Biodegradable Packaging:
How patent analytics can help organizations solve technical problems and hit their sustainability goals faster?

In the webinar, Arindam and Shikhar showcased how patent data can answer pressing technical concerns like:

    • How can you reduce non-biodegradable content in your packaging products?
    • Better alternatives to plastics and other non-biodegradable content in packaging materials and products.
    • What big and small players are doing to make their packaging products sustainable?
    • How can they achieve their sustainability goals by incorporating already available compostable materials in the market into their product?
  • Arindam has a rich experience of 8+ years in helping patent attorneys in law firms, chief IP counsels in large or medium-sized corporations, technology commercialization officers in universities/companies, research development innovation (RDI) strategy managers, etc. in formulating R&D and business strategies for solving a variety of vexing problems. His specialty lies in the area of using IP data, information from market research and data analytic techniques in a combinatorial manner via which he helps companies see patterns that are hidden in data and derive actionable insights from the same.

    Arindam Som
    Arindam Som Assistant Vice President - GreyB
  • Shikhar is a tech enthusiast and a recognized expert in emerging areas like Sustainable packaging, Cannabis, and Blockchain. For the past 2 years, he has been closely consulting enterprises to find innovative solutions for their sustainability program. His expertise comes from 9 years of experience working with many high-performing companies, law firms, and Investors to help them with highly dynamic analytics and strategic analyses to generate powerful insights and develop profitable growth solutions.

    Shikhar Sahni
    Shikhar Sahni Senior Vice President - GreyB

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