How We Found Prior Art For A Trade Secret Infringement Case Under ITC 337?

How difficult is it to find a solution to a problem you know nothing about? Difficult? Very difficult? Preposterous, you say? No, we are not being ludicrous. Though less often, there are [...]

Prior art search – Four strategies that helped us find reference when finding it was next to impossible

Invalidation searches are not a cakewalk. That’s why a lot of time many prior art search service providers or your in-house team fail to return with a result you needed. Weak results or no [...]

How We Helped Todd Figure Ways to Increase Carbon Content in Direct Iron Ore?

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How we used Reverse Engineering to confirm patent infringement?

One of the major challenges faced by a patent licensing manager is to find and prove evidence of infringement. The lack of evidence of the use chart, in a majority of cases, becomes a standalone [...]

Invalidating Patents using Non Patent Literature – A Valuable Source of Prior Art

Every day, as we take a step at making our life more digital, we facilitate digitization of our knowledge. Hundreds of documents, on a regular basis, are getting scanned, listed, indexed and made [...]

Invalidation Search – How to find better results than an examiner during prosecution?

OBJECTIVE:  We had to invalidate a patent related to an audio player that had one important feature. Also, the client wanted to make his position stronger in the Inter Partes Review. STORY: This [...]