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In Wifi 6

Patent acquisition is tough and slow. X-ray makes it easy and efficient.

Wi-Fi 6 can be faster due to technologies like traffic prioritization, OFDMA, and beamforming. It is also more secure and uses new encryption technologies such as SAE. However, law firms and corporations often face hurdles in doing so. Questions like, where to identify valuable assets from? Which patents are high-value? And how to locate potential sellers? become critical to answer.

The X-ray Report is designed to mitigate these challenges and answer these questions by offering a curated list of high-value patents and their respective holders. This report covers patents that are not only high-value but also with high licensing potential in WiFi 6.

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How does X-Ray report work?​

This report provide you with a list of high-value, ready-to-be-acquired patents focused on your tech of interest. We prepare these reports by keeping 20+ factors in mind, some of which are – potential for licensing, previous litigation history, remaining patent life, the likeliness of being sold, etc.

Who are we?

GreyB is an innovation consulting firm which helps law firms, in-house IP and research teams, and business heads gain better clarity about their innovations, patent assets, and research challenges. They have an expertise in analyzing patent data, understanding market dynamics powering research, and delivering IP consultations based on insights.

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