR): 

WTR is a bi-monthly independent magazine that provides daily news and updates related exclusively to reporting on trademark issues and private practitioners internationally. Their leading perception is derived from a dedicated focus on trademarks and brands guided by the latest intelligence for commercial execution.


WTR focuses on issues related to trademark professionals by translating trademark law into business sense. Daily, the experienced editorial team and an extensive panel of correspondents provide continuous coverage of emerging trends. The firm also includes email news and legal surveys written by a panel of leading experts who analyze trademark-related developments in key jurisdictions globally.

Post frequency: 

1 posts/ day 

Social media of WTR: 

On WTR social media, you’ll come across well-defined content regarding the reports, events, summary of their articles, latest trademark disputes as well as certain IP trending videos. 

Managing IP:

Managing IP magazine provides all the latest news, commentary, and awareness to its users related to the world affecting IP law.


The magazine focuses on tracking the ideas of in-house IP counsel within big and small companies by directly speaking to them about the problems they face. Gaining practical information from such companies, they value benchmarking their strategies with those of their peers.

They hold different surveys each year which include complete data focusing on particular industry issues. Besides this, their core objective is to interview senior judges, whose knowledge is helpful to many stakeholders.

Post frequency: 

2-3 posts/day

Social media of Managing IP: 

Similar to the other IP bloggers, Managing IP briefs about their articles on their social media and provides links to the same. Other than that, an interesting thing that you can spot on their social media is the consistent posting and ranking of its top-read articles that help the readers to pick the important articles with ease.

Their social media following is quite eye-catching. (Facebook followers: 3.2k; Linkedin followers: 11k; Twitter followers: 27.6k)

GreyB Services:

GreyB is one of the most popular and insightful patent research-focused blog out there. The blog’s aim is to share the thought process and patent strategies that you can use to align your R&D and IP strategies with your business goals. Right from case studies, strategy guides, to intensive reports on various industries – they cover everything related to the R&D and IP challenges. 


The content of GreyB is useful for in-house counsels, business heads, R&D heads, partners, litigators, and patent prosecutors. GreyB also has an email newsletter through which we share handcurated insights monthly, click here to become a part of our insider list: Subscribe to GreyB’s newsletter.

The articles are written by experts in the various industries with years of experience in working on real projects, hence, providing data that is inclined towards the major goals and objectives of IP professionals.

Post frequency: 

6-10 posts/ month 

Social Media of GreyB: 

GreyB’s social media has a variety of content related to the IP world and exhibits its knowledge in various formats, consumed by over 15K people. GreyB is active on all the major platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter plus you will find comics, videos, IGTVs, and creative posts/ carousels on the trending topics. 

Kluwer Trademark Blog

Kluwer Trademark’s blog displays information about European Trademark law and was brought to life with the objective of providing a platform where hoards of information produced regarding trademark law can be accessed. 

About the Authors:

Their managing editors are Verena von Bomhard (Bomhard IP) and Julius Stobbs (Stobbs IP). Verena has extensive experience in all matters on prosecution and enforcement of EU trademarks and designs, in multi-jurisdictional trademark clearance, portfolio management, as well as advising on complex IP conflicts in the European Union, on effective dispute settlement strategies, and on the protection and enforcement of non-traditional marks. 

Julius has ‌extensive experience in contentious trademark proceedings.  He is also the most often heard trademark attorney in inter partes proceedings at the UK IPO. 


The blog publishes news and information regarding European Trademark law.

Post frequency:

6-7 posts/ month

Social Media of Kluwer Trademark:

Their social media numbers are quite interesting (Facebook followers: 28.5k; Linkedin followers: 139k; Twitter followers: 16.3k). Kluwer Trademark provides information related to tax, health, accounting, and other legal sectors through its social media pages. The content is portrayed in the form of videos, creatives, article URLs, and infographics.

Spicy ip:

SpicyIP is India’s leading blog on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. With an independent reporting/analysis, SpicyIP fosters transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. The blog was established in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer, an Indian legal scholar. He was also the founder of IDIA, a trust which works on making legal education accessible to underprivileged students.


