List of 100 Patent Brokers From Different Countries

So, you’re here. You probably want to sell your patents, or maybe you are looking to buy more. Whatever the case might be, you landed on the right page.

A lot of our clients find themselves in similar situations where they are looking for ways to improve the quality of their patent portfolio either by buying more high-quality patents or by getting rid of the fewer ROI patents or the patent that are no longer useful for them.

It often leads to the quest of searching for brokerage firms or patent marketplaces that can help them in their voyage; which not only takes a lot of their time but often leaves them with not enough options to choose from and settle on whatever a simple Google search brings.

So to make their and your search easy, we compiled this list of 100 patent brokers from different countries that can help you evaluate, and sell or buy patent assets. Previously, we also published a list of 23 patent marketplaces

But before you go ahead and add “for sale” tag to your patents. Are you sure you’re not selling your gem patents, mistaking them for being low value? Many big companies might be working in the same tech area as you and your patents might be blocking their patents. 

Selling out these patents without knowing their true potential is equivalent to killing your golden egg laying goose. In $500, you can find out which of your patents carry such potential and which companies might be interested in buying/licensing them. Fill this tiny form and let’s us help you spot them:

This list is going to stay useful for you for a long time so why not save it for offline use? or for sharing ahead with your colleagues? Considering this, we have converted this entire list in PDF form with contact information which you can download using the form below (It’s also print friendly):


list of patent brokers
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