GreyB Koshish: The Blanket Project

In the last winters, we distributed blankets to the less privileged people. This is not that interesting. Is it?

The interesting point is that we didn’t go to any supermarket to purchase those blankets. Instead, we get them weaved from a small vendor.

The vendor needed clothes to weave blankets. So we collected old clothes from all GreyBians and the employees of the companies in Quark Atrium. (Thanks to all of you!)

Further, we had to pay the weaver. So, we all collected the coins we usually get as balance/change. This made it easy for everyone to donate for the cause, and we got ample funds as well.

Thus, we were able to help a small vendor, and a lot of people that were in a need to cover their bodies in chilly North Indian winters. Can we say we were able to hit two birds with a single stone?

PS: We will be repeating the feat this year as well.
PPS: The idea was a brainchild of Rohit Sood.

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