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Expiring or launching, find all the blockbuster drugs in one place

Take a deep dive into the patent strategies of the top 5 blockbuster drugs

With multiple drugs nearing expiration over the next 5 years, pharmaceutical companies face intense competition and a potential $22 billion market opportunity. Strategic ANDA filings have become crucial to secure early mover advantage and maximize returns from leading drug innovations.

This report will help you identify – 

  • Soon-to-expire blockbuster drugs – Identify top drugs losing patent protection in the next 5 years. 
  • Patent Activity Trends – Get insights into potential hurdles and launch windows through patent analysis.
  • Emerging Generic Markets – Identify countries set to become emerging markets for generics and biosimilars.
  • Innovative Drug Leaders – Monitor top players to estimate the upcoming generic competition.

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GreyB is an innovation consulting firm which helps law firms, in-house IP and research teams, and business heads gain better clarity about their innovations, patent assets, and research challenges. They have an expertise in analyzing patent data, understanding market dynamics powering research, and delivering IP consultations based on insights.

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