SpicyIP is committed to fostering transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. The team comprises a group of passionate analysts and fellows, well versed in different aspects of Indian IP law and policy. 

Presently, it covers analytical posts on complex issues of IP and innovation law and policy in India. You can observe some shorter posts that attempt to cover contemporary IP news and development in a timely manner, and career opportunities in IP. 

Post frequency: 

1-2 posts/day 

Social Media of Spicy IP: 

SpicyIP’s social profiles are a stage for:

  • Organizing campaigns for maintaining transparency in  IP India Institutions.
  • Frequent conducting of polls to analyze public opinion on IP 
  • Organizing Workshops and IP conferences on Indian Intellectual Property

BananaIP Counsels:

Banana IP is one of the largest IP firms in India. After 16 years of excellence, Banana IP is the only firm in India with various degrees of specializations which makes it more powerful. With the beautiful tagline “Client’s success is our success” they add significant value to every project they undertake. The firm has departments specializing in fields such as AI, Automotive, Electronics, Telecom, IT, Green Energy, Biosciences, Entertainment Law, and e-Commerce Law.

About the founder:

Dr. Kalyan as Chief IP Attorney is an internationally cited IP attorney and strategist. He co-founded BananaIP Counsels with the vision to offer high quality, technology, and business-driven IP law services following international standards. 


Being one of the leading sources of Information providers, BananaIP keeps its subscribers up to date about Intellectual Property, including the latest news, opinions, and announcements.

Post frequency: 

3-5 posts/week

Social media of Banana IP Counsels: 

With a following of 3.3k, BananaIP Counsels is quite active on LinkedIn where you will find a summary of their articles.

Did you find the right blog(s) to follow? Now above was a list of the top 10, but there are some other country-specific IP blogs that made it to our list. These websites cater to IP laws of specific countries and you might want to consider them in your reading list if you are focused on specific geographies.

IP blogs focused on specific countries:

Juve Patent:

The website was launched in December 2018 with the focus of becoming an online platform with daily reporting on the European patent market. From litigation and law firm news to in-depth reports, rankings and market analysis, Juve patent provide daily coverage on the entire European patent market, with a strong focus on France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. This blog is quite active with 1-2 posts/day and is socially present of LinkdIn and Twitter.

Intellectual Property Office – GOV.UK:

The Intellectual Property Office is the government body of the UK that is in charge of intellectual property rights and the body took control of The Patent Office in 2007. IP Office UK is responsible for educating businesses and consumers regarding responsibilities and rights; helping IP enforcement, allowing UK patents, design, trademarks, and helping in IP policies. With 1 post/ day on the blog, GOV.UK has one of the most active accounts among all the other IP blogs with an IP geek count of 10.4k (on LinkedIn) and 55.6k (on Twitter). 

Afro-ip.blogspot.com – Africa

It is the largest searchable IP database in Africa with articles about news, information, and comment on IP law practice, innovation, and business deals. The blog posts 4-6 articles/quarter that facilitate African IP law practices and policies and spread awareness in Africa through news, information, and social media networking.


Afro-IP was voted top 25 foreign and international legal blogs by LexisNexis and also it is listed on Managing Intellectual Property’s guide to IP blogs worldwide.

Indiana Intellectual Property Law News – Indiana

Indiana IP Law News is a source for attorneys and litigants with patent, trademark copyright, trade secret, and related interests in Indiana and nationally. Paul B. Overhauser, the author and publisher of Indiana Intellectual Property Law News, is a top Indiana intellectual property attorney. He publishes 4-5 posts/week that focuses on all the recent proceedings in court cases and decisions, as well as court rule changes and policy-relevant to Indiana IP attorneys.

The pandemic caused a lot of disturbances worldwide and across all the business sectors. People were forced to work from home and minimize going outside as much as possible. But one thing that it couldn’t slow down is the fast-paced lives of IP professionals and their responsibility of being informed of what goes around in their IP sectors. This list, however, can make it a smooth sailing process for you.

Our list is categorized based on the backlinks and how active they are on their website, but, this also leaves room for blogs that couldn’t make it to our list. Hit the comment section and let us know which top IP blogs we missed!

Authored by: Sakshi Sharma and Annie Sharma, Marketing Team

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