BOS – A non-aggressive way to license & monetize your patents

Here’s what Gaurav and Anirudh shared in this webinar:

  • How you can use examiner citations as a monetization approach.
  • How can you find the potential licensees/buyers of your patents using BOS – For Big, Small firms?
  • How you find and monetize your patents from your portfolio.
  • Finding the star patents from your portfolio.
  • Gaurav loves developing solutions for complex problems using patent data. He's been a part of the GreyB development team for the past 2 years and has worked on various projects. Gaurav's work has helped some of the major players achieve their business-centric goals using patent data.

    Gaurav Neema
    Gaurav Neema Software Developer - GreyB
  • Anirudh is helping clients on building their IP, expanding patent/product portfolio, and patent maintenance. He has been providing IP solutions and client counseling form the past 3 years and helped clients to handle their patent portfolio.

    Anirudh Sanutra
    Anirudh Sanutra Team lead - IP Solutions

Webinar playback

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