IDS Management – Not just an ‘admin’ operation.

Reduce your IDS cost by 98%
& make prosecution 30% faster

Signs that you need an efficient IDS system

Your search time increasing when it comes to Cross citations and prior art references!

You manually check and translate the non-English references.

You don’t get features according to your need.

You Spend a lot of time just downloading PDF of the references

Save time on finding IDS references

What’s new in the smart IDS system?

No Clones

Auto-detect same family references & remove all the duplicate information from your IDS

Custom Family Groups

Group different applications in the ‘custom family groups’ easily

Auto IDS

Auto-generate IDS for the other members in the “Custom Groups” with a single click

Check how much you can save with GreyB IDS

How IDS Manager helped companies save time & cost?

How IDS Manager helped its Clients in 2022

IDS Prepared
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Patent References Added
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Savings in translation
$ 0 +
Manual work saved
0 +Hrs
NPLs added
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Custom requests delivered in remarkable time

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Most asked questions:

Yes, IDS Manager offers a migration package which will bring all the existing data onto the system (even if the data is unstructured). IDS Manager also provides API access whenever required so that it can be plugged to the existing stack of your company.
IDS Manager is developed in-house and is highly customizable from skin to bone. If there is a requirement, our development teams can personalize it within weeks as per your workflow.
  1. We don’t use your data in any hidden ways for monetisation or expansion activities. You own your data.  We are ISO 27001 certified and SOC-2 compliant. Refer to our website’s privacy policy here.
  2. To ensure safety of your data, we keep 3 months of backup in geographical location to make sure no disaster can impact your data and operation.
IDS Manager can integrate with your systems for the onboarding process. We support OpenID and SAML out of the box. And it doesn’t pose any such limitation under fair use policy.
IDS Manager is designed in such a way that no training is required. It comes in action as soon as you login and is easy to navigate and put to work. Our development team is constantly upgrading the tool to make it as user friendly as possible. We also share walkthrough videos and guides on new features as they come.
We have options to place servers in the US, Europe and Asia. If required we can move the servers to a preferred location.
Yes, it does, and IDS Manager provides API access whenever required so that it can be plugged to the existing stack of your company.
We maintain 3 months of backups in different geographical locations to make sure no such disaster can impact your data.
The support team is reachable at support@greyb.com, our response time is within 24 hours. You also get a dedicated support team with the package which has a faster response time.

